R U The Girl With T-Boz & Chilli

Season 1 Episode 5

Whoop De Whoo , It's Girl Talk

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 24, 2005 on UPN

Episode Recap

T-Boz & Chilli split the remaining six performers into two groups, and ask them to choreograph an original dance to be performed at a hot Atlanta night club the following evening. But when they observe the two different routines, it's clear that Arielle, the 24-year-old substitute teacher and choreographer from Miramar, Florida, and Crystal, the 24-year-old teacher from Arlington, Texas, can't cut it, and they're eliminated from the competition. Arielle's performance with her new group of Alju and Mirrah doesn't overwhelm T-Boz & Chilli. They are disappointed in Arielle's choreography skills and feel she is out of her element during the dance. They know she would be better suited to choreograph her own dances as opposed to working alongside them, so she is the first asked to leave. Though Crystal is lucky enough to survive elimination from the previous challenge, things only get worse after she's paired with two new girls, Meah and O'so Krispie. T-Boz & Chilli think Crystal gets lost in the dance during the performance, and that she doesn't give it her all. They also aren't thrilled with her suggestion of using a kick-line in the routine, so as a result, they send her home.