Radar Men From the Moon

Comedy Central (ended 1990)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Death Of The Moon Man: Last Chapter

      It's the final show-down between Commando Cody and Moon dictator Retik and his Moon Men. One or the other will be left standing.

    • Planned Pursuit: Chapter 11

      Moon dictator Retik's Earth henchmen try to stop Commando Cody by running him into a tower carrying high power.

    • Mass Execution: Chapter 10

      Retik's Earth hood's attack the headquarters of Commando Cody with gas.

    • Battle In The Stratosphere: Chapter 9

      Cody gets away from Retik with the Lunarium but on his way back to Earth, is attacked by Retik's thugs who bury him below a rock slide.

    • The Enemy Planet: Chapter 8

      Cody flies to the moon to look for something that will be a defence against Retik's ray gun. He finds what he is searching for and begins his return trip home only to get attacked by Retik's troops.

    • Camouflage Of Destruction: Chapter 7

      Retik's earth hood Graber has outfitted a truck to carry a ray gun and when Cody tries to stop the truck, he gets shot with a ray.

    • Hills Of Death: Chapter 6

      Commando Cody attempts to stop moon dictator Retik from causing great destruction by blowing up a volcanic crater only he fails when injured by a bolder.

    • Murder Car: Chapter 5

      While on Earth Cody looks into a payroll heist perpetrated by Graber, one of Retik's men. But a high speed pursuit, Graber gets away when Cody runs into an ambulance and has to stop.

    • Flight Of Destruction: Chapter 4

      As the bridge blows up, Commando Cody jumps from his car to safety just in time, only to disappear as Krog, Retik's main man on Earth, attempts to kidnap him. Not finding him, Krog takes Cody's friend Joan Gilbert captive.

    • Bridge Of Death: Chapter 3

      After Retik's men almost stop Cody from escaping the moon by using lava, the space crusader makes it back to Earth to help police fight the moon thugs there. As Cody chases Retik's troops, they try to kill him by blowing the bridge he's on.

    • Molten Terror: Chapter 2

      Moon dictator Retik fires his atomic ray gun at Commando Cody, who jumps out of the way just in time. Cody fires back with laughing gas, allowing him to grab a weapon from Retik but is stopped by a flow of molten rock.

    • Moon Rocket: Chapter 1

      Moon dictator Retik turns his atomic ray gun on the earth and it's defense system. Commando Cody responds and tries to prevent Retik from further attacks only to have the weapon targeted on himself.