Quincy, M.E. - Season 7

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • The Mourning After
    The Mourning After
    Episode 24
    A fraternity ‘hazing' stunt goes badly wrong and a young man, Cary Stadler, dies. The other students panic and cover up how he died by placing his body in another place. Seeing as Quincy is the ME who deals with the case their attempt is very quickly uncovered. He proves that the story they are telling the police is complete fabrication. Proving they were involved and proving exactly what happened are two completely different things though, and there seems to be nothing that the police can arrest the boys for.moreless
  • Deadly Protection
    Deadly Protection
    Episode 23

    A single father purchases a German Shepherd as a guard dog, only to have it attack and kill his young daughter without provocation. After performing the autopsy on the girl, Quincy sets out to shut down the trainer of the dog and shed light on unethical dog training practices. However, the dog trainer insists his training is above board, and Quincy soon discovers much more to this particular situation than it first seemed.

  • The Last of Leadbottom

    Rear Admiral MacKenzie, Quincy's commanding officer during the Korean War, dies while opening a naval museum named after him. A simple autopsy causes confusion for Quincy and Asten when they encounter a naval commander desperate for the body, three women claiming to be Mrs. MacKenzie, and the presence of a microchip inside his stomach. Soon Quincy has his Naval reserve status reactivated and finds himself involved in the cat and mouse affairs of espionage and counter espionage.

  • The Unquiet Grave
    The Unquiet Grave
    Episode 21

    While attending a party hosted by an influential politician, Quincy reunites with his psychotic med school sweetheart, who just happens to have married the politician and claims to be a reformed individual. When the politician dies in his sleep the next day, Quincy eventually concludes his former sweetheart was responsible, but before she can be brought to justice she dies in a car explosion set up by the politician's financially desperate son. Just when things seem to be settled, Quincy becomes convinced the deranged woman is still somehow trying to terrorize him.

  • Expert in Murder
    Expert in Murder
    Episode 20
    Quincy is going to be testifying in the appeal of a big mob boss, Victor Ramsay, and his evidence is vital to him staying in prison. Ramsay and his people have other ideas though and have a plan to guarantee his release. They kill the only witness and then set about making sure that Quincy is discredited. Once this is done Quincy and the D.A. have three weeks to come up with more evidence or Victor Ramsay will be released.moreless
  • The Face of Fear
    The Face of Fear
    Episode 19
    A woman, Vicki Maguire, who has suffered from agoraphobia, manages to finally leave her house, for the first time in seven years. While walking her dog along the beach beside her house she looks in through the window of another house, and witnesses what she thinks is a woman being strangled. The police are called and when Monahan and Brill get to the house there is no body, no sign of a struggle and a completely different man in residence. No one believes her story, except for her psychologist Dr. Rainer, and she goes to see Quincy. She persuades him that the woman wasn't seeing things and that he should help her find out the truth, before she suffers a relapse and will never be able to leave her house again.moreless
  • Stolen Tears
    Stolen Tears
    Episode 18

    A man who was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp is run down and killed after he recognizes the man as his former tormentor in the camp. He manages to get a message sent to his friend, Heime, before his death and he tries to convince Quincy that it was murder, not an accident. At the same time Heime, who runs a Holocaust museum, has to deal with a rich, powerful man who spends his time proclaiming that the Holocaust never happened.

