Quincy, M.E.

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • Quincy, M.E. is about a busy body Medical Examiner who thinks he is a cop and a crusader. Was oringinaly part of the NBC Mystery Movie rotation.

    I love this show. I will never forget when it first came on. People in my school were talking about the opening credits where the guy faints when Quincy shows a corpse. Yes back in the 70's that was what we called exciting TV.
    The show is about Quincy a LA Medical Examiner who always clashes with his boss Astin and a police LT Monahan. He also has a trusty co-worker Sam , who I never was sure what his job was exactly. he was much more then a technician though. One time I thought he was also a doctor. Later on in the series Quincy tackles more social issues like drugs, school athletics, polution. My opnion is that the series went downhill when he got married. The actress who played his long dead wife, Anita Gillette also plays his new wife. She is a Social worker and Quincy gets boggled down with her issues. The show was very entertaining and the cast was great. I always thought Robert Ito who played Sam was very under rated and in a few shows they focused on him. Such as the one when a martial arts expert dies, visions of Bruce Lee's death. Good show for fans of Jack Klugman and busy body mystery shows.