Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 18

The Brady Bunch Does Christmas: Richard M

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 07, 2004 on Netflix



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    • [Jai's wearing colored disco-ball ornaments as earrings]This is the most tasteful thing I've ever seen you wear.-thom

      [holding a tiny, sparse tree]I'm tempted to say 'How's your Aspen," but that's kind of a Carson joke-ted

      [with his upper half inside the fireplace]Can Santa get down this chimney?-carson
      Oh my God, I think he's in there right now-thom
      No, no, I- he's not up there, it's very clean, it's in good order-carson

      You've got the special edition Happy Holidays Barbie with actual cubic zirconia tiara?-carson
      Isn't she great?-megan
      Yes, I've been wanting this one for years! How much you want for her?-carson
      She's not for sale-megan

      I wanna be famous, I want an American Express card and I want a cell phone,' I'm like, 'oh my God, Jai wants all those things, too!-thom

      Put a sock in it, Ryan!-jai

      Our stockings are hung-carson

      [jumping up and down]I WANT A PONY! I WANT A PONY! I WANT A PONY! I WANT A PONY!-Carson, Thom, Kyan and some of the kids

      It's an old tradition-kyan
      Older than Ted!-carson

      We only broke about 12 ornaments. We did well this year-richard

      Why do we have to wake up the kids?-ted
      It seems that the kids should be waking up the old people-ted
      Well, Ted, we're not old-thom

      [playing Rock'em Sock'em Robots with Carson and beating him] I won[Carson resets his, Thom wins again] I won. [and again] I won-thom
      You're a cheater!-carson

      [handing Ted a program for the kids' play] "There's a, um, the seniors get a discount-thom

    • (reading Carson's rock)
      Peace and a boyfriend?-ryan
      Yeah, world peace and a boyfriend,it isn't that much-carson

    • You know I think I love your dad-kyan
      Why?-one of the girls
      He has a nose hair trimmer-kyan

    • Right now Ryan is beating the crap out of Carson-Jai
      Oh Lord-Richard

      This is scary!-one of the girls

      (when the fab 5 arrive)AAAAHHH!!!!-the kids

    • They're definitely one Brady short of a bunch!-carson

      You guys have quite the litter there-kyan

      (seeing play bils)Oh my god, who saw Annie?(girls jump up and down) Oh, my god, who saw Oliver?(girls jump up and down) Oh my god, who saw Valley of the Dolls? Me!(girls stare at him)-carson

      It's a very drug store Christmas-thom

      (about food bills)Maybe one of you guys should volunteer not to eat-ted

    • [with ryan riding piggyback, holding his hands over Kyan's eyes] "Y'know what, Ryan? I can't see when you do that. I can't really see."-kyan

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