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  • Why is this idiot on the air

    Stephen A. Smith (I can tell you what the A stands for because he is a horses one) is supposed to talk sports but his lack of knowledge prohibits that so all he does is try to stir up controversy by throwing unfounded and untrue comments out there. It is very irresponsible. Notice how this week he is all about hating the Cowboys and stirring up controversy by saying Monday they will lose in first round and today his comments about the roster falling apart? I realize the picking to lose is his opinion and he is entitled to it but does he really believe it or is he just trying to stir up what controversy from what he knows is a big fan base? His comments today are completely irresponsible. How does he take one guy making bad choices and getting punished for it and make it into the entire roster will be changed soon? Hey "A" get a life and get a grip Do some research and report some real sports facts and stories would you instead of being a middle school adolescent and making your day's mission stirring up dram?
  • The only thing this guy talks about is race.

    I would like to talk about Stephen A. Smith. The only thing this guy talks about is race. I want sports analysis not someone's racist opinions about how all people are against African Americans. The 60's are over build him a time machine and send him back. Racism still exists but no where near what this guy thinks of them. Most fans could care less about race; and by keeping this guy around you are promoting the idea that we are all ignorant peons that need social training on behavior to not be influenced by color to make our decisions. Treat us like somewhat reasonable and intelligent people, please. Steven thinks this Bonds thing is just about race just as everything else. Yes I agree that there are discriminations going on constantly around the world in every walk of life, but in the world of sports race diminishes because of the fans love of their team. When illegal activity happens no one likes to see their heroes go down no matter the race. But when there is a problem with an athlete all eyes will be focused on them what ever color they are because they are in our view; and just because the number of people involved are of African American decent doesn't matter, at this point the American people like to wonder, ponder, and poke into any celebrities life. Bonds is a victim of his success because he broke "the record" if anyone white, Hispanic, oriental, or black would have broke that record of most home runs they would have felt the weight of the world if implicated in steroids. Now with this Sean Taylor shooting I'm sure Steven Smith will find a way to implicate race into that as well. It is a conspiracy by whitey. The 60's are over build him a time machine and send him back so he can join the Black Power movement. We watch sports programs for analysis not someone's racist opinions about how the whole world is against African Americans.
  • The racial discrimination on Television these days. The african american population gets on tv and gets to say what they feel about white poeple. We are now in a generation of equal oppurtunity.

    This is for Stephen A. Smith. I was watching Sports Center
    this morning, when I heard something ignorant and racist come out of your mouth. To say the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin to give the african american race a shot at coaching is ignorant. And to say that those positions are usually reserved for white men with the credentials. You are so wrong my friend. Look at the Super Bowl, not just because they are african americans coaches, but because they are two excellent coaches, this is why they are there, and may the best coach win! You hire the ones who can get the job done. We are now in a generation were race does not matter, but only to you. Everyone jumps off the wall when Rush Limbaugh makes a comment about Donovan McNabb, so I think the same thing needs to happen to you, (Stephen A. Smith). Personally your show needs to be canceled and for you to go back to writing for the Philidelphia 76ers. Denying this statement is unquestionable, because you said it on live TV.
    If I was to say this, but the other way around, I probably would be killed or in jail. Get over your ego, because you are not the only successful african american on TV. Look again, there thousands, maybe more. You have insulted the white population of Television and they need an apology. Do not take away Mike Tomlins credentials because he is african american, because you made it sound like he is getting a charity ride.
  • Unfortunately the program has had racist undertones over the past few weeks.

    I hate to give this show a bad grade, due to my previous respect for its host, Mr. Smith. For the past year and a half my daily routine has included tuning in to watch Quite Frankly. I especially enjoy the Back Page Panel segment. It has been obvious that Mr. Smith has always searched for opinions from leaders in the African American community. I have even commented to my wife, how much I respect him for his passive stand against racism in the media. From black professors and journalists to black athletes, almost all have had insightful and interesting opinions. A week or two ago an episode included Stephen A. Smith stating numerous times how racist the media and the average person are toward African Americans. His point was not wrong or out of context, just unnecesary. I felt that his previous strategy for righting the wrongs of racism was more effective. That is just a matter of opinion, and although dissapointed I continued to watch and enjoy the show. However, the program that ran on January 8th is an entirely different matter. The debate began about the political legacy of Muhammed Ali, and then spun off to a debate about the Nation of Islam and other radical Black right's groups. One of the guests stated that the Nation of Islam stood for white genocide and was as racist as the society they were fighting against. He concluded that in order to defeat racism you cannot fight fire with fire but must use passive peaceful methods, as Dr. King used. Mr. Smith angrily said you must fight fire with fire and then enticed the other black guests to back him up. I cannot believe that he was meaning to support the methods used by the Nation of Islam but he definately made it sound that way. Later in the show he also insinuated that Dr. Martin Luther King was innefective due to his peaceful methods. Not only were his comments ridiculous and uncalled for, they were completely uninformed and ignorant; a word I have never before found to apply to Mr. Smith. Throughout history great men such as Gandhi and Dr. King have found the only productive way to defeat racism and hate is to resist peacefully. This method not only draws support from your own communtiy but from the opposite side as well, which is the key to success. While one will never agree completely with the totality of another's viewpoints, the host of a television program must be able to maintain some degree of impartiality on a topic of such volatility. I am afraid that many a young black man who admire Mr. Smith will take his comments and run with them to a place that can only end in tragedy and heartache. Unfortunately, they may have the same effect on young white men, whom he has undoubtedly angered. While I will never be able to watch the show again, I do hope that Mr. Smith will realize his mistake and once again have the positive impact he is capable of.
  • Very dissappointed in the comments made by Judge

