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  • Season 3
    • For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
      The only way Radio Active can remain on air is if Blaire can maintain a "C" average, which is easier said than done.
    • Role Reversal
      Role Reversal
      Episode 25
      Morgan sees possibilities in having Sarah take care of life for her.
    • Culture Shock
      Culture Shock
      Episode 24
      Morgan and Sarah enter into a fierce rivalry when Upper Redwood joins a foreign exchange student program and offers one lucky classmate the chance to attend school in another country for a semester.
    • No Trouble Atoll
      No Trouble Atoll
      Episode 23
      Morgan is suspended from Radio Active because of playing vulgar songs on the air, and when Morgan tries to prove that she should not be suspended, Ms. Atoll spills out in front of the whole school the School's Book of Regulation is written by dumb people. This got Ms. Atoll relieved from her Radio Active duties and is sent to be moderating the "Positive Vibes" club, and in place for Ms. Atoll, Hadrass is now in charge. He pushes the team to the limits by speaking loud, working faster, running around the anteroom faster, putting the log sheets in order to keep the group in control. He makes them do hurdles, run through fan mail, etc... The Radio Active team is tired of Hadrass's methods and obtains help from Ms. Atoll to get Ms. Atoll back into Radio Active. At the end, Ms. Atoll receives her job back when Hadrass believes that Atoll cares about the RA kids and they care about her too. So he resigns from his duties, and strolls off, cancelling the Radio Active's trips a Hockey game, the Comic Book Convention, and to Hawaii!moreless
    • Commercial Chaos
      Commercial Chaos
      Episode 22
      Morgan and Tanya's friendship is threatened when Tanya becomes the spokesperson for a controversial product.
    • Eye to Eye, Pupil to Pupil
      Roger and George is off to a staring contest when they fight over who can be more concentrative. They continue to stare and stare, even through the exam schedules because they do not want to lose. They now have to move wherever each one goes, and they have to fail every exam due to the fact they can't be looking at each other. They have to live in the school, go to the bathroom together, and eat together. Blaire, Morgan, and Tanya set up a betting station where people can bet on whoever wins and at what time they will win at.moreless
    • Meat Versus Potatoes
      Morgan is about to give up everything related to animals - any clothing made from animals, anything produced by animals, and eating any meat at all. Blaire believes that Morgan cannot even last a day without meat, and Tanya bets that she can. So, if Morgan cannot last one day without meat, Blaire will receive 59 minutes of Tanya's airtime, while if Morgan survives for more than 24 hours, 59 minutes of Blaire's air time will be gone to Tanya. Forcing Morgan to eat meat, Blaire tries to sneakily provide clothing such as scarves and mittens that are made of animals. He even also ordered pizzas topped off with so much meat. Meanwhile, Roger is learning to drive with instructor, Ms. Atoll and fails miserably and has to get a ride with George's destroyed car. He tried to drive George's car to improve his skills but the car only turned right and he was turning in circles for hours. At the end when Morgan is ready for her driver's ed test, she believes that she drove over an animal, but George's animal knowledge determined that the squirrel was dead hours before Morgan hit it, which makes Blaire the loser of the bet. And for a month, he must use his 1 minute to do all his sports scores.moreless
    • The Wendy Gwendolyn Conundrum
      Roger is always nervous whenever he is near Wendy Gwendolyn so he asks Blaire to help him by getting him a date in exchange for legendary Montréal Canadiens goalie, Guy Leflesh's (in real life - the name came from legendary Montréal Canadiens Forward Guy Lafleur) fork that he used to eat his soup at one of Roger's relative's restaurant. When Blaire asks Wendy to go out with "his friend", Wendy thinks that Blaire is talking about himself, so she accepts because she likes him too. Blaire has to find a way to get Roger and Wendy together by bringing him to Burger Village to meet Wendy. Meanwhile, Tanya and George are making macramé clothes.moreless
    • The Ratings War
      The Ratings War
      Episode 18
      Blaire and Morgan are competing against each other for the best ratings in Radio Active when they hear about the latest poll results. George learns new words and uses them often to develop the vocabulary into his brain, such as "tally" and "forego". Blaire and Morgan use different methods to attract more listeners, and to receive the better ratings. Blaire creates a treasure hunt by inserting his photo into a secret area to have students find it. The prize is a trip around the world...but the only problem is that Blaire does not even have the prize, but to gain listeners, he gives a clue every show. Something goes wrong when Mr. Noseworthy rips off the tiles of the library to retrieve Blaire's photo. Morgan uses George's dog-mind messages to gain listeners. This works as Morgan transmits messages at an extremely high-pitch to re-open the human's dog minds and make them listen to her shows. Things go wrong when everyone acts like dogs and worships Morgan. She fixes everything back and gladly for Blaire, Mr. Noseworthy became a dog and cannot remember anything about the prize.moreless
    • Paramedic Paramour
      Paramedic Paramour
      Episode 17
      A paramedic visits Upper Redwood High to teach the students about medicine and about being a doctor. George is extremely excited and tries to practise being a doctor using tips from the paramedic. Tanya falls in love with this man and pretends to be hurt to get near him. George follows the paramedic around to learn more and to help other people around the school, and continues to help Tanya, even though she only wants the man to help her. Both the paramedic and George believe she is faking being hurt. But soon, she finally gets injured, but no one believes her.moreless
    • Lou Ann's Return
      Lou Ann's Return
