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Created by Mark Reisman ("Frasier") and starring Andy Richter ("Andy Richter Controls the Universe")and Rebecca Creskoff ("Greetings From Tucson", The Practice)'Quintuplets' is a quirky ensemble comedy about the trials and tribulations of two parents raising 15-year-old quintuplets in a three-bedroom home. Torn between their dependence on one another, and the need to have individuality, the quints must deal with the problems of living their teenage years as one of five. There's Parker, the jock, Pearce, the weird one, Patton (Ryan Pinkston "Punk'd"), the little guy, Paige, the ditz, and Penny, the bitter one.
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  • Two parents, five kids, one house. This show follows Bob and Carol's attempts to raise their children Quintuplets Parker, Patton, Perice, Paige and Penny, each with their own unique personalty.

    It can't be easy raising children, let alone five of them, but Bob and Carol seem to manage. This was a very good character situation show as each of them could bring something to the table and they were all able to interact with each other. As they did that it seemed that they were able to flow together, which may have been a result of great acting. However the highlight of this was just simply was the humor, it was funny . Unfortunately it only lasted a season and it did need a slight bit of tuning (like most first season shows) however if contracted for another season it would not have disappointed. It is a pity it never reached popularity.moreless
  • Andy Richter plays a dad raising quintuplets

    I just don't get it. Andy Richter had four separate series a year right after each other. Each of them was great, funny and excellant, but for some reason or another, none of them lasted more than a season. I think this one was my favorite. Andy played a dad in this one raising quintuplets, each one looked different and had a separate personality, and they each clashed. The show was successful in its time slot, it was going to be renewed, and then it wasn't. What happened? I just don't get it. It's as if the network likes Andy enough to give him a show, but not enough to let him keep it. The weird thing is, each show was just a bit better than the last one. Of all of them, Quintuplets was my favorite, and I will miss it, but if a train disaster like "Family Guy" can get renewed, I can have hope that Quintuplets will once again see the light of day.moreless
  • Where are the seasons?

    We need to get this show onto dvd. All in favor go to tv shows to dvd and vote for the show. Make sure that you click on that you want the seasons. I have found that this site has some contribution in favor of what shows might intrigue corporation use this to release tv shows. Does anybody have any other ideas? I doubt that they'll bring it back but It would be great to see the shows again. Do they replay them on any other channels? I haven't found any repeats recently. I really believe if we band together we can create some fan fare.moreless
  • A great, funny show! Bring It Back!!

    Quintuplets is about two, hilarious parents- Bob and Carol Chase raising five 15-year-olds! This show is totally hilarious! I think this show has a new, fresh plot with funny episodes. The cast are talented and so awesome. The kids are just great. All different personality. Pierce, Patton, Paige, Penny and Parker are just so cool! Ha! The episodes are just cool with each different plots! I just wish ABC wouldn't have canceled this cool show. Or FOX could have bought. A lot of fans like this show. I bought the DVDs and luckily re-runs comes everyday in New Zealand. Bring this cool show, back!moreless
  • baa--a-h

    I've only seen one episode of this show, but now i want MORE! This show is great, it may not be all that funny, but i love watching the siblings interact with each other.Not to mention, the shortest one is simply adorable, and completely irresistible!

    Its too bad this series is a goner, i was hoping to see more of it.

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