Rad Girls - Season 1

MavTV Premiered Apr 24, 2007 In Season


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  • Best of (2)
    Best of (2)
    Episode 10
    Burrito Roulette; May I Fart in your Mouth?; Staircase Slide; No Bathroom Break
  • Best of (1)
    Best of (1)
    Episode 9
    Wax the Beaver; Bridal Boxing; Wheel of Puke; Old Man Make Out; Cream of Corn Run
  • Hot Sauce Bath; Belly Flop Contest; Rad Tattoo; Wasabi Facemask
    "Rad Girls Theme" music video by The Hazzards; Clementine takes a bath in hot sauce, then a shower in milk; Ramona, Munchie, and Clementine do belly flops off of a diving board and get judged 1 to 10 on their performance by 3 judes; Mallick and Clementine get matching "Rad Girls" tatoos; "Senior Spring Break" music video by The Hazzards; The Rad Girls use wasabi as facemask and see that it hurts. Later they cover their faces with chocolate pudding and blow on it with leaf blowers.moreless
  • Rad Girls vs. Supermodels; Marco Polo; Human Bouquet; Blow Me
    The Rad Girls do multiple tasks against models to see who is better. Featuring a song by the Hazzards; The girls play a game of marco polo throughout the town and it's stores; The girls make themselves into a giant bouquet of 120 roses with extra long thorns; Munchie and Ramona use hair dryers to blow on eachother and see who will pull back first from the burn.moreless
  • Preggers Strip Party; Rad Girls Anti-Smoking Campagin; Burrito Roulette; Old Man Make Out
    The Rad Girls try to freak out a male stripper by trying to convince him to marry Clementine; The girls go out and spray fire hydrants and pour water on people on the street's cigarettes; The girls put their pubic hair in a burrito and one will have to eat it; Munchie and Clementine make out with old men.moreless
  • Staircase Slide; Bovine Bistro; Meat Bikini; Cream of Corn Run; Pop Snorting; Dutch Oven
    The Rad Girls slide down the stairs on surfboards, in sleeping bags, and in tubs; Ramona makes Munchie and Darling a bull ball and camel penis meal; Darling walks around in a bikini made of meat; Munchie runs while covering herself with creamed corn; Darling and Munchie snort pop up their nose; The girls get people from the street to lay in bed with them under the covers while they fart.moreless
  • Super Yeast Infection; X-Rated Mimes; Tumble Dry; Lube Luge; Pizza Porn; Show Me Your Junk
    It's Rad Girls Action News with Dee Clementino! Darling interviews people on the street while itching her pubes. She then reveals her hand covered in yeast; The girls do extremely inappropriate things while dressed as mimes; The girls ride in a dryer at the dry cleaners; The Rad Girls dress as sperm while they slide on lube into a sex doll's vagina; The girls go on set of a porn tape. They call the pizza guy and try and get him to join; Munchie asks guys to show her their package.moreless
  • Bridal Boxing; Nipple Slip News; Los Luchadores; Guess My Lunch; No Bathroom Break
    Munchie and Ramona go boxing in wedding dresses; It's Rad Girls Action News with Dee Clementino! Darling interviews people on the street while her nipple is exposed; Munchie and Ramona wrestle against Andrew in mud with Darling reffing; Munchie has people burp in her mouth and guesses what they ate by the smell; The Rad Girls have a pissing contest and see who can get the fullest bucket of pee, later adding puke and poop.moreless
  • Fart In Mouth; Fat Guy Sushi; Stripper Auditions; Crane Wedgies; Turd Batting Cages; Hot Sauce Shots; The Cyst
    Ramona asks people from the street if she can fart in their mouth;The Rad Girls eat sushi off of a fat guys body parts; Ramona and Darling audition to be stip club strippers. In the process they dance terribly; The Rad Girls attach their underwear to a crane while the crane lifts them off the ground giving them huge wedgies; The girls hit elephant, dog, and horse turds at the batting cages; The girls take shots of hot sauce that a ping pong ball lands in; Darling or "Nurse Clementine" stabs a needle into Munchie's cyst.moreless
  • Rad Serves; Wax the Beaver; Palms Thai Restaurant; Smellevator; Wheel of Puke
    Darling serves tennis balls to Munchie and Ramona's butts; Ramona waxes her pubic hair with a car; Ramona covers herself with water and flops on the ground like a fish, while making dolphin noises; The girls fart in an elevator with numerous strangers in it; The Rad Gilrs spin a wheel with multiple foods and eat the one it lands on until puking.moreless
  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the Scenes
    Episode 1
    Get to know the Rad Girls better! Go behind the scenes and see clips of "Hot Sauce Shots" and "Stripper Auditions".
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