Quick Draw MCGraw

Season 1 Episode 2

Bad Guys Disguise

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 26, 1959 on CBS



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    • Tombstone: I'm plumb shook up about your beauty, ma'am.
      Quickdraw: (dressed as a lady) What is it about me got you shook up?
      Tombstone: You remind me of my horse, you cute little cactus.

    • Tombstone: You wouldn't shoot a ring tailed varmint like me, would you? (Baba Looey shoots him) I guess you would.

    • Baba Looey: (dressed like a baby) Goo goo, money.
      Tombstone: I'll goo goo you, you little coyote!

    • Quickdraw: I still say we are going to get it.
      Baba Looey: You are so right, Amigo!

    • Quickdraw: Here. Put this mustache on.
      Baba Looey: What's for these whiskers?
      Quickdraw: That's a de-sguise, Baba! We got to look like bad guys.

    • Quickdraw: (reading sign) Bad Guys Territory. Bad guys welcome. Good guys unwelcome.
      Baba Looey: I don' thin' we better go there. Ain't we the good guys?
      Quickdraw: Tombstone Jones is in thar with the bank money and we're gonna get it!
      Baba Looey: Si Quicksdraw, we gonna get it.

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