Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 28

The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 29, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

The Fab Five are off on road trip and this time they're heading West. Cameron A, Rush Chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of North Texas called them in to perform their biggest makeover yet - on an entire frat.

Problems: The 'Biggest and Best' fraternity isn't. The place is a mess, the kitchen is empty save for bugs and mysterious stains, and there are holes in the walls. Cameron wants to throw a party for a sorority, but he knows he can't invite girls into the house in its present state.

After a Fab Five/frat brothers food fight they head off to go shopping. Carson and Jai take the brothers to a clpthing store - where Carson convinces the guys to get strip right out in the open. Kyan brings the frat brothers and the rest of the Fab Five to the Dallas Cowboys stadium where he surprises them by bringing out the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Unfortunately for them, the real reason for the stadium visit isn't a girl, it's a guy - the cheerleaders personal trainer, who puts all the guys through their paces with an exhuasting, but fun, workout. Ted, digusted with Sigma Chi's party menu of frozen pizzas, takes the brothers to Texas's only 5 Star restaurant, The Mansion, where the head cher teaches them to prepare homemade nachos and other tradional southern snacks. Thom takes the guys to a hardward store, and gives them the bad news: they'll be making the furniture themselves.

Back at the house, the frat brothers line up blindfolded and are ecstactic at Thom's makeover, featuring plush couches, a video game machine and a soft drinks dispenser. They are less happy when Thom puts them to work building tables for the party, although they get to work eagerly enough. Carson guides the boys through a quick catwalk show to display their new clothes, which they enjoy tremendously. Kyan gives them a grooming and hygiene lecture, and gives them all dop kits, including flip flops to wear in the communal showers. Ted takes them through the recipes they learned at The Mansion. Jai does not have his own segment in this episode, as a segment featuring him giving the boys a safe sex lecture was cut.

After the Fab Five leave, the frat brothers start getting dressed, fighting over the cool new clothes. Cameron soon organises them into teams, putting upm the furniture and preparing the food. The girls soon start arriving and are speechless at the new decor, although some seem most thrilled by the framed photos of the Fab Five decorating the walls. The party really gets into full swing when special guest Otis Day arrives to perform the song 'Shout' from the classic frat house movie "Animal House." The frat boys and sorority boys, and the Fab Five watching from their loft, all get down and party.