Queer Eye

Season 2 Episode 10

Top of the (Trash) Heap: Al D

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Aug 03, 2004 on Bravo
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Top of the (Trash) Heap: Al D
Al is a sanitation chief, which is ironic since his apartment resembles the trash piles he cleans up. Now he's hoping for a promotion at work, so he's asked the Fab Five to clean up his act to impress both his bosses and his new girlfriend, Sandra.moreless

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      • Thom: So, you have an eye for garbage.

      • Ted: (Carson hangs him on a coat hanger with Al's overalls) Whee! I'm just hanging.

      • Carson: (about a piece of clothing) Did you get this at Elton John's garage sale?

      • Carson (holds up a large bra): Oh my god! I've hit the jackpot! A giant brassiere! Sandra must be stacked.

      • Al is talking about how many men the NY Sanitation Dept. serves every year.
        Carson: What a coincidence! I've served over seven million men.

      • Ted: Is it weird to be 41 and collect kitty cats?

      • Al's lady friend Sandra walks in. She has obviously bleached blonde hair.
        Carson: Sandra might be my long lost sister.

      • Ted: Let's clean up the garbage man boys.

      • Carson: Let's recycle this garbage man.

      • Thom: she's a damsel in distress.

      • Ted: Nuns made that cheese.
        Carson: Oh, praise cheesesus!

        Carson: Let's recycle this garabage man!

        Thom: Does Sandra, like, hate this apartment because it's just... uncomfortable and weird?

        Kyan: Smell this, what's the first thing that comes to mind? (Holds bottle of cologne up to Jai's nose)
        Jai keels over.

        Ted (after being shut in the tiny kitchen): Let me out! Help!

        Ted (holding up a ceramic cat): Al, is it weird to be 41 and collect kitty cats?

        Ted: This is a 41 year old guy with, like, 41-year old rosemary.

        Kyan: Who twists their ankle skiing on a bed? I do!

        Thom: May the force be with you, Kyan.
        Kyan: And also with you.

        Carson: So let's do some naked mud wrestling!

        Carson (On a pair of pants): It's like plastic surgery for your ass. But much cheaper.

        Ted: (hanging off the front of a trash compactor) Onward trashmen of the world!
        Al: You okay Ted?
        Ted: Yeah. I always wanted to be a hood ornament.

        Al (Giving the guys T shirts): On the back it says"DSNY."
        Carson: Oh, that's very Donna Karan!

        Ted (Al is lighting candles): He's got ulterior votives.

        Al welcomes Sandra into the apartment
        Thom: He's like,"I'm gonna take you on the grand tour."
        Ted: Here's the grand tour.
        They both rotate 360º in place

        Al is massaging Sandra's feet. Thom grabs Kyan's foot and starts cracking his toes.
        Kyan: Ow. OWWW!!
        Carson puts one foot up on Thom's lap. Ted, sitting on his other side, grabs his other foot
        Ted: Here, I'll do your other one.
        Carson: Oh God, I'm so flexible.

        Al wraps a steaming washcloth around Sandra's feet
        Al: Looks like your toe is smoking a cigarette.

        Watching the straight guys hug
        Ted: This is very mafiosa.
        Carson: I'm gonna hug ya,then whack ya

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