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R U The Girl With T-Boz & Chilli

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UPN's cameras will follow every step of the way as T-Boz and Chilli, the two remaining members of TLC, one of the biggest-selling female groups of all time, embark on an exciting journey to discover one lucky and talented female performer who will join them in an upcoming concert and record with them in the studio. But don't get it twisted they're not really a member. For eight weeks, UPN will be there as T-Boz and Chilli put the aspiring performers through a rigorous series of challenges where they will be testing , judging and eliminating the potential artists to find the one who might just be the perfect fit, in UPN's new reality series R U The Girl With T-Boz And Chilli.

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  • I love this show because T-boz and Chilli were in the spot light again.They round up all the girls they choose to performed for them.And a lot of the girls didn't bring the heat.I think T-boz and Chilli was a little bit disappointed.They didn't sing rightmoreless

    A lot of the girls was square they tought they were better then other girls in the house.Some of them were bossy.They was blunt and they didn't care about the other girl feeling.Aju disrespect Mia.Telling her how to sing.Aju tought she was going to win.So it went to her head.T-boz and Chilli already said that they have to respect the other girl.If they didn't then that's not the girl they're looking for.Chilli had fun because she got to be a kid again.T-boz also had fun.She got to be a kid again.I enjoy the show.It gave me a chance to wmoreless
  • This show is way better than it first appears to be. R U the one who will cut it with T-Boz and Chili...??? Humm... We'll see

    When I first heard of it I was not exited at all....

    Why would T and Chili replace our beloved Left eye?? It didn't make sense at all! She tragicly left the group, yes, but she was one of a kind.

    I still thought to myself that I would gave this show a try in memmory of Left eye.... And I truly loved it. That show wasn't about founding a new third member but only someone to perform on their new single and to go in tour with them.

    It actually did great and I'm glad that O'so Krispie was the winner.moreless
  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures.

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live R U The Girl With T-Boz & Chilli. You have one more (secret) supporter here!
  • Love it. The Show will make u fall in love with T-boz & Chilli all over again.

    I Love the show. The Best part of the show wasn't the compietion or watching the girls sing, it's watching T-Boz & Chilli. They need to have their own reality show. Their so funny. I Can't wait for them to make more music together or seperate, but weather it's through TV or music, they need to come back.
  • this show is b-a-n-a-n-a-s

    ay this show light weight crack!!

    i mean this show is straight up BANANAS

    plus its good to see the girls back in action even though their missing one. but left eye wouldve wanted them to keep doing what they love the most anyways. so yeah this show is hot and it got my vote mostly cause im bout to be up there someday and i dont descriminate against nobody dats up there doing what i wanna do or tryna get to the same place as me cause when it all comes down to it everybody still gettin paid. ju feel??!!

    aiiight then!

    im out, 1................moreless
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