Season 1 Episode 7

Swing, Swing, Swing

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jul 28, 2004 on FOX
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Swing, Swing, Swing
When Pearce takes Penny's date away she's horrified and mad. Paige decides she wants to be homecoming queen but Bob's lack of money and support ends up making her look like a freak. Meanwhile Patton can't get a date so he lies to a porn star to get her to be his date. And Parker is bullied into taking the toughest girl in school while he still has a date with a girl he likes.moreless

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    • Gina: Did my brother just threaten you to ask me to the dance?
      Parker: Actually, he did...
      Gina: Good. Pick me up at 7.

    • Pearce: (to Penny) If you knew how to dance maybe you could hang on to your men!
      Bob: Looks like I'm gonna get drunk this homecoming too.

    • Catherine: Can I talk to you for a second?
      (Pulls Carol to the side of the living room)
      Carol: Yes Ms. Juggs.

    • Pearce: Your taki annie was more taki then annie!
      Matt: Well your caroline shim shim was more like a caroline flim flam!

    • Gino (to Parker): Ask Gina now, or I'm gonna (points to Patton) shove him, up you.
      Patton: What did I do, bitch.
      (Gino pushes Patton into a locker.)

    • Carol: I will not allow my son to go out with that adult film star.
      Bob: What makes you think she's an adult film star?
      Carol: Who do you think arranges your sock drawer?

    • Carol: Bob, I was thinking about...throwing the kids a little pre-homecoming party, cause it's part of the whole experience...not that I would know.
      Bob: For the four-hundredth time...I'm sorry, I was sick that night.
      Carol: Because you went to Atlantic City with your friends and got so drunk, you were too hung-over to go to the formal.
      Bob: Get your facts straight...I was not hung-over, I was still drunk.

    • Parker: Let me see already..!
      Patton: This is so embarrassing.
      Parker: What's so embarrassing about it.
      Patton: It fits perfectly.
      Parker: So uh...who are you planning on asking to go with you...Goldilocks...
      Patton: No, tomorrow I'm asking...Abby, Amy, Anna-Beth, and Ashley.
      Parker: Wait, you going through all the hot girls in school alphabetically.
      Patton: I gotsta get a hottie to go with me, and somewhere along the line I lost my status as a stud.

    • Carol: Parker, look how handsome you are.
      Bob: And the best part is...it's free. All he has to do is wear it to school everyday until the dance and say...
      Parker: Terry's Tux's are fan-tuxtic.
      Patton: You're not gonna make me wear one of those walking billboards too are you?
      Bob: Of course not, on the way home we passed a church fair and..well you know how I'm so good a whack-a-mole...ha ha
      Patton: You're freakin kidding me right...you expect me to wear a stuffed bear's clothes?
      Carol: Well, it's not like it's the first time...remember that little yellow hat and rain coat we got you last year..?

    • Pearce: Mom, I love ya...but you dance like a drunken penguin.

    • Bob: Parker and Carrie ended up being Homecoming King and Queen runner-ups. Homecoming King and Queen ended up being Matt and Pearce. Penny and dead Pearce head was Zombie Homecoming King and Queen runner-ups. Zombie Homecoming King and Queen ended up being Paige and Tyler.(Paige's hair looked bad and Tyler was bloodied because he fell in thorns, and got hit in the face with a door twice. Patton went with Catherine and from that day on every girl in school knew him as "The creepy little kid that went to the homecoming with an adult film star".

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