Rabbids Invasion

Season 1 Episode 1

Omelet Party / Rabbid Mollusk / Rabbid, Are You There?

Aired Saturday Aug 03, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Rabbids stumble across a farm become fascinated with the chickens' ability to lay eggs. The Rabbids play with starfish and an octopus while disrupting an old man's attempt to window clean.
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  • A funny Pilot

    I enjoyed the first episode. I'll admit I wasn't sure if the show would be good, because a lot of video game based shows don't do too well, but I gave it a chance, and ended up giving out a few chuckles. The first skit was the best, where they mess around on a chicken farm, and become convinced that a little hand gesture causes chickens to lay eggs. The ending was funny, but messed up, where they get scared off by the rooster of the farm, and move onto the cow farm next, they stand behind the cow, and do the hand gesture to try and make it lay an egg, only to instead show a close up of a Rabbid, gaining a frown, and screaming in fear as the Cow makes a fart noise. The 2nd skit had some funny moments, where the Rabbids were using starfish as body decorations, while an old man keeps getting nagged by his wife to wash their shack's windows. The Rabbids keep making the old man's job endless, because they end up losing their starfish throughout the episode, which ends up splatting against the shack window, and leaving a slimy mess of scum. One of the Rabbids finds an octopus and wears it as a hat, to make the others jealous. The Rabbids fun ends when the octopus starts beating him up, along with the other Rabbids, as they try and help get it off of their Rabbid friend. The final skit has to do with the Rabbids following a burglar as he breaks into a building. They are interested in a toilet plunder tool he has, that looks more impressive than the one they have, as they end up bothering the burglar, their noises, and actions end up spooking a con artist fortune teller in the building next to them. It's funny how the fortune teller is starting to get scared, while his customers, are actually believing they are communicating with spirits from another world.moreless

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