Radar Men From the Moon

Comedy Central (ended 1990)




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Radar Men From the Moon

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Radar Men From The Moon is a classic sci-fi theatrical serial that introduced Commando Cody over the course of 12 chapters. Commando Cody and his sidekick Joan Gilbert battle against Moon Dictator Retik. America has come under attack from an unknown source, and Commando Cody wearing his rocket-powered flying suit and sets out to the moon to discover Retik, who is planning on wiping out Earth's military bases and industrial complexes in order to conquer Earth. On Earth, Cody battles Krog, an elusive lunar native, as well as his gang of human thieves he has hired to help plan their eventual invasion of the planet. This serial, one of the earliest space adventures, inspired a generation of science fiction directors and writers that grew up watching this influential series.

Air dates reflect the first showings on television of the individual chapters when they appeared as part of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Comedy Central, which was the first showing of the serial on television. Only the first nine chapters were aired on MST3K.


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beings from another world, hostile monsters, good vs. evil, battle for earth, cheap special effects