      Episode 16
      The Radio Active members suspect Roger is in love. However, when they find out the girl is Lou-Ann, they all decide on breaking them up (not to mention Fidel shivering like mad at the sound of her name!). However, Lou-Ann seems to have changed, until she makes Roger quit and make "Roger Radio". However, it turns out it is another plot of hers to have a radio station, and they break up. However, it seems Roger has found someone else...moreless
    • Bad Aptitude
      Bad Aptitude
      Episode 15
      Mr. Noseworthy reveals the Aptitude Test to the students of Radio Active, where Blaire had to study for the test, even his name, where he lives. etc... When the students hand in their test, Mr. Noseworthy uses to Aptitude Test machine to view the results, and they didn't suit any of the Radio Active members. The kids uses these tests to start building on it so they become more successful, and when Mr. Noseworthy discovers that the Aptitude machine is broken, he fixes it and the careers that fly out are a lot worst then before.moreless
    • Identity Crisis
      Identity Crisis
      Episode 14
      It's school photos time, but Tanya still cannot get a clean photo of the Radio Active group. Roger feels that he is too boring and decides to pursue another personality...probably following someone else's footsteps. He tries to be like Blaire but he fails miserably because he is extremely terrible at sports. One that would be easy would be George, so he goes to school with spiky hair and the same clothes as George's. He learns and studies from George to become George, but soon, George is annoyed with Roger following him everywhere, doing whatever he is doing. To change Roger back, Morgan gives him an idea - to have Roger dress up weirdly for his last task...and he actually does it. Ate the end, Roger feels that being himself is the best for everybody.moreless
    • A Christmas Atoll
      A Christmas Atoll
      Episode 13
      When Ms. Atoll proposes that all students shall receive homework over Christmas to continue their education, the Radio Active members try to change her ways, with the same idea as "The Christmas Carol". Blaire, the first ghost in hippy clothes comes to visit Ms. Atoll. Coming to her in a dream, he shows what Ms. Atoll was like when she was a teacher in the 1970's. But the plan failed when Ms. Atoll said that she was never nice. Blaire presents another idea, and he is sure this will work... Roger comes to her in a dream in present time to show how hard the lives of students are when homework is given out during Christmas. But it failed because Ms. Atoll believes that they are exaggerating too much because Morgan was tied to chains and wasn't allowed to drink anything as she worked on her homework. Everyone is tired of Blaire's ideas, but he encourages them to have one last try to change Ms. Atoll's ways. George comes to Ms. Atoll in a dream in the hallway, where Blaire emphasized that George shouldn't start at the moment. Blaire throws a ball at George to stop him, but George was able to keep the ball in the air, using telekinetic powers. The play starts as Roger, pretending to be Mr. Noseworthy reveals a pill that eliminates anything to do with Ms. Atoll from their minds. Extremely angry, Ms. Atoll sends multiple detentions to the group. It was actually a dream, and Ms. Atoll wakes up as Blaire encounters Ms. Atoll in hippie clothes coming from the 1970's. Ms. Atoll discovers that her dream was happening all over again when he meets everyone that is pretending to be in the 1970's. She could not take it anymore and decides to cancel all of their homework for the Winter Holidays.moreless
    • Dead Comic's Society
      Everyone seems to feel very uncomfortable, and this gives George a very good idea. He decides the group should stay at school overnight to read comics that would help another to solve their problems. Even Mr. Noseworthy joined in. Morgan starts to suspect something when the group is unaware of all of her problems, and decides to put an end to this Comic's Society.moreless
    • Rogercus
      Episode 11
      Roger uses a cleaver idea on the radio to express his hate towards the teachers of Upper Redwood High...especially Miz. Atoll. He calls him DJ X and uses a speech modifier that makes his voice sound very deep to cover his voice. The Radio Active members become very interested in the new radio personality and tries to search for him to congratulate him and reveal some of their ideas. When Ms Atoll becomes annoyed with this new DJ X, she is determined to figure out who he really is by keeping her eye on the station. But when he believes she has stopped the DJ's work, DJ X continues to broadcast his evilness.moreless
    • Bully for You
      Bully for You
      Episode 10
      Blaire starts becoming very scared and hiding because there's a bully on the loose. His Radio Active friends think that the bully is just a harmless girl until they witness the girl - Becky attacking Blaire and giving him orders. Morgan and Tanya believe that Becky likes him and that Blaire should ask her to a date. But it turns out that Becky accepted Blaire's offer to beating him even more. As a last resort, the Radio members harass Blaire as well to show to Becky that he is the bullying property of the rest of Radio Active.moreless
    • The Model
      The Model
      Episode 9
      A woman searches the halls of Upper Redwood High to find the next great model, which excites all of the Radio Active members. Trying to prove their model skills, they take pictures of themselves in funny poses and suggests them to the model agency woman.
    • Cyber Boy
      Cyber Boy
      Episode 8
      Roger discovers that he has hacked into the government files and that the army is looking for him when a guest speaker for career week arrives at the school to help Morgan and Blaire prepare the rest of the guest speakers and the speeches. Roger hides away from the Soldier with the help of George. The Soldier earned himself medals but he also has a problem - he constantly gets fired from multiple jobs. But he thinks that he can receive a promotion when George spills out word that Roger has retrieved government files. Morgan and Blaire is sent to search for Roger as