Quincy, M.E. - Season 8

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • The Cutting Edge
    The Cutting Edge
    Episode 24
    Kenny Kelso, a young father, is seriously injured in a work accident and loses his arm. His arm is found and the paramedics take both him and his limb to a new place, Experiment Hope, where it may be possible to reattach them. The Doctor in charge, Gabriel McCracken, is the man behind the revolutionary new techniques and does everything he can to make sure that Kenny will be able to use his arm again.moreless
  • Whatever Happened to Morris Perlmutter?

    Morris Perlmutter, a retired member of a Vaudevillian troupe that Quincy idolized during his youth, resurfaces after many years at the funeral of another former member of the troupe, who was shot dead during a home burglary. A local theater director asks the man to come out of retirement to play the lead in a production about aging and dying that will be broadcast on live television, but he fears his diminished ability to memorize lines may be due to senility.

  • An Act of Violence
    An Act of Violence
    Episode 22

    While performing followup investigative work of the murder of an elderly woman in her own apartment, Quincy is mugged and brutally beaten by the same thugs responsible for the woman's death. He has the presence of mind to direct the paramedics to take him back to the morgue so that Sam can collect evidence from his body before treatment, which leads to a quick arrest. However, Quincy's lasting psychological trauma from the incident may result in the perpetrators walking free.

  • Suffer the Little Children

    A young boy dies of salmonella poisoning caused by contact with sewage from a backed up septic system at a rural corporate group foster home that the local doctor has been trying to shut down for years. Quincy is called in to verify the results of the doctor's autopsy, and meets the dead boy's older brother who is being caged in a sewage contaminated area for bad behavior. While this overwhelming evidence finally gets the facility shut down, Quincy discovers another problem - the troubled boy is being transferred to a facility with a worse reputation than the one he's leaving. He and Emily fight through red tape to implement an experimental "Home Builders" program that will reunite the boy with his parents under Emily's guidance and close supervision.

  • Women of Valor
    Women of Valor
    Episode 20

    An experienced midwife who works informally with a local obstetrician to help poor women give natural births in their homes is accused of murder when she delivers a baby who later dies at a hospital. Simultaneously, another poor woman in labor is denied admittance to a private hospital, and her breech baby dies during transport to the county hospital. Quincy learns that both deaths can be attributed at least in part to the state's refusal to legally recognize trained midwives, as well as reforms to the Medi-Cal program which have made it much more difficult for poor women to receive proper medical care during pregnancy. He becomes determined to clear the midwife of any wrongdoing and save the career of the experienced obstetrician.

  • Murder on Ice
    Murder on Ice
    Episode 19

    Quincy and Emily receive the use of a judge friend's mountain cabin for their honeymoon. They picture a long romantic week alone, skiing and sitting in front of an open log fire. When they arrive they are disappointed to find that there are other guests as well. All the guests are involved in law enforcement of some form or other and all know each other. They soon realize that the last time they saw each other all together was on when they all worked on the same case a year ago. The man they all helped convict escaped jail and has never been heard of or seen since. When the judge doesn't arrive they all decide to go out looking for him in case there has been an accident. When they find his car, caught up in a snowdrift blocking the only way down the mountain, and his body inside it they all begin to worry whether the missing criminal is planning his revenge.

  • Quincy's Wedding (2)
    Emily calls off the wedding when Quincy fails to make it to the rehearsal, the last straw as far as she is concerned. Quincy seems to be more interested in the tales Edna has to tell about her husbands' death. Was it murder as she claims or are her statements just the ravings of a mad woman?moreless
  • Quincy's Wedding (1)
    Quincy and Emily's wedding is fast approaching and there are many things that still need arranging. Emily has brought in Winslow, a wedding arranger to help. While the wedding arrangements are proceeding a body comes into the coroner's office, an old man who died of natural causes in a rest home, just after his 65th wedding anniversary. After the autopsy the wife of the deceased man, Edna, comes in to see Quincy and tells him that she killed her husband.moreless
  • On Dying High
    On Dying High
    Episode 16
    An accident at a club leaves JJ Chandler, a top country singer, badly burned and in intensive care. Sgt, Wendell, a narcotics cop, believes Chandler freebasing cocaine caused the accident; the only problem is getting any proof, or a witness. While Wendell is trying to find someone who will testify Quincy begins to realize how many drug overdose victims he has dealt with during his time with the coroners office. He decides that there must be something he can do about it and means to do everything he can to stop the proliferation of drugs in Los Angeles.moreless
  • Beyond the Open Door

