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Racket Squad

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Captain John Braddock worked in the racket squad of a large metropolitan police department. He did not deal with crimes of violence but instead sought to protect the public from the various confidence rackets that were a more direct threat to them than outright robbery. The series was based on actual case records from the police departments aaround the country and described in detail the means by which shady characters fleeced unsuspecting people of their money. Racket Squad had been seen in syndication in 1950 before CBS decided to give the series network exposure. Racket Squad ran for 3 seasons on CBS from June of 1951 thru September of 1953. Racket Squad aired 98 30 minute episodes.
Captian John Braddock would open each episode with this same short introduction.
What you are about to see is a real-life story, taken from the files of the police racket and bunco squads, business protective associations and similar sources around the country. It is intended to expose the confidence game-the carfully worked out fraudes by which confidence men take more money each year from the American public then all the bank robbers and thugs with their violence.
After each episode Captain John Braddock would return and give us the same epilogue each week.
I'm closing this case now-or rather, the courts will- but there'll be others, because that's the way the world is built. There are people who will slap you on the back with one hand and pick your pocket with the other. And it could happen to you.moreless