Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 4

Straight Outta Brooklyn: Philly R.

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jun 22, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Philly is man who knows what he likes:his car,Britney Spears,and beer.The event:a dinner with friends and co workers then taking his Ex back to his apartment.Problems:He trashed his knee and hasn't done a lot of exercise since,his apartment looks like a teenager's,dresses like a messy hip hopper and has a odd beard.Carson keeps some of Philly's old things to give him a high class hip hop look which includes a tie with...Britney on it.Jai who usually takes the guys to yoga or dancing lessons,and gives brief romantic advice.This week has to go to a paint&body shop.He lets Philly pick out a bunch of doodads and that's it for culture. Kyan takes Philly to a gym where they do a light swim,Philly is given a beard trimmer and is told to keep the 5 o clock shadow.Ted takes Philly to the restaurant early to figure what Philly should order ahead of time so it'll seem that he's in charge,Philly is also given new sets of kitchen stuff.Finally Thom,with Kyan's help go to yet another modern furniture store,(that's 3 in a row!)where they get a sofa,then using a lot of Philly's own artwork Thom paints the apartment in browns and yellows,places leather squares on cabinets,and puts tin tiles on the ceiling. After being renamed "Phillip",Philly gets high marks in shaving and prepping in general,with the exception of not tidying up and leaving the lights on.He meets his Ex wife,sister,and a horde of friends and co workers,he authoritatively orders his food,then he makes a nice toast about the Fab 5.After dinner he and Laurie the Ex head back to his place,she's shocked at the transformation of Philly and to commemorate the evening Philly attempts to break open a bottle of wine,but the cork breaks instead,so the couple has a couple of beers,gee how romantic.