    Quincy and Monahan are certain they have apprehended a serial killer who rapes and strangles young women, then dumps their bodies in the hills after running them over with his car. However, a psychic the police captain has been consulting out of desperation is equally certain the man they have in custody is only a copy cat, which the evidence later proves to be true. Quincy tries to overcome his skepticism of clairvoyance as they rush to solve the mystery while the body count continues to grow.

  • A Loss for Words
    A Loss for Words
    Episode 14

    A young worker dies in a welding explosion at a manufacturing company because he was illiterate and couldn't read the warning signs that were all around him. While Quincy investigates how the young man could have graduated from high school without being able to read, one of Asten's top field investigators strongly believes the young man's accident was orchestrated by his employer to facilitate insurance fraud. However, his investigation and career are jeopardized by an embarrassing lifelong secret.

  • Cry for Help
    Cry for Help
    Episode 13
    The body of a young girl is found at the side of a highway. Quincy determines that the body was moved after she died Monahan thinks that her boyfriend, Toby Kenyon, killed her but he tells the police that she killed herself. Quincy believes the boy and asks Emily to do a psychological autopsy on the dead girl. This involves talking to her friends, family and teachers about she acted and talked over the last few weeks of her life.moreless
  • A Cry for Help
    A Cry for Help
    Episode 13
    After Julie Bonner's body is found beside a highway, Quincy must determine if the troubled and depressed teen took her own life -- or if she was murdered. All signs point to Julie's boyfriend, Joby Kenyon, as her killer. Dick Gautier guest stars.
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent

    A shop foreman dies when a leaking chemical container accidentally catches fire in a furnace, burning down a furniture warehouse. The owner of the warehouse, a well regarded family man and good friend of Quincy, faces serious charges when the evidence erroneously points to him committing arson. What he has failed to mention to Quincy, however, is that he is living under an alias because he is the son of a mob boss, but insists he has never been part of the operation. Seeing an opportunity to damage a major crime syndicate, a federal prosecutor decides to forego any arson charges, and instead charge the man with mail fraud for supposedly trying to defraud his insurance company through the mail. This allows the prosecutor to convene a federal grand jury, which affords the defendant very few constitutional protections and gives the prosecutor an easier path to securing a conviction with a life sentence.

  • The Law Is a Fool
    The Law Is a Fool
    Episode 11

    The young granddaughter of a retired law professor is kidnapped from her school, and the kidnapper soon turns himself in, intentionally providing ample circumstantial evidence he committed the crime, but zero evidence of the location of the girl. It turns out he is a cunning but deranged paralegal who believes the retired law professor is responsible for his girlfriend's death, and Quincy is responsible for helping cover it up by ruling it a suicide. The kidnapper makes a secret deal with the district attorney (who idolizes the retired law professor) that he will provide the location of the girl only if he throws the trial for the kidnapping, wires $500,000 to a Swiss bank account, and buys him a one way ticket to Zurich.

