Quick Draw

Thursday on Hulu Premiered Aug 05, 2013 Between Seasons





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  • Get the blankets I know a boy with smallpox.

    "Coyote feces. Getting closer. Get the horsies!"

    This series is not for underage, as it contains inappropriate, morbid or just flat out offensive humor. (and violence, alcohol/drug abuse, promoting prostitution, racism, mutiliated bodies and a lot more)

    The show is set in the old west without any historical accurancy. The story is about John Henry Hoyle, a Harvard graduate widower, the new sheriff trying to fit into a backwater small town and solve crimes with his dim deputy, applying the knowledge he learnt in university. The task is hard because the writers offer up everything on the altar of humor, even the whole town will be wiped out if needed.

    Sadly not all the jokes are funny and some episodes are way weaker then the others, but if you are not easily offended and like dirty jokes, then you will probably laugh out loud at times.

    The show is too absurd and sometimes even offending to be for the wide audience and it has a lot of room for improvement, but it will definitely will make you ask: What the hell do they actually teach at Harvard?