Season 1 Episode 15

Teacher's Pet

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 2004 on FOX
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Teacher's Pet
Patton wants the attention of Ms. Foley, his English teacher, so, he pretends to be bad at English even though, it's his best subject. Unfortunately, Parker's basketball coach also wants the attention of Ms. Foley. When Patton gets in the way of Coach's attempts to woo Foley, he takes it out on the basketball team. The teacher fiascos continue when Paige converts Penny's favorite teacher from dull to ditz. Meanwhile, Pearce helps Bob write Pearce's English essay.moreless

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  • Pearce helps his dad write Pearce's papger. Paige makes Penny's favorite teacher "hot". And Patton takes his crush for his teacher a little too far.

    This is such a fun and silly episode. It really made me laugh a lot. Patton (Ryan Pinkston) is so funny. And so is Pearce (Johnny Lewis...yummy). And finally I feel like the girls, Paige (Sarah Wrigh and Penny (April Matson) had some fun and silly stuff to play with. Mostly the boys get the comedy on this show and it was really nice to see the girls get some comedy. They were really good at it. Maybe if they gave these talented actresses more the show would still be airing.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • While in Ms Foley's (played by Tara Reid) apartment, Patton used a combination of electrical goods to "black out" his teacher's apartment. However, if he really blacked out her apartment, how was it possible for the "make-out music" (as quoted by Parker's basketball coach) to be still playing.

      Also, although, she was meant to be a bit of a ditz, shouldn't Ms Foley have realised that the power wasn't blacked out when the lights were still on in the hallway when the coach was standing there?

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Patton: I'm here for tutoring.
      Ms. Foley: Tutoring isn't until tomorrow.
      Coach: Yeah, so you can run along. You don't want to leave your little pot of gold unattended.
      Patton: It's okay. I don't have to learn. I guess I'll try smoking.
      Coach: Here ya go!
      (Coach throws Patton a carton)
      Coach: You smoke out of the orange side.

    • Bob: I know what to do! We'll buy a paper! Who are the kids in your class who take drugs because, they're usually the ones who sell the papers!
      Pearce: I don't know who sells drugs!
      Bob(imitating): I don't know who sells drugs!

    • Ms. Kilcoyne: I'm such a ditz!!!!!

    • Ms. Foley: And, Steve, I'll be deleting that picture you took of my butt.

    • (Patton spills juice on his shirt)
      Patton: Ohh! Cranberry juice on the shirt my grandfather gave me right before he died!!!

    • Patton: But what about that student I heard you made out with!
      Mrs Foley: I was giving him mouth to mouth because, he passed out!
      Patton: I feel light-headed. Is the room spinning?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Bob mentioned that he went to a school called "College University." College University is the name of a cartoon series on the Internet.


    • Coach (to Patton): Yeah, so you can run along. You don't want to leave your little pot of gold unattended.

      I think that this line refers to the fact that Patton is short and reminds the coach of a leprechaun because of his size.

    • Quintuplets Board: Get Smart
      On the Quint "To-Do-List-Type" board, it says "Get Smart" under Paige. This is a reference to the 1960s television series.

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