Queer Eye - Season 3

Wednesday 12:00 AM on Netflix Premiered Jul 15, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Clean up Zookeeper to turn him into a Keeper: Carlos F
    Carlos F not only works in a zoo, he keeps so many pets he practically lives in one too! His girlfriend Beth loves him and agreed to move in with him anyway, but she's sure to be happy that the Fab Five are on hand to clean him - and his menagerie of an apartment - up a bit.moreless
  • Make Star's Brother a Star: Michael B.
    Kevin Bacon is famous for his acting career, but he's also a musician, singing with his band, the Bacon Brothers. But his bandmate and brother Michael doesn't quite have the celebrity look, so Kevin's called in the Fab Five to help bring Michael, and the Bacon Brothers, up to scratch.
  • Expose the Moose for Charity: Stephen G
    The Fab Five makeover the Huntington Moose Lodge and a dozen of the lodge leaders for what they're hoping will be their biggest charity fundraiser ever - a nude calendar!
  • Surprise Our Stud With Stag Party: Ryan M
    Ryan M thrilled his fiancée Kristen with a beautiful surprise engagement last year. So now she's called in the Fab Five to return the favor by throwing him a surprise bachelor party.
  • When Two Worlds Collide: David P. & Maria
    David and Maria are madly in love and all they want to do is get married. But he is Jewish and she is Catholic, and both sets of parents expect their child to wed in a traditional, religious ceremony. Can the Fab Five throw a inter-faith wedding that will be personal to them, while still keeping their families happy?moreless
  • Emergency Room to Emergency Wedding: Christian H
    Christian H and his fiancee Suzanne love two things: each other, and the animals they care for as veterinarians. Their busy careers leave little time to focus on their love life, so the Fab Five play fairy godfather and throw an amazing surprise wedding.
  • From the Doghouse to the Altar Part 2: Joe U
    The Fab Five throw Joe and his fiancee Laura their dream wedding.
  • From the Doghouse to the Altar: Joe U
    Joe and Laura met ten years ago at jury duty, and have been together ever since, despite numerous break-ups and make-ups. But Laura has told him she won't move in with him until they get engaged, prompting Joe to go out and buy ... a Harley motorbike. Laura promptly dumped him, but now he wants her back and has decided he is ready to propose -- with the Fab Five's help.moreless
  • Trump-ed to Triumph: Danny K
    Danny is known to TV viewers from his short-lived stint as a contestant on 'The Apprentice.' But Danny's not giving up, he's launched his own business and is starting his own charity - and he's getting the Fab Five to help, with a potential-sponsor filled kick-off party.
  • Back to School: Pat M
    Patrick is the coach of one of New York's top high school basketball teams. The Fab Five step in to thrown Patrick and his 'kids' a touching farewell banquet before they leave for college. There's a surprise for Patrick as the Harlem Globetrotters make a special appearance to give him the 'City of Spirit Award.'moreless
  • Send in the Clowns: Michael L
    Michael has been the tent master of the Big Apple Circus for ten years, and loves what he does. But the Fab Five don't love his waist-length beard, ramshackle trailer or junk food habit! They step in to help him renovate his image in time for a big barbecue for his family and friends - and, in a twist ending - the Fab Five themselves take to the ring!moreless
  • A Phenominal 40th: Gary K
    Gary was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, and not expected to live to see adulthood. But, after a double lung transplant - and raising children and becoming a successful businessman - he's celebrating his 40th birthday! The Fab Five step in to throw this survivor, and his devoted wife, Robin, the birthday party of a lifetime.moreless
  • Surprise the Super Dad: Lee F
    Lee F. is a full-time dad living in the Bronx. He and wife Elaine are foster parents to ten children - nine of which still live at home. The Fab 5 must help this loving father make the day to day more manageable as well as find some time for himself!moreless
  • A Nude Scary Garcia: Jim B
    Jim B is a regular guy. He works hard as a mechanic, loves his mom, and is a devoted father to teenage daughter Rebecca. He just happens to be a devoted nudist too. The Fab Five face what might be their toughest challenge yet as they help him prepare for a big nudist club party.moreless
  • Shearing Sampson's Locks: Jim J
    Jim J. is a special education teacher living in New York. He has long frizzy hair that Kyan can't wait to get his hands on. His girlfriend, Lauren, has had to deal with Jim not being especially romantic and forgetting her birthday. The Fab 5 need to get Jim going in the romance department while also cleaning up his looks and apartment!moreless
  • Debut The New Dude: Patrick M
    Patrick M has given himself the ultimate makeover - he's lost 100lbs! But he still isn't completely comfortable in his new body, and still has a closet full of much larger clothes. The Fab Five help him make the most of his new body, and give him fitness and cooking tips to help him maintain it.moreless
  • Hero on Wheels: Hector D.
    The Fab 5 do their stuff for a veteran soldier who survived a near-death experience which left him confined to a wheelchair. They remake his house, which he shares with his fiancee, to be fully wheelchair-friendly, and prepare the couple for an engagement party. They also show him several options for staying active and confident while confined to a wheelchair, including assisted golf and hand-cranked biking.moreless
  • Guess Who's Coming to Babysit? Paolo P
    Most people's lives change when they have a baby, but can you imagine having FIVE babies? Paolo and his wife Silvia had quintuplets two years ago, so they are very much in need of some private relaxation time together, courtesy of the Fab Five.
  • Championship Make Better: Boston Red Sox
    The Fab Five are in Florida to make over the Red Sox!