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Quick Pitch is the MLB Network series that brings you all the highlights from the day in baseball, in 60 minutes. Major League Baseball is the organization that operates the National League and American League baseball leagues, in a join organizational structure that began development in 1901. In 2000 the leagues became one legally, with the commissioner's office running all of MLB. The league is the premiere baseball league in North America, with 29 teams in the United States and one in Canada. In 2009 they launched MLB Network, a specialty cable channel dedicated to professional baseball. The network features live game coverage of regular season games, international games, and spring training, as well as daily shows like MLB Tonight, Hot Stove, and Quick Pitch. Quick Pitch brings you the days events in baseball, with 60 minutes of highlights from the day. Get your baseball fix quickly and easily with the guys on MLB Network's Quick Pitch.

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AIRED ON 7/19/2013

Season 5 : Episode 107

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  • excellent replays made dull by repetitive graphics

    The only reason to watch Quick Pitch is to see the game highlights. The producers, however, have created a dull program filled with repetitive graphics and historical moments of no interest. The attractive Heidi Watney reads well, but it is clear that she simply reads the text from the studio monitor. The commentary during the replays is frequently banal, and often contains incomprehensible jargon, such as "going yard" to mean a home run. It would be nice to hear the proper pronunciation of the players names, but, alas, it rarely happens. On a positive note, the replays are excellent, and the statistical information is impressive. I suspect that most viewers want to see the highlights, and, in my opinion, that idea should be the focus of the program.moreless
  • Wrong AGAIN!

    You don't know that you're exaggerating players stats to suit the story du joir? NY Mets pitcher Harvey was not only beaten twice by the St. Louis Cardinals, he was also beaten twice by the Philadelphia Phillies this year! Get your facts straight before air time. This is why fewer people are watching your program!

    Just being "easy on the eyes" is not enough to keep a true fans loyalty. Basically, they're the viewers your trying to lure away from ESPN.

    Also the cartoonish graphics are much too long and take away from actual game time reporting,

  • MLB Quick Pitch

    MLB Quck Pitch is a horrible example of a highlights show for baseball namely due to the female host attempting to be knowledgeable and male. Her bumbling play by play of the highlights along with nicknames the players have never ever had makes the show a disappointment. Additionally, the show would be greatly improved with a host that actually knows baseball, the teams, the players, and what transpires in the games. I would recommend watching the highlights with the volume muted in order to avoid multiple mistakes and a host that possesses a knowledge base comparable to a six year old. This show is sad considering it is part of the MLB network. An example of lack of knowledge is demonstrated by the mispronunciation of Latino names and even creating the nickname of Johnny Bat for Bautista!!!!moreless
  • Great show but the background music is distracting

    I really like this show and try to watch it most nights. But they blast rock music in the background, which makes it hard to hear the action. Please get rid of the music, it serves no point. We are there for the baseball highlights, not to party down! :)

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