Quick Draw

Season 1 Episode 3

Mail Order Bride

Aired Thursday Aug 12, 2013 on Hulu



  • Quotes

    • Sheriff John Henry Hoyle: Mr. Shank, I have a favor to ask of you. I want you to look after my daughter, Pearl Star, who's locked up in jail across the street.
      Vernon Shank: Oh, no! I am not interested in any kind of law enforcement, I'm not a people-person, you know that...
      Sheriff John Henry Hoyle: Mr. Shank, I'm gonna deputize you because I want you to look after her until the US Marshal comes to take her up to the prison.
      Vernon Shank: Well, I refuse to be deputized, so unfortunately...
      Sheriff John Henry Hoyle: You can't. I just - fully deputize you. There's no way to stop it.
      Vernon Shank: I've put up a deputization shield, which has prevented...
      Sheriff John Henry Hoyle: I've deputized aaaallll over you. You've been drenched in deputization.
      Vernon Shank: Okay - I'm gonna need a towel then.