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  • Two parents, five kids, one house. This show follows Bob and Carol's attempts to raise their children Quintuplets Parker, Patton, Perice, Paige and Penny, each with their own unique personalty.

    It can't be easy raising children, let alone five of them, but Bob and Carol seem to manage. This was a very good character situation show as each of them could bring something to the table and they were all able to interact with each other. As they did that it seemed that they were able to flow together, which may have been a result of great acting. However the highlight of this was just simply was the humor, it was funny . Unfortunately it only lasted a season and it did need a slight bit of tuning (like most first season shows) however if contracted for another season it would not have disappointed. It is a pity it never reached popularity.
  • Andy Richter plays a dad raising quintuplets

    I just don't get it. Andy Richter had four separate series a year right after each other. Each of them was great, funny and excellant, but for some reason or another, none of them lasted more than a season. I think this one was my favorite. Andy played a dad in this one raising quintuplets, each one looked different and had a separate personality, and they each clashed. The show was successful in its time slot, it was going to be renewed, and then it wasn't. What happened? I just don't get it. It's as if the network likes Andy enough to give him a show, but not enough to let him keep it. The weird thing is, each show was just a bit better than the last one. Of all of them, Quintuplets was my favorite, and I will miss it, but if a train disaster like "Family Guy" can get renewed, I can have hope that Quintuplets will once again see the light of day.
  • Where are the seasons?

    We need to get this show onto dvd. All in favor go to tv shows to dvd and vote for the show. Make sure that you click on that you want the seasons. I have found that this site has some contribution in favor of what shows might intrigue corporation use this to release tv shows. Does anybody have any other ideas? I doubt that they'll bring it back but It would be great to see the shows again. Do they replay them on any other channels? I haven't found any repeats recently. I really believe if we band together we can create some fan fare.
  • A great, funny show! Bring It Back!!

    Quintuplets is about two, hilarious parents- Bob and Carol Chase raising five 15-year-olds! This show is totally hilarious! I think this show has a new, fresh plot with funny episodes. The cast are talented and so awesome. The kids are just great. All different personality. Pierce, Patton, Paige, Penny and Parker are just so cool! Ha! The episodes are just cool with each different plots! I just wish ABC wouldn't have canceled this cool show. Or FOX could have bought. A lot of fans like this show. I bought the DVDs and luckily re-runs comes everyday in New Zealand. Bring this cool show, back!
  • baa--a-h

    I've only seen one episode of this show, but now i want MORE! This show is great, it may not be all that funny, but i love watching the siblings interact with each other.Not to mention, the shortest one is simply adorable, and completely irresistible!

    Its too bad this series is a goner, i was hoping to see more of it.
  • A married couple gets more than they bargained for when they too successfully get pregnant and have quintuplets.

    Say what you will, but I thought this show was great. I love Andy Richter and most of what he does. I hear people say that this show was some kind of modern unoriginal Brady Bunch. It's not true though. This show was fresh and hilarious. I'm glad it ran for a whole season though. It's pointless to create a show that no one will carry for an entire season. Networks are so desperate for hits that they'll try anything for a handful of episodes. They should have never cancelled this show. I like shows with this type of premise...like The War At Home...but this show is better. Yet somehow The War At Home made it to a second season. One more thing I gotta say about this show is that I loved Pearce. Everything that guy said was comedy gold. It's a good thing I downloaded the whole season to watch again. I miss my quints.
  • Why do people like this show? It\'s not funny.

    I can sum up Quintuplets with no words at all, because I’m sleeping the whole way through. This show represents what’s wrong with T.V. in that the most stupid ideas can be put on television because of the slack-jawed, monkey-brained people that watch sub-par shows like this. I mean come on, what is so funny about a midget saying “You likey?” in every single episode, do you know what is? Nothing, that’s what. I can sleep a lot easier knowing that this god-awful show will no longer “grace” the television screen. Oh I\'m a few words short so if you\'ll just... there we are.
  • Bring it back NOW

    That was the funniest show on tv and they ended it. I mean WhAt WeRe ThEy ThInKiNg?! Everyone I know that saw it thought it was gr8, and these reviews show the same. I say we all send messages to Fox and lobby that they bring it back. (Ignore: Just filling up the word limit, Just filling up the word limit, Just filling up the word limit, Just filling up the word limit)
  • u better bring it back

    Quintuplets' is a quirky ensemble comedy about the trials and tribulations of two parents raising 15-year-old quintuplets in a three-bedroom home. Torn between their dependence on one another, and the need to have individuality, the quints must deal with the problems of living their teenage years as one of five. There's Parker, the jock, Pearce, the weird one, Patton the little guy, Paige, the ditz, and Penny, the bitter one.


    I want this show back on so bad!!! It was so funny! Why do people do that? Get rid of all the good shows? I mean it was awesome!!! Its just cruel when they do that. One of the quints went onto the OC, which he was good in, cuz he was AWESOME like that!
    Just bring the show back...thats all I ask!!
  • This show should definitely be brought back, or at least brought to dvd.

