Season 1 Episode 14

Boobs On The Run

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 03, 2004 on FOX
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Boobs On The Run
When the boys decide that they're going to a frat party, they meet an idiot known as Luskin. After infiltrating Luskin's life by joining him on an ice run, Luskin quickly takes the trip to new heights, much to Parker's dismay. Meanwhile, Carol has put-up with the girls' lies and decides she wants to hear every lie they've ever told her.moreless

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  • An awesome episode all the way through.

    This is by far the funniest episode of the show.

    Parker and Patton decide to go to a frat party under the story that they're going camping, with Pearce coming along to help with the cover, since he is unable to lie to their mother. At the party, they are unable to get in because of a guard at the door. But then they meet this idiot named Luskin and decide to go with him, hoping that they can follow him into the party. Instead, Luskin decide to take a detour to Canada with the boys in tow. And there is where hilarity ensues.

    The journey the guys took with Luskin was amazing. Patton was looking up to him as a womanizing hero, Pearce making sure that they still go camping so that he won't be a liar (the line with the lighter and the marshmallows was pure gold) and Parker was just trying to make sure he gets back home soon to make basketball practice.

    Luskin was a hilarious moron seen when he thought Patton was a brain. This was topped further whe the way he charms some girls is by mooning them! All in all, a fun episode, where the boys go on an offbeat road trip.

    Oh, yeah. The girls did something with the parents yadda yadda I didn't care.moreless

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    • Parker: Patton, I have basketball practice in the morning. If I don't make it, coach is gonna bench me.
      Patton: Relax, ok? We can still see Canadian boobs and still get you home in time for practice. I crunched the numbers.
      Parker: You are not a brain!

    • Penny: Seriously, Paige, if stupidity was a superpower, we'd be fitting you with boots and a cape right now.

    • Parker: Pearce, what kind of gas did you use?
      Pearce: Diesel. It smelled the best.

    • Pearce: Well I'll go on one condition. (points to something) Hand me that lighter up there. I'm about to take this party up a notch.
      Luskin: Nice. (hands Pearce the lighter) I think I know where you're going with this, dude.
      Pearce: Yeah, you do! MARSHMALLOWS!!! (Pulls out a stick with marshmallows on it) WOO HOO HOO!!!

    • Luskin: Hey Brain, do another one. Uh... three trillion divided by eight thousand nine times twelve.
      Patton: Uh... seven.
      Luskin: (astonished) You're blowing my mind!!!

    • Luskin: Little change of plans, dudes. We're going to Canada.
      Parker: Canada?!! As in Canada Canada?!!
      Luskin: Yeah, Canada's a great party town.
      Pearce: With all that great maple syrup, how can it not be?

    • Anna: Are you the guy whose head was wedged under his ass?
      Patton: Yes I am. You likey?

    • Patton: I'm a boy genius.
      Luskin: A brain? Nice! Say something smart.
      Patton: The sooner we go get the ice, the sooner we're back at the party.
      Luskin: Whoa, man! You're gifted! Let's go!

    • Parker: Uh, Patton, word please?
      (Pulls Patton from the front seat into the backseat)

    • Bob: This should take about 16 minutes

  • NOTES (1)

    • According to the girls' lies, Paige is associated with "strange men" and has access to sleeping pills from Mexico. Also Penny has stolen clothes, and has appeared in a video, most likely pornographic.