Quincy, M.E. - Season 4

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • A Test for the Living
    Quincy's powers of persuasion are put to the test when he crusades for a 7-year old boy's re-evaluation as an autistic child.
  • No Way to Treat a Body
    Quincy's latest ladyfriend moves into a new apartment and accidentally discovers two mummified bodies. He finds himself up against a group of oddball residents when he tries to find out what is going on, who the bodies belong to and where they came from.
  • The Eye of the Needle
    An ailing woman's accidental death outrages Quincy when he discovers that she had been seeing a holistic doctor and had been treated with natural medicines rather than scientific ones. His opinion about the doctor responsible though is affected by his liking for her and it gives him something to think about.moreless
  • Death by Good Intention
    A patient dies just hours after having had a successful surgical operation. An ‘Affirmative Action' doctor is suspended because of his ‘mistake' and a friend of Quincy's decides that he will take the blame to save him, and the ‘Affirmative Action' program. Quincy soon gets involved to try and save his friends job.moreless
  • The Last Six Hours
    The Last Six Hours
    Episode 1
    Finally getting to spend a bit of leave time with his latest flame, Barbara, Quincy heads off away from Los Angeles. They nearly get run off the road and then witness an accident. Quincy then finds himself in a life or death race to isolate a mysterious poison, found in the woman's body, that has already claimed two livesmoreless
  • Aftermath
    Episode 16
    A large passenger jet crash-lands 40 miles outside LA. Quincy and Sam are sent out to start the identification of the bodies and to make sure that the crash scene is kept intact. Once the rest of the Coroners team has arrived and the positions of the bodies have been marked out they are all taken back to LA, where an autopsy has to be completed on each and every one of them, all one hundred of them! Quincy eventually discovers that a dangerous flammable gas was being carried by the plane, not illegal but extremely dangerous. He then finds himself with two dilemmas to solve. The first being how to persuade the airlines that transporting this sort of flammable substance is not a good idea and secondly, to get an insurance company to accept that one of the unidentifiable bodies was that of a man they insured so that his wife and family can claim his life insurance.moreless
  • The Death Challenge
    The Death Challenge
    Episode 22
    A world famous magician comes out of retirement to appear on a live television show after his most famous trick leads to the death of his protege. After the autopsy Quincy has to find out whether or not the first performance was a cover up for homicide or whether it was just an accident.moreless
  • House of No Return
    House of No Return
    Episode 11

    Quincy investigates the death of a young man at a home for people who have committed crimes but are considered mentally incapable and are therefore not sentenced to proper prison. His mother insists that he was forced to fight by the attendants, who ran the place like prison wardens, in unofficial boxing contests against other inmates.

  • Physician, Heal Thyself
    A seventeen-year old girl collapses and dies after having had an abortion. The family wants an autopsy and tells Asten that they will pay for a private one. Quincy performs it and thinks that her death was caused by the negligence of the doctor who performed the abortion. He visits the doctor and the hospital and finds out that the doctor was drunk when he operated, proving this is hard though as he faces a conspiracy of silence.moreless
  • Walk Softly Through the Night (2)
    Quincy continues in his quest to get close down Dr. Colella's surgery and stop him from continuing to issue prescriptions for drug addicts. This becomes less of a problem though after Marty Herrera, the young would be doctor, is arrested for killing Dr. Colella! Quincy doesn't believe the boy did it but finds that the evidence seems to be pointing straight at him.moreless
  • The Depth of Beauty
    The Depth of Beauty
    Episode 13
    Quincy delves into the world of cosmetic surgery after he autopsies a woman who killed herself because she hated the scars a botched operation caused. He discovers that the plastic surgeon isn't in fact a qualified plastic surgeon, only a qualified MD. The law allows anyone who has qualified as a doctor to call himself any kind of specialist he likes.moreless
  • Dead and Alive
    Dead and Alive
    Episode 7
    An apparent murder victim becomes the object of Quincy's thorough investigation and identification when his mother and sister insist that he is still alive.
  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel
    Episode 17
    Monaghan asks Quincy to push the autopsy of a young car thief to the top of his priority list. The boys' friend is claiming that a police officer chased him down and killed him after they were stopped in their stolen car. When the autopsy is completed it can only confirm that the boy, Billy Harris, died to a bone broken in his neck, and not how it could have occurred. This information is enough to get the press printing stories of police brutality and a Californians for Constitutional Rights lawyer rushing in to defend Billy's friend Steve.moreless
  • A Question of Death
    A Question of Death
    Episode 10

