Queer Eye

Season 4 Episode 11

Turn Dr. Dud into Dr. Stud: Ron B

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Aug 15, 2006 on Bravo



  • Quotes

    • Carson: Absence makes the penis grow harder.

      Carson (to Ron): Would you like to make sweet, sweet love in the fitting room?

      Ted: Cooking is a great expression of affection, and you're already married so I don't need to tell you it gets you laid.

      Kyan: I thought this was for stirring my cocktail! (Putting a rabbit vibrator into his glass)
      Carson (holding vibrator to his back): This really, really gets rid of my lower back pain.

      Kyan: If I was a woman and wanted to come, would it be through vaginal intercourse, manual manipulation, or oral sex?
      Carson: Shopping.

      Ted: Extensive research on the part of Queer Eye has conclusively proved that when you cook for women, they like you better.
      Jai (yelling from off camera): AND STIMULATE THE CL*TORIS!
      Ted: Also stimulate the cl*toris.

      Carson (to Ron): Go get her you big hunk of spunk!

      Ted: Here they come!
      Carson: Let's hope they're coming!

      Thom: If you style a table for a man, he has a stylish table for one night. If you teach a man to style a table...
      Carson: He's gay.

      (The Fab Five hope to see Ron undress, but he closes the door, and the next shot is of him in his underwear)
      Fab Five: CHEATED!
      Thom: It looks like he's been cheated too, if you know what I mean.
      Carson: Actually I've seen it. He's a grower not a shower.

      (Ron is in the kitchen with the wet sushi box)
      Ted: The box has to be soaked in water so the sushi rice doesn't stick to it.
      Thom: That's the only wet box in that house.

      Jai (watching Jodi): That's a powerful walk.
      Kyan: "I'm going to get me some (bleeped) right now!"
      (Jodi arrives home and bangs on the door)
      Kyan: "I want some penis open this door right now!!"

      (Ron is in the kitchen. Jodi wants to help, but he won't let her)
      Jodi: Okay because a big gas leak and a explosion, that would really kill the mood.

      Ted (about the Karma Sutra chocolates, and in a British accent) Do they make you horny, baby!

      Carson: Love doesn't require batteries.
      Kyan: But orgasms do!