Question Time

Thursday 10:35 PM on BBC Premiered Sep 25, 1979 In Season





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  • Why the idea of paying for a TV license doesnt bother me

    This show naturally is as dull as ditchwater if you dont have an interest in politics, and some of the auidence can be painfully embarrising. However this show is a excellent tool in giving the public a chance to put politicans on the spot and get our views across, as you may know all 3 major parties alwas have a representative on, and all Party leaders eventally find them selves on the show.

    Its good that the BBC does these kind of shows, it doesnt hurt to have factual and informative shows, and its good that this shows is an asset to the democratic process in Britain. Of course for those of us who like a good debate, this show is utter joy when it makes the politicans accountable and they having to squirm thier way out of a tight situation!