Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 8

Senior Seeking Style: John K.

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jul 20, 2004 on Bravo
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Episode Summary

Senior Seeking Style: John K.
John is 66 and a retired, but his life is far from over. Having spent the last few years mourning his wife's death, John feels ready to go out there and seize life again, and maybe meet a new lady friend. The Fab Five step in to give John the style and confidence he needs, in one of the most touching episodes this season.moreless

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      • Ted: Kyan, you look like George Nelson Ryley.
        Jai: He kind of looks like you.

      • Carson: (about the corbel plates) You know what I love about these? They're unbreakable. (Drops two at the same time, they hit each other and one of them breaks) It looks like when they collide, all their magical powers disappear.

      • Carson: Look at this. (takes the table mat and puts it on like a skirt; starts dancing, and singing to the can-can rhythm) Woo!

      • Jai: (walks in with 15 ashtrays) I think you have enough, I'm guessing, but I think you do.

      • Jai: Oh my god look at these curtains!
        Ted: (with an unserious voice) Oh my god. They're hideous. (rips them off)

      • Ted: Now, John, we're gonna get some mattresses. Do you like it firm or soft?
        John: What are we talking about?

      • Kyan (John's sisters sit on the couch as John is in the bedroom with his lady friend): They're trying to pretend that their brother isn't in bed with a girl in the next room.

      • Kyan: I thought the Rainbow Room was a gay bar! Damn.

      • Carson: (sees a music box; talks with a funny girlish voice) Every time a gay baby is born, a drag queen gets its wings.

      • Ted: Thom! What do you think of this... lamp?
        Thom: Wow! (rips it off the ceiling) There's what I think of it.

      • Carson: John, sweety. You don't have to call me sir. Maybe ma'am, but not sir.

      • Ted: Dolls like this are a sign to people like Carson - Stop Tanning! Stop Tanning!

      • Carson (walking over the broken plates): Oh, look at me! I'm Annie Lennox, walking on broken glass!

      • (The boys are all running to the house)
        Ted,watch your hip!-kyan
        Ted,be careful!-thom

        You don't have to call me sir. You can call me ma'am or something-carson

        What? I couldn't hear you. I was in the OK Corral-ted

        (carrying a stack of ashtrays)I think you have enough ashtrays. I'm guessing, but I think you're good-jai

        It's especially good to keep cardboard in the oven-kyan

        This looks like a doll that's like a warning to people like Carson.Stop tanning! Stop tanning!-ted

        You know what I love about Corel? Non-breakable! (drops plate on floor) I really shouldn't be drinking and cooking. (starts dropping more and accidentally breaks the plates) Apparently, when you bang the two together, all their magic power goes away-carson

        (walking over the broken plates)John, look! I'm Annie Lennox! Walking on broken glass-carson

        You have power tools in your bathroom,dude-kyan

        As a new bachelor you're gonna need a good functioning mattress. Do you like it firm or do you like it soft?-ted
        What are... what are you talking about?-john

        You could make me an honorary marshal at the gay pride parade with this-john

        Alright,soldier,no more tears-carson
        Don't let Carson bottle up your emotions-ted

        Super-Gay powers activate in the form of: neckwear!-carson

        (about the Rainbow Room) There are no rainbow flags. I don't get it-carson
        Yeah,I thought this was a gay bar-ted

        (about the music)Wait, play something stiff and uptight for us-ted

      • (on John's sisters)They're like the Golden Girls!-Kyan

      • Everytime a gay baby's born a drag queen gets its wings-Carson

      • Come on guys,let's run around the store!-Thom

      • You can buy holy water?-Thom

      • Oh no,dance lesson on the dance floor,not good-Jai

      • (Hands John saint icon)Its the patron saint of retail-Carson

      • Let the Sun in!-Ted

      • sexy at sixty six,I like that-Carson

      • You took me out of the depths...and now I'm on top of the world." -john

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Carson: (Carson breaks a plate and walks over it) Look! I'm Annie Lennox. Walking on broken glass!

        Annie Lennox is a gay rights activist and often adresses the topic in her songs. One of her albums is tittled Broken Glass.

      • Kyan: They're like the Golden Girls!

      • Carson: Every time a gay baby's born, a drag queen gets its wings.

        This is an allusion to both Peter Pan and It's a Wonderful Life

        Peter Pan: Every time a baby laughs a fairy is born.

        It's a Wonderful Life: Every time a bell rings an angel get its wings.