Queer Eye - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Taking on the Twins: Brandon & David B
    Brandon and David are non-identical twins with identical problems: they're slobs, they pee in bottles when they're too lazy to make it to the bathroom, and their home is covered with 'butt holes' from their frequent wrestling matches. The Fab Five help the pair get their act together for a mature dinner party to help them show their family they are finally growing up.moreless
  • Conquering the Catwalk: David G.
    David G is a regular slobby straight guy who likes jeans& T shirts, building his own furniture, and doing monkey impressions. Unfortunately his wife, Jess, a handbag designer, wishes his style was a little more chic. David feels out of place at Jess's fashion events. The Fab Five are more than willing to help him build his confidence so he can walk with her on the runway.moreless
  • Dharma Dad: Michael C.
    Michael is a tattooed, alternate-magazine-editing, fruit-subsisting Buddhist hippie. But now he has a wife and a baby, and he wants to create a better environment for his family while staying true to his non-conformist self. The Fab Five help him develop a home and personal style that will mix his commitments and his own attitude, and arrange an evening for him to show his love for his wife in his own unique way.moreless
  • Straight Outta Brooklyn: Philly R.
    Brooklyn boy Philly is trying to keep strong, but after two divorces and a bad knee injury requiring surgery, he's finding it hard to beat depression and get his life back on track. The Fab Five give him a gentle kick to help him prepare for an important business dinner and an even more important after-dinner drink with his former-possibly-future wife.moreless
  • Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy: Wayne H.
    Wayne is typical of many of the make-betters on Queer Eye. He's kind of a slob, isn't interested in fashion or how his apartment is decorated, eats nothing but junk food, and hasn't dated since spliiting from his boyfriend five years ago. Wait a minute, boyfriend? In a special episode running during Gay Pride Week, the Fab Five makeover one of their own for the first time.moreless
  • Raising the Stakes: John S.
    Retired cop John is a dedicated poker player, but his 'style' couldn't be farther from casino chic. His wife and teenage daughter are also unhappy about being excluded from their own home one night a week. The Fab Five give John and his poker buddies an Ocean's 11 makeover, and arrange some special treats for his family.moreless
  • Voice Makeover: Barra F (UK Special)
    The Fab Five take a break for a week as Bravo airs an episode of the spinoff, Queer Eye UK. The British Five makeover Barra Fitzgibbon, a voice over artist who wants more high profile jobs, helping him get an audition with Access Hollywood.
  • Senior Seeking Style: John K.
    John is 66 and a retired, but his life is far from over. Having spent the last few years mourning his wife's death, John feels ready to go out there and seize life again, and maybe meet a new lady friend. The Fab Five step in to give John the style and confidence he needs, in one of the most touching episodes this season.moreless
  • Never too Late to Celebrate: Chris L
    Canadian Chris fell in love with Filipino-born Michelle straight out of high school and dated her all through college. When Chris was offered a job in the US after graduation, he asked Michelle to come with him. She was delighted, but her conservative family insisted they marry first. They are happily married, but have some regrets about their rush, no-frills ceremony far away from their families. The Fab Five throw them a beautiful, intimate renewal of vows ceremony, with all their relatives and other loved ones present.moreless
  • Top of the (Trash) Heap: Al D
    Al is a sanitation chief, which is ironic since his apartment resembles the trash piles he cleans up. Now he's hoping for a promotion at work, so he's asked the Fab Five to clean up his act to impress both his bosses and his new girlfriend, Sandra.
  • Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z
    Michael Z is many things to many people: dedicated police officer; devoted son to his widowed mother; surrogate father to his young brother; boyfriend. He's a great guy, but he's not so great at taking care of himself. The Fab Five reward him with a newly decorated apartment, great new wardrobe, and some cool electronic toys, then show him how to cook some simple pasta dishes so he can reward the people that take care of him.moreless
  • Queer Eye for the Shy Guy: Sean K
    The Fab Five help a shy Internet addict get offline and start connecting in the real world.
  • An Opening Night to Share: Winston S
    Winston S is a ex-Wall Street consultant who left his stable job to pursue his creative side - in the gastronomic field. He and his girlfriend know nothing about the restaurant industry, but they've bought a restaurant and they're committed to giving it their best shot. And what's better than a restaurant run by two people passionate about food? A Thom Filicia-designed restaurant with a Ted Allen-approved menu run by two people passionate about food!moreless
  • It's Only Rock&Roll: Ari V
    The Fab help rock band frontman Ari V prepare for an important gig, while helping him tszuj his personal style in ways that are in keeping with his rocker attitude.