  • Sword of Honor, Blade of Death
    Michael Moroshima, a cop working undercover with the Asian task force and Sam's best friend, is killed while listening in on a deal between the Yakuza and the Mafia. Sam explains to Quincy all about the Yakuza and the Japanese code of honor that means his friend's father will try to find his son's killer and exact revenge. Sam tries to prevent this from happening but finds himself getting into deeper trouble himself.moreless
  • Across the Line
    Across the Line
    Episode 9

    During a long stakeout of an anticipated armed robbery, an officer leaves his post at the probable getaway location without permission to buy a beer, just as the robbery is taking place. He returns just in time to confront what he thinks is the speeding getaway vehicle trying to run him down, and shoots the driver square in the forehead. However, since he was inexcusably out of radio contact, he failed to hear the announcement that the driver is actually a woman who has been taken hostage during the robbery, making it appear to be a clear cut case of excessive force and possibly murder. The officer turns to a skeptical Quincy to use his forensic skills to defend him at the trial board and prove that the shooting was justified.

  • Next Stop, Nowhere
    Next Stop, Nowhere
    Episode 8
    Emily comes to see Quincy about a young 18 year-old boy he has just completed an autopsy on. He died while slamdancing at a punk rock club, killed while dancing to lyrics about death, lack of hope and violence. She had been counseling his girlfriend Abby and is worried about her. Quincy's report declares that the punk music Zack listened to was a part of the cause of his death but the main reason was an ice pick in his back. Punk music and its lyrics come under the spotlight as Quincy tries to find evidence to prove who killed Zack.moreless
  • Science for Sale
    Science for Sale
    Episode 7

    A cancer patient undergoing experimental treatment in the isolation ward of a hospital escapes and dies after coming in contact with others, who also die soon after. The doctor responsible for her care is fired because of the bad press, but takes his research to a biotech firm that welcomes him with open arms, thinking he is on the verge of a cancer cure that will prove to be very profitable. However, Quincy suspects that the deaths of all these people are tied directly to the doctor's research, and fears many others are going to die.

  • Sleeping Dogs
    Sleeping Dogs
    Episode 6
    Quincy has to testify in the court of a small town. The witnesses in the case are pressurized into lying and Harry Muller, a bullying murderer, goes free. Within half an hour of the court case having been dismissed Harry Muller is found dead. The six men in the shop where he died all say they killed him, firing one shot each from his gun. The police chief is happy to call the death self defense but Quincy knows that it was murder and insists he will find out which one of them really killed him.moreless
  • Unreasonable Doubt
    Unreasonable Doubt
    Episode 5
    A new pathologist (Walter Ross) is working in the lab who is disabled. When he looks into a case of electrocution of a handicapped baby (Sturge – weber disease) he is convinced that the baby was murdered by its father, Quincy's friend, Gerald Preston. Quincy is alarmed at Walter's blinkered view and decides to investigate Walters findings for himself.moreless
  • Dying for a Drink
    Dying for a Drink
    Episode 4
    A medical examiner starts making basic mistakes, mistakes that are putting her job on the line and are caused by her alcohol binges. She is heading deeper and deeper into alcoholism and it may be that only Quincy can help her before she falls too far.
  • Give Me Your Weak
    Give Me Your Weak
    Episode 3

    A young man with a rare neurological disease commits suicide after he is no longer able to care for himself as a result of the discontinuance of a drug that treated his disorder. This outrage inspires Quincy to help a group of influential doctors and patients organize to persuade Congress to pass Orphan Drug legislation that will help ensure they get the medication they need.

  • A Ghost of a Chance
    After a life saving heart bypass operation Ted Markham's brother dies from complications. He is incensed that his brother died from what should have been a simple operation. He wants, and pays for, an autopsy from the Coroner's office and Quincy is given the job. When he has completed the autopsy Quincy believes that the eminent surgeon, Dr. Royce, who was supposed to have done the operation didn't really do it. He thinks that a practice known as ‘ghosting' took place and that a young resident did the operation in his place.moreless
  • Baby Rattlesnakes
    Baby Rattlesnakes
    Episode 1
    When a young girl is killed in a drive by shooting a young 14 year-old boy is quickly arrested. The boy, Ethan, was part of a special program trying to get kids out of gangs and trouble. Ethan denies having had anything to do with the shooting, but if he doesn't tell who did do it or if Quincy and the probation people cannot find them then not only will he end up in prison but the special program will be closed down.moreless