    This show was hilarious, clever, edgy, and I have absolutely no idea why it was cancelled. All of my friends at school watched it religiously and the day after a new episode premiered, the show was all that anyone could talk about. It was fresh and imaginative and the characters weren\'t the cookie-cutter stereotypes we see so much of today. The writers of this show deserve awards for their sense of humor and wit. This show also had you caring about the characters which kept us all coming back episode after episode. It has been over a year since the show was cancelled which is a crime and a shame. A show like this comes only once in a blue moon, and when a show like this does come, it should be respected. Probably no one from Fox will even see this, but if anyone does, please bring back this show or at least release it on dvd.
  • This show is GREAT bring it back

    Great show Bring it, and created by Mark reisman The Creator of Frasier. ryan pinkston where great with Yes I am Do you Likeey and everything where absolutley great, a new adventure every week. Patton and Parker allways Fought about girls and pearce where hillarious, the episode when Patton tried out for cheerleading was my favourite episode of them all, great Show Bring it Back Fox Please :) i loved it.
  • Why did they cancel it?

    Why did they get rid of it? I don't get it I want them to bring it back! It was funny and i really liked it. Now they have that new show on fox called the war at home to replace Quintublets I think that new show is dumb and its not the same!
  • I loved this show it was soo funny. I actually know a "Patton".

    I loved this show it was soo funny. I actually know a "Patton". I miss it so much. Why do they always cancel these funny sitcoms. Grr. But I have to wonder, was Patton so short from a lack of calcium? I mean no one else was small. Just him.
  • about a family with quintuplets- absolutely hilairious.

    I loved this show, and so did everyone I know. every episode made me laugh out loud over and over again. johnny lewis is hilarious as peirce, and the rest of the cast is awesome as well. . . i don\'t understand why this show was cancelled, everyone i know watched it and enjoyed it thoroughly. why are all the good shows always cancelled? ? ? first this, then life as we know it, and radio free roscoe too? ah. anyways loved this show, hilairious story lines, awesomely funny cast, left me waiting anxiously for the next weeks show. bring it back.
  • This show was about real life, though slightly exaggerated and the problems and funny things that can and do happen to a family.The sibling rivalry and bonding that goes on in teenage years added with parenting they made work for them, mixed all together

    I love the show, it is one of my favorites. My husband and I never missed a show. Besides giving us a good laugh always, it gave us some parenting tips and clues to use when our children become teenagers. There should be more shows like this around. Shows that are based on the comedy of the situations and make you laugh about it, instead of getting angry or sad. I do belive there is enough of that in real life to suit everone. And we could all stand to have a little more laughter in our lives to kind of even out the balance, if only for a short 30 minute sitcom that relieves the pressure of everyday life.
    This show should be brought back because it was hilariously funny, we could relate to it easily and it gave us a reason to find the funny side of a situation, because it could always be worse or you could have more kids than you do already to deal with.

  • This show is a class act!!!! why the hell has it ended it made me laugh so much please someone read this AND BRING IT BACK!!!!

    This show kinda reminded me of my own family life coming from a big family and all. However this family is funny. I ran home from school to maek sur i didnt miss an episode thats how good it is. and an actor to watch is patton hes a funny kind. watch this show!!!
  • Great show, Original idea with the quintuplets plot. Was a new adventure every week.

    I really wish they would not have cancelled this sho w as quickly as they did. In my opinion, this was a great show. Having quintuplet's in a sitcom was an original idea. The acting and humor were both there, so why cancel the show Fox? I would really like to see this show be brought back!
  • Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!

    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
    Bring it back please, I love and miss this show!
  • i love this how why did it get cancelled i mean it was great for teens and adults and it was funny it was great who got rid of it?!?

    plz bring it back one of my fav shows..it was great it was funny and oringinal i like the fact that each of the kids were different in everyway.. one thought he was cool..one just wanted a girl...one was a nice funny guy..one was a popular girl..one was a girl that followed her own rules but still they were great together ..plz bring this how back:)
  • hello, where did quintuplets go?????

    This show is very good, it is almost as good as the oc, lol, kinda. I love the show and i think it got cancelled, i dont know, it hasnt been on for a while now. but overall this is a very good show and everyone should see it sometime.
  • What Idiot decided to cancel this GREAT SHOW

    I have to say whatever loose screw decided to cancell this show made one of the biggest mistakes in TV history and should be fired out of a cannon from the moon. This show is way too funny for me to handle and i can watch the same episodes over and over and over again and still enjoy the episode. It has such a wide audience for adults and teens, with all the charaters and the different quints its one of the top shows ever BRING IT BACK.
  • Cant beleive it has been cancelled!

