Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith

ESPN2 (ended 2007)


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  • The racial discrimination on Television these days. The african american population gets on tv and gets to say what they feel about white poeple. We are now in a generation of equal oppurtunity.

    This is for Stephen A. Smith. I was watching Sports Center
    this morning, when I heard something ignorant and racist come out of your mouth. To say the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin to give the african american race a shot at coaching is ignorant. And to say that those positions are usually reserved for white men with the credentials. You are so wrong my friend. Look at the Super Bowl, not just because they are african americans coaches, but because they are two excellent coaches, this is why they are there, and may the best coach win! You hire the ones who can get the job done. We are now in a generation were race does not matter, but only to you. Everyone jumps off the wall when Rush Limbaugh makes a comment about Donovan McNabb, so I think the same thing needs to happen to you, (Stephen A. Smith). Personally your show needs to be canceled and for you to go back to writing for the Philidelphia 76ers. Denying this statement is unquestionable, because you said it on live TV.
    If I was to say this, but the other way around, I probably would be killed or in jail. Get over your ego, because you are not the only successful african american on TV. Look again, there thousands, maybe more. You have insulted the white population of Television and they need an apology. Do not take away Mike Tomlins credentials because he is african american, because you made it sound like he is getting a charity ride.