Quincy, M.E.

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • Holy mackerel Sam!

    A classic show starring Jack Klugman as Dr Quincy, the original Gil Grissom. The casting in this is just perfect, with Sam, the trusty sidekick, and Dr Astin, the scientifically dim-witted but politically focused boss. I've watched this show for years, and still do when it gets repeated, as the plots have stood the test of time really well. The main storylines generally pose a puzzle that Quincy has to solve - where everybody else has failed. The interplay between the characters is good, especially Quincy and Astin, and there's always some kind of humorous exchange which sees Astin coming out second best somehow. I personally like Quincy's exclamations when he has his 'lightbulb moment' and solves the case. Usually it's something like: 'Holy mackerel' or 'holy toledo'. Who says a medical examiner can't have a catchphrase!
    I liked the episode where Quince wanted to go off and work on his case, but Astin forced him to give a basic pathology induction to new police recruits. He delivered the grossest demo possible and had all the recruits fainting or vomiting within minutes. Brilliant!