    Why the heck would a Judge use the name SLAVERY!!! I was watching your show and the reference of slavery came associated to and with Sheffied?? This guy has been nothing but pompus since his inception into the league! How do we find a way to protect his personal actions when he is just plain selfish no matter what his color!!!! Give me a break!! Slavery and making 13 mil - No comparison!!!
  • "Remember, this is my house, but you're welcome any time."

    The show can be informative mainly in the things we get to learn about the guests which are athletes, celebrities, even politicians like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Wayne Gretzky, Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman, and Jerry Bruckheimer. It can be entertaining but at times Stephen may speak his mind a little too much. His loud tone expressed during debates has earned him the nickname "Screamin' A. Smith" which fits just right. I do like the fact that the audience can get involved and ask him questions at the end of the show but I would like it if there was more of it.
  • Please drop the racist show Quite Frankly

    Had the displeasure of clicking onto ESPN2 (I believe) last night and Quite Frankly was on,it has to be one of the most Racist shows on TV today, judging by last nights episode with one of the Two Poverty Pimps, Rev Al Sharpton) as a guest (a guest of what), the other being (Rev Jesse Jackson), has Stephen or the producers gone out of their minds??? Do they really think America has forgotten Tawana Brawley (No crime occured)??? These two pimps only show up when it seems like a white on black crime has occured, which only happens 25% of the time but Black on White crimes happen the other 75%, facts are facts. So the show talks about nothing but poor blacks being persecuted,rich blacks at that, other than the ho at Duke, the truth will set the white boys free.I just wish you had an email address for Stephen and the show. I\\\'d like to tell him what I and 90% of white America feels about sports being taken over by blacks, it seems for some unknown reason white America QUIT playing basketball, football, quit boxing, quit running in Track & Field.FREE college and guaranteed passing grades if black students play sports for the college, never have to study, even some colleges changed their curriculum to allow black players to stay in their school, courses like Valet Parking, Race Relations (what a joke), Sports Apparel Management , Bowling & Pool Shooting etc etc,this I can prove.Quite Frankly should air shows about all the Black on White crime, and how 75% of NBA players are thugs and have some sort of criminal background. Hers how I\\\'d get rid of the NBA. First 55% of NBA coached are Black, 95% of the players are Black, 3% are white Europeans.1% are white and the final 1% had White Mamas so they\\\'re half black. Now the important thing is that White Fans make up 99% of attendence at NBA games, so to make the NBA go away Whites need to STOP going to games and the sport will fade away in less than 30 days. I could go on forever but since I don\\\'t believe anyone will read this or Answer it, I\\\'ll stop at least have the balls to acknowledge receipt of this and pass it on to MR Smith . Hope the show folds after this season. James at cuzinmex@hotmail.com
  • I don't watch Smith cause I love sports. I watch cause I love good talk television. This is absolutely refreshing. Smith knows the wisdom of the adage: "Just be yourself." He's the best new thing to happen in national broadcasting. This is genius.