  • Moving Out but Not Moving Far: John W
    The Fab Four help newly engaged John, who is moving out of his parent's home for the first time, create a beautiful new home - and a fun house warming party - for his bride-to-be. Wait, Fab Four? Yes, for the first time one of the Fab Five is MIA, and Kyan, Ted, Thom and Jai have to struggle through clothes trips and fashion shows by themselves.moreless
  • Second Time Around: Steve P
    Steve P has been through a lot. His wife cheated on him, then took all his furniture in the divorce! Luckily Steve has the Fab Five to play fairy godfathers just in time for an important family dinner for Steve to introduce his new girlfriend Bailey.
  • A Queer Eye Thanksgiving
    The Fab Five celebrate Thanksgiving with a holiday dinner at their loft, the ideal opportunity to catch up with some of their favorite straight guys: Jeff Toale and his family, David Goldman and his wife, and Brandon and David Bravo.
  • The Brady Bunch Does Christmas: Richard M
    Richard and Megan have been married for three years, and have five children between them. The Fab Five help them have a wonderful Christmas to bring this blended family together, creating traditions that will last through the years.
  • A Home to Come Home To: Ray S
    Private First Class Ray is in the army, and the possibility of being sent to Iraq has made him fear for the wellbeing of his partner Maria and their baby daughter. The Fab Five throw the pair a beautiful, heartrending wedding ceremony, and play fairy godfathers with a huge array of gifts.moreless
  • A Pigskin Proposal: Brian M
    The Fab Five help football fanatic Brian arrange a unique proposal for his equally sports mad girlfriend Rachel - on the field at a Jets game during halftime!
  • Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B
    The Fab Five have done their best with the straight men of America, and now it's the Brits turn. Former pop star Simon Britton has long wild red hair, a wardrobe of dungarees and bright fluffy sweaters, a tiny house with holes in the wall, and a wicked case of stage fright. Which of these things will hinder him the most as he prepares to release his comeback single? Well, none of them - it's Fab Five to the rescue in Queer Eye's first international make-better.moreless
  • Michael S.
    Michael S.
    Episode 21
  • An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D
    The Fab Five are still in England, but they must be feeling homesick because they're making over another American! Darin is spending a year working towards his PhD at the University of Essex in Colchester. He and his wife Julie miss their native California, so the Fab Five help them get settled in by arranging a romantic night in London, culminating in a surprise visit from their family from back in the US!moreless
  • The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L
    Brud and Susan met and fell in love twenty years ago. Since then they've married, raised four kids, and divorced. But somehow they're still together and still in love, and they've decided to celebrate with a commitment ceremony. The Fab Five throw a unique, family-oriented ceremony that embraces their commitment to each other and their hippie roots.moreless
  • Mike the Mechanic: Mike S
    Mike S found in calling in life on the side of the road, in the form of a broken down old motorcycle. Now he owns his own motorcycle repair and customization shop. He asks the Fab Five to help him throw a party for potential investors, and they are happy to help - once they have dealt with more pressing concerns, such as the fact Mike only washes his hair twice a year!moreless
  • A Closet Thespian: Alex M
    Alex has longed to act all his life, but has only now, at the age of 29, began pursuing it. While his wife Carine is happy to support him, Alex realizes he needs a little more help - and calls in the Fab Five to get him ready for a big audition.moreless
  • Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D
    John is Assistant General Manager to the Staten Island Yankees and loves his job. But his love life is not quite as fulfilling - yet. John has been chatting online with 20 year old Emily for four years and they are just about to take the next step and met each other in person for the first time. The Fab Five help John prepare to meet his cyber beau, preparing a party at the ballgame for Emily and all John's family and friends in his honor.moreless
  • From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S
    Kord is a cameraman for cable channel NY1, but dreams of becoming a sportscaster. An Achilles tendon injury put him out of action for a while - it's hard to do stand up reports when you can't stand up. But Kord is healthy again and looking to jump start his career, and the Fab Five are right there to help him prepare for his first on camera opportunity.moreless
  • The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A
    The Fab Five are going on a ROADTRIP! Cameron A is Rush Chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of North Texas. He's a great guy, but his still is blah and their house is squalid and has holes in the walls. The Fab Five take a trip to Dallas to make over the entire frat house.moreless
  • An Overdue Reunion: Joe H
    Joe is a caring husband and father who spends his time entertaining seniors at a nursing home. Since the birth of his son River, he has found himself thinking about his own father, who he lost contact with as a teen after his parents' divorce. In the second Texan make-better, the Fab Five help Joe prepare both physically and emotionally for a heart rending family reunion with the father he has not seen in twenty years.moreless
  • Home on the Ranch: Scott B
    The Fab Five finish off their Texan trip with a visit to the ranch. Scott B recently returned home to his family ranch, and he brought a girlfriend and a baby daughter with him. The Fab Five throw a barbeque to help Scott welcome Jessica and Katherine to the family.