Race to the Altar

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • One step above a dating show the couples are already together. They battle each other to win a dream wedding.

    Totally silly reality series - except that the couples are already together and isn\\\'t a horrible dating show. Some of the stunts shown were above average - being hung and swung from a harness above a parking lot to put gold rings on a stick is pretty scary.
    I would have rather seen any other couple win the dream wedding but the finale was beautiful. Eventho Colin Cowie is annoying with his silly comment about how much the wedding cost \\\"cha ching\\\" is a totally affected answer.
  • A really bad reality show.

    This show must have been made for the sake of collecting sponsorship money. This show is a very very bad idea. I can't stand 10 minutes of this show. The plot is so uninteresting, i don't get it, what am I suppose to see in this dumb show. I hope the people who participated on this show got paid something, it's not a very good show to appear in without getting paid any for it. this premise of this show is so ridiculous, I wonder who would watch this show. It's a bad concept, it's just awful, just awful. Yuck.