Queer Eye

Season 4 Episode 9

Trans-form this Trans-man: Miles G

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Aug 01, 2006 on Bravo



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    • Thom: (on the mirrored bathroom) It's like pooping in a diner.
      Carson: Your bathroom is like pooping in a Greek diner.
      Miles: Have you ever pooped in a Greek diner?
      Carson: Well not in the diner part.

      (Carson and Miles both pull up their sleeves and flex)
      Carson: My God! He's have bigger muscles than I! It's the testosterone. Let's go do some. I could use some too.
      Ted: Can you make Carson butch?
      Miles: I don't think anyone could make Carson butch.

      Ted: (holding up a homemade Queer Eye T shirt) This is really cool. A copyright violation, but cool.

      Carson: You want things that make you feel comfortable and look good on your frame because you have what you think is an unusual body, but I'm telling you, it's not as unusual as you think. I'm going to be so good for you because I feel like I have manboobs, and I feel like I have scrawny arms, all those things that you need to camouflage, things to make you look great, I've been doing it all my life sweetie.

      (Miles is talking about his upcoming breast removal surgery)
      Carson: You should like donate. You should give your boobs to a flat chested girl.
      Ted: Need a boobie, take a boobie.Got a boobie...

      Carson: (about the clothes Auston made) Are you selling these?
      Auston: No, these are just my personal...
      Carson: Oh my God look at that a fire! (Throws clothes to Jai while Auston looks in the other direction) Quick put them in your bag.

      Carson: (about one of the self defence moves) That's the "Not tonight I have a headache."

      Thom: (to Miles) You've got to get off to Ted. I think I can already smell some rancid fois gras steaming in the background.

      Carson: Jeans are like the UPS man, they should always give you a nice package.

  • Notes

    • Jai and Miles bond over them both being raised Born Again Christian, and when Miles tells Jai his parents are accepting of alternate lifestyles, Jai says they need to talk to his family. Jai has talked in interviews about the rejection he faced from his family because of being gay.

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