Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 4

Straight Outta Brooklyn: Philly R.

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jun 22, 2004 on Bravo



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    • Carson: These backdoor boys need to kick his Backstreet ass!

    • Thom (entering the house): I hope he's got the cheesesteak waiting for me.
      Kyan: Thom, you don't need another Philly Cheesesteak!

    • (Ted finds car wheels in the kitchen)
      Ted: They'll let you keep car parts but they won't let you have pets?

    • Jai (talking to a life size poster of Britney Spears): No, I've never gotten married and annulled it in one day. But we do have a lot in common.
      Ted: Oh, Jai.

    • Ted (holding up a saw): Anyone got any unnecessary limbs?

    • Ted (watching Thom taking down the shiny silver curtains): Wait, let's make some clothes! We could make a dress. We should bring back the cape (wraps curtain around his shoulders), more people should wear capes!

    • Ted (looking at a wall clock made to look like a pool table): You think Thom will mind if we take this down? I'm thinking No.

    • Jai: Yo whazzup homes?
      Carson: Wazzup.
      Jai: How you doin?
      Carson: How you doin?
      Jai: I'm good. I'm just saying this is like mess here...
      Carson: Yo, yo, I know, it's dog.

    • Thom, Ted and Philly are examining a cardboard cutout of Britney.
      Thom: Now, I'm not, like, going get like... you... there's... you haven't... you don't...
      Ted: You don't, you wouldn't...
      Philly: No...
      Thom: This is just...
      Philly: No, no.
      Thom: Because I was like, this sticks to the wall, and I don't see any tape.

    • Jai: Tell me about your car.
      Philly: My car is my baby. I put zebra strips in the interior, chrome interior, steel mats. It's like, what didn't I do.
      Jai: Are you a pimp!?!

    • Carson (drinking from a flask): Ooh, I think that's a personal lubricant or something.

    • Ted: Well he got promoted to first grade. At least that's one promotion.

    • Kyan (finding empty beer bottles in the shower): You had a beer in the shower?
      Philly: Oh like you haven't!
      (Kyan pauses, then cracks up laughing)

    • Carson (Picks up bowling ball) What the heck is this? Hmm. (Drops bowling ball on floor)

    • Carson is pulling really shiny silver shirts out of Philly's wardrobe.
      Philly: Oh, my club shirts.
      Carson: Club shirts?
      Philly: These are the ones I used to wear, to go out to clubs...
      Carson: Used to?
      Philly: Well, I don't anymore because of the bad knee...
      Carson: Back when you were GAY?

    • Thom (walking into a furniture store): Oh my God. Look at all these sofas. Don't you feel like you're in therapy?

    • Ted: This is a salad spinner. (Flips the top up) And it's happy to see you!

    • Kyan: Look! Here's a beer. Why don't you go have a shower.

    • Carson: He's getting a promo 'cause of the homos.

    • Thom (on Philly's recent problems): This would make a great country song.
      Ted (singing): I hurt my leg and then you left me.

    • Ted: His name is Philly Rojas.
      Carson: Sounds like a Mexican Cheesesteak.

    • Carson: How come you're Puerto Rican and I'm darker?

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