    Stephen Smith is a guy who totally enjoys being himself. Reminds me of Tom Snyder. I mean that in a good way. Yeah, he'll get parodied. Hope he takes it as a compliment. Means he's an original who'll take the risk of totally putting himself right out there. Of course, unlike Snyder, Smith knows how to listen.
    Smith has the sense to know that talking sports should not sound like discussing the commodies markets. You don't have to be a sports statistics nerd to follow this show. He makes it warm, human, funny. This is an idea whose time has come - and none too soon. It makes sports accessible to a viewer like me. I don't follow sport closely. But I'm getting more conversant with those who do. Thanks to faithfully watching "Quite Frankly."
  • Good show and interesting guests. A hosts well versed in the sports game, You may be, but your communication skills need improvement, uncouth, no tact, but have one thing going for you - Mr. Smith you sir are very loud, does this help in getting your poi

    Mr. Smith,

    I have been watching your show for some time. A very good show and interesting guest. The problem I have is not the show but you. Your communication skills, debating skills or lack there of needs much improvement. Your guest makes the show interesting because of who they are, not you. You are loud, racist (Greek food being bad, you could have handled that a bit different), and believe it or not your educational/knowledge on when to react or not needs help. Your communication skills are up there with Magic Johnson . The only positive things about you is that you are LOUD. If that is good or not, Iam not sure.
    Think before you speak, great show/guest.
  • I\'m Debby from L.A, a huge Basketball fan. I hated sports & sports talk shows all of my life until I heard YOU & SAW KOBE BRYANT! I admire your DIRECT HONESTY. As for Kobe, anyone that can\'t view and admit his talent, obviously DOES NOT LIKE BASKETBALL!

    I would like to let Steven A. Smith know that people in the white, latin and black communities in pasadena, OC and L.A think he is great!

    Kobe Bryant we\'d like to bless him for his talent, holding his head high and getting through everyday, his talent is a pleasure!
  • I absolutely adore the show and only came on line to get info about it because I want to find a way to catch episodes that I miss. However, when I saw the negative reviews, I felt compelled to express my strong support.

    “Quite Frankly” is a welcome departure from the boring ‘politically correct’ commentary usually seen on sports talk shows.

    “Quite Frankly” provides a shining example of why the “reality” programming genre has become tremendously popular in recent years.

    The host of “Quite Frankly”, Stephen A. Smith, does not let his guests get away with sugar-coated responses that avoid the real questions. He says how he really feels and insists that his guests do the same. This results in rare candor and honesty from sports figures who would ordinarily never express controversial points of view. The public gets to see the real personality and understand the real feelings of the guests, instead of the carefully crafted, counterfeit public image they would otherwise try to project.

    “Quite Frankly” offers candid commentary from popular but rarely heard-from celebrities on interesting but rarely discussed issues. Even when the guests are frequently heard-from celebrities, they are more open and honest when they appear on “Quite Frankly”.

    Of course, the bluntness and straighforwardness sometimes causes alienation, and sometimes goes a bit too far. But what I really like is Stephen is a big enough man to admit it when he has made a mistake.

    “Quite Frankly” is a perfect blend of reality TV and sports talk, and I will remain a devoted fan for as long as it reamins on the air, which I hope is a very long time.

  • Quite Frankly appears 30mins. after PTI on ESPN2.

    This man is off the chains. He tells it like it is. The show is extremely informative and entertaining. When was the last time we've seen Shaq or Iverson in a complete, no holds barred interview. Nice. Even if you dislike the host, I believe you would still enjoy the show.
  • Stephen A. Smith is probably one of the best NBA analysts and well I was pretty happy that he got a show. The dude is hysterical, I love everytime he says "Rasho Nestrovic." The show isn't what I thought it was but still it is pretty interesting. Good spo

    Stephen A. Smith has been one of the best and most entertaining basketball analyst in the last 5 or 6 years. With his deadpan expression and his ability to make the game interesting. When I started seeing the promos for the show, I thought it would be like Letterman, Leno or Conan, where Stephen A. Smith makes fun of people and interviews athletes. Well I was sort of correct, in the show Stephen A. Smith briefly talks about what's going on in the world of sports then interviews an athlete, for the rest of the show. It's pretty entertaining, I thought it was a bad idea when I saw the first show with Allen Iverson. However Stephen A. Smith got better and better, and I was happier that he brought his humor to the show. Now I'm addicted, my favorite part is when the audience asks questions. Good show, I just wish Stephen A. Smith could get a chance to make more jokes.
  • Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, which currently appears every weekday on ESPN2, features, lets just say, the very unique Stephen A. Smith of the Philadephia Inquirer and ESPN.

    Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, which currently appears every weekday on ESPN2, features, lets just say, the very unique Stephen A. Smith of the Philadephia Inquirer and ESPN.

    Coming from NBA Shootout, guest hosting duties on Pardon the Interruption, Cold Pizza, and "Old School/New School", Smith brings his unique character and ranting abilities to this new show. Great guest appearances on the show, and the opinion of Stephen A. Smith, make this show worth watching. Every weekday on ESPN2, if you want to get your daily dose of sports news and opinions, this is teh show for you to watch!