    This show is very funny I am watching it in the UK right now and I cant beleive it has been cancelled! It has a great cast no matter what some people might say! You have Bob and Carol struggling with bringing up 5 teenage children as I am sure anyone would, then you have Parker the calssic jock and hit with the girls, Pearce the different one in the family but very funny, Penny the hateful one that is nothing like her popular, happy sister Paige. And then you have Patton who is small and horny with an awesome catchphrase!
    I watch this show everyday and I cant beleive it's not sticking around for another series, what were they thinking?!
  • Married With Children, mixed with Grounded For Life. Pretty Funny :P

    I know its not exactly top of the line comedy, but i do think it could have lasted a couple more seasons, not that i think they should go to the effort of bringing it back, now that it has gone.
    It was strange, they would have completley original funny episodes, and a lot of funny jokes in it too, but then, there would be episodes and parts of episodes that have been done a million times, it was sort of like.... 'Grounded For Life' mixed with 'Married... with children', think about how much 'Patton' is like 'Bud Bundy', It was a very enjoyable show, and i think given a little more time it could have improved, but it just drives me crazy knowing that this DECENT show got cancelled, when crappy teen dramas like 'Hang Time' or 'USA High' lasted ages, and burnt out WB rubbish like 'What I Like About You' is still going, If your stuck for something to do, watch 'Quintuplets', if your lucky enough to live somewhere its still played that is... Oh... The theme tune kicks ass too...
  • Cool show!

    I love this show and think it's so cool! I was so upset to hear that it had been cancelled! I'm from the uk and I haven't seen all of the episodes. It's so unfair, why do they always have to cancel the good shows they could at least give them a chance!
  • This show never should have been cancelled, because it attracted to many types of audiences in both teens and adults.

    Poor, poor Andy Richter. FOX must not love him that much. He has had two quality shows for the network, yet they cancel both of them. Quintuplets, Andy's latest failure with the network, is about a family who has quintuplets. Now that they are teenagers, you cannot expect funny stuff to happen.

    The Chase family consists of seven people: Carol (the mom), Bob (the dad), Patton (the short horny kid), Page (the hot-blonde bimbo), Pearce (the son who should be in a mental hospital), Penny (the girl everybody hates except her gay boyfriend), and Parker (the jock).

    As we all know, the FOX network always takes chances on shows that most likely will flop. Quintuplets surprised many with its quality and made it through a whole season. I found the show very funny with how each quintuplet has their own personality that makes them funny. Even Penny, the girl who is always angry, can be funny at times.

    This show had great potential. Some of the actors/actresses have been in popular movies and/or TV showsand are very funny, especially Ryan Pinkston as Patton. He is always trying to get the hot girls, all of which are taller than him. It does work sometimes, since they think he is so cute due to his small size. Pearce is also very funny, since he is portrayed as an idiot, but can make very intelligent points at times.

    If FOX made the decision to release this on DVD, I would go out and buy it as soon as I could. Quintuplets could have been an incredibly successful show if it was just given the chance. If you somehow find a way to watch this show, you should. It may have some sexual references and language, but many people can enjoy this show.
  • The funniest show since My Wife and Kids!

    Bob and Carol Chase have 5 teenage children, with a twist... they're quints!

    Theres Parker (buff!!), Patton (short but cute!!), Pierce (weird but hilarious!!), Penny (i hate her character!!) and Paige (too pretty for words!!) and together they wind up their parents, fight and have a laugh.

    If u love a comedy... and i mean really love a comedy then Quintuplets is definately a show not to miss.

    Love Hollie xoxox Teen Titans rok
  • I love this show!

    Penny is so mean to Paige that its funny. Paige is like the blonde bimbo which is just funny on its own.Pearce and Patton are so funny.Thereis no reason why they should have taken this show off the air, even though it is off the air, it will always be my favorite show. I think they should bring the show back......
  • I love quintuplets.Patton is soo cute with his catchfrase\'you likey?\'.I really likey.Penny is just so bitter towards self-centered paige its just jokes.I don\'t think parker is hot but he is as funny as the wierd one....Pearce.The dad is a jack-ass in a

    Here in the u.k quintuplets has just started but i\'m already loving the show.Iam ,however,dissappointed to hear it has been canceled so i can\'t ever see the new series.That i think is the biggest mistake EVER.how can u pull the plug on such a funny t.v show. I was in fits of giggels when Patton joined the cheerleading squad in a bid to get a girlfriend and when Penny caught the flu and every one was slowly put in quarantine.It was funny.I hope this show get revived and brought back its one of my favorites along side A cartoon called the outlaw star which was sadly also canceled after one freackin\' series.
  • Genius

    I love this show! Its just started over here in the UK so we're only 3 episodes in but i'm in love with it! Pearce is hilarious because he is so different to everyone else, Penny is so mean to Paige that its funny. Paige is like the blonde bimbo which is just funny on its own. Parker is just hot! Patton is funny cos he has his catchphrase 'You likey?'.
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