    Quincy faces a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit when a lawyer alleges he prematurely declared the death of a young motorcycle accident victim.


  • Walk Softly Through the Night (1)
    A top children's TV star, and a friend of Quincy's, is shocked when his son dies of a drug overdose. He had no idea his son was even on drugs and is angry when he finds out that a doctor prescribed the drugs to him. Quincy and the star, Brock, go to visit the doctor and find an enormous queue of addicts waiting outside the surgery. They are all waiting with money in hand to buy a prescription from the doctor. Quincy and Brock set about trying to shut this doctor down and to help a young would be doctor in his attempts to get some sort of drug counseling support system set up in his college.moreless
  • Images
    Episode 5
    A fire in a small motel room causes the death of the single woman occupying it. The evidence shows that the identity of the woman is Jessica Ross, the country's top newswoman.
    As Quincy begins a press conference confirming her death, Jessica Ross walks in and declares that the rumors of her death are unfounded. Quincy and Asten are shocked, but Quincy soon comes to suspect that this woman is not Ross but an impostor, and that his original findings are correct.

  • Speed Trap
    Speed Trap
    Episode 2
    After a racing car accident proves fatal for a former Grand Prix driver, Quincy's autopsy brands the crash a possible homicide.
  • Even Odds
    Even Odds
    Episode 6
    Quincy is gravely wounded at the scene of a crime, so it is up to Sam, Asten and Lt. Monaghan to solve the case he was working on and catch the person who shot him.
  • An Ounce of Prevention
    While completing the autopsy of a construction worker who fell to his death Quincy spots some unusual abnormalities. He gets Sam to run some further tests to see if there was anything that could have made the man fall. The results show that he was killed by a large amount of pesticides, pesticides that were covering the tomatoes he had for lunch. Follow up investigations show that a dumpsite near the town of Rosewood is leaking. The chemicals are infecting the ground in and around the dumpsite and town.moreless
  • A Small Circle of Friends
    A roundup of prostitutes follows the death of an athlete who contracted a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea.
  • A Night to Raise the Dead
    After four nights of continuous rain a man finds a body by his car. It had been washed down the mountains and ended up in his front yard. Once Quincy has completed the autopsy he announces that the man died of typhoid, an extremely infectious disease. The man had been illegally buried in the cemetery at the top of the mountain very recently. Quincy wants the whole cemetery checked to see if there are more infectious bodies buried up there but he comes up against a barrel load of red tape trying to get this authorized.moreless
  • Promises to Keep
    Promises to Keep
    Episode 19
    Quincy and Sam have to stay late, going over work that was completed by a Medical Examiner who, it turned out, wasn't qualified for the job. This makes Quincy miss yet another date with Lynne, his current girlfriend. When they do get together she proposes to him. He turns her down because he remembers how he treated Helen, his first wife. He was always working and never spending enough time with her. Later he feels guilty and decides to go and see Lynne and propose to her himself.moreless
  • Semper-Fidelis
    Episode 20
    Quincy is asked to do an autopsy on the body of a marine who died in an accident during his training. Harry Collier, a friend of Quincy's wants him to give a second opinion, to stop the press from calling the death a cover up. What Quincy finds though is what he thinks is evidence of a murder and he goes to the base to find out what did happen to cause the young soldiers death, and if necessary who caused it.moreless