Quincy, M.E.

Season 8 Episode 16

On Dying High

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1983 on NBC

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  • This is a review of the Quincy episode \\\"Dying High.\\\"

    In this episode of the the celebrated series QUINCY, M.E., J. J. Chandler, a country singer who is clearly meant to be Johnny Cash, has gone off stage and begins preparing to \\\"chase the dragon\\\" (not merely sniffing, as is implied in the episode) using marijuana. A fan rushes into the room where he is sitting, causing Chandler to burst into flames. He rushes onstage and Dr. Quincy throws a tablecloth over him, saving his life. Chandler is rushed to hospital, but, unfortunately, his vocal chords are seared and he can no longer sing; he\\\'s placed in intensive care.

    He also - much to the dismay of Dr. Quincy - plans to allow his last concert to debut on televison as scheduled earlier; Dr. Quincy tries to get the TV executives to cancel the upcoming airdate, but fails - Chandler is the sole owner of the rights to all his concerts, and only he can cancel his own final concert. Eventually, after another young lady dies of a drug overdose and ends up on Quincy\\\'s mortuary table. Realizing the error of his ways, Chandler himself goes to the room where the young woman who had startled him earlier has been admitted after herself suffering an overdose, and convinces her to stop taking Marijuana, telling her that the drug has brought an end to his singing career.