  • The Flight of the Nightingale
    With no doctor around and a shortage of staff, Lynn Buchanan, a nurse decides to ease a patients pain by giving him medication. The patient dies and nurse Buchanan is suspended, even though the doctor's chart didn't say she shouldn't have done it. The rest of the nursing staff go on strike, her suspension being the last straw. Asten gets Quincy to look a bit closer than normal (Quincy look closer than normal!) when he does the autopsy because his wife is in the same hospital and was looked after by Lynn Buchanan.moreless
  • The Shadow of Death
    The Shadow of Death
    Episode 16
    An ex-nurse, who served in Vietnam and suffered nightmares because of it, is found dead in her apartment. Her best friend, who was also a nurse in Vietnam, tries to help find the killer but has problems of her own. She suffers her own nightmares from the war and begins to fall deeper into depression and alcohol. The same thing happens to many vets when they come back from the war and Quincy wants to help her, if he can.moreless
  • To Clear the Air
    To Clear the Air
    Episode 15
    An old man at a hospital for respiratory disorders drops dead after going for a walk during a smog alert. Quincy's autopsy reveals lungs that had some kind of inflammation, caused by the pollutants being pumped into the air by the oil refineries near the sanatorium. Refineries that are meant to cut back their emissions during a smog alert!moreless
  • Into the Murdering Mind
    A family is violently murdered in their own home. The man arrested is the son and brother of the family members. He is a schizophrenic who blames everything on ‘The Beast', an alter ego inside his head who can take him over if he stops taking his medication. Quincy thinks, after talking with the DA, that he could be making it all up to get off on an insanity plea and tries to prove his theory.moreless
  • For Love of Joshua
    For Love of Joshua
    Episode 13
    A doctor persuades a couple that their new baby, which was born with Down's syndrome, will not have any life outside of hospitals and institutions. The child is then allowed to starve to death, something that causes a second doctor to ask for the original one to be charged with murder. Quincy investigates and finds out more about how children with Down's syndrome are treated in the world. To do this he visits a family that look after six children on their own.moreless
  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen
    Episode 12
    A big fire strikes at a hotel. The Coroner's Office is called in to deal with the fatalities. Most of the victims died from smoke inhalation rather than from the actual fire. Investigations prove it was arson and a suspect is quickly found. Quincy doesn't believe they have caught the right man though and helps out an insurance investigator, Jake Carter, look into it further.moreless
  • When Luck Ran Out
    When Luck Ran Out
    Episode 11
    When a prized racehorse, belonging to Nelson Spencer a friend of Quincy's, dies suddenly after a big race, an insurance investigation uncovers foul play. The expert insurance investigator sent by the insurance company is Quincy's latest girlfriend. A situation that causes problems for Quincy, stuck between his girlfriend and his friend.moreless
  • Guns Don't Die
    Guns Don't Die
    Episode 10
    A man is mugged and killed in a park, fortunately the killer is quickly found and arrested. Sometime later a gang member kills a young boy. The autopsy shows that the same gun killed the boy and the mugged man. Quincy takes it upon himself to track down the weapon and make sure that it cannot be used to kill anyone else.moreless
  • Bitter Pill
    Bitter Pill
    Episode 9
    After a teenager dies from taking a seemingly harmless pill, Quincy sets out to shut down the highly dangerous, but legal, trade in ‘look-alike' drugs. He tries to find out why it is legal to make such pills and concentrates on closing down a small, local shop that sells the pills.moreless
  • Dead Stop
    Dead Stop
    Episode 8
    A truck driver dies just days after being splashed by a caustic chemical he was illegally dumping. Quincy uncovers the cause of his death and investigates further, trying to find where the chemicals were dumped before it rains and a dangerous chemical cloud is created.
  • Gentle Into That Good Night
    A nineteen-year old boy, with a malignant tumor, dies in a car accident. Quincy does the autopsy and meets the family. He goes to meet Dr. Pendleton, a doctor who deals with people who are close to death, and wants to learn how to deal with people who have just identified a loved one in a more dignified way. He spends some time with the doctor and even takes his place for a while.moreless
  • Gentle into the Night
    Searching for a way to improve the way he interacts with grief-stricken family members, Quincy seeks advice from Dr. Pendleton, a psychiatrist who counsels people with terminal illnesses. Tyne Daly guest stars.
  • For Want of a Horse

    A disgruntled foreman on a ranch dedicated to using horses to help disabled children murders his elderly uncle, one of the owners, to facilitate the sale of the property to a large corporation. When the body is mauled by coyotes, a mute boy who witnesses the act becomes the only one who can bring the murderer to justice. Meanwhile, the Astens become foster parents for a depressed child who's been left in a wheelchair after an automobile accident that killed both of his parents.

  • D.U.I.
    Episode 5
    A man is knocked down and killed by a drunk driver. Quincy is outraged to discover that the killer is likely to get away with a light sentence and tries to change things. His digging uncovers much more than he, and the prosecutor, could ever have expected.
  • Slow Boat to Madness (2)
    With the cruise ship being prevented from docking at any of the islands in the area it is down to Quincy and Janet to find out exactly what the disease on board is before everyone on the ship finds out and starts panicking.
  • Slow Boat to Madness: Part 2
    After an autopsy turns up evidence of infectious disease, the ship's captain attempts to dock in a nearby port but is turned away. Now, it's up to Quincy and Janet to determine the nature of the mysterious disease that's killing off passengers.
  • Slow Boat to Madness (1)
    Quincy and Janet finally get some time off and go on a weeks cruise. They are looking forward to some rest and relaxation together. Before long their holiday is interrupted. Quincy is visited, late one night, by the captain. One of his crew has been murdered and he would like Quincy's advice. The murderer is caught but he has died before the morning and an autopsy reveals that he could have died from an infectious disease. A disease that could already be spreading throughout the ship!moreless
  • Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1
    Quincy and Janet's vacation cruise is interrupted when the ship's captain approaches the medical examiner, in need of his advice. One man jumped overboard, another was murdered -- and then the murderer himself dropped dead. What's going on?
  • The Golden Hour
    The Golden Hour
    Episode 2
    A young girl is injured in a car accident and rushed to a hospital by the paramedics. Her father who is severely injured is sent to a trauma center instead because he is a more serious case. The father survives and the daughter dies. The difference between a trauma center and an ER was what saved the man. City regulations make it hard for the center to get enough patients and it is about to get closed down unless Quincy can help.moreless
  • Memories of Allison
    Sam and Quincy are attending a job fair for students when a woman falls down an escalator, just after shouting at someone who has been following her. While she is in hospital it is discovered she has a severe case of posttraumatic amnesia. A high price assassin is caught in her hospital room not long afterwards and leads to even more interest in who she is and why someone would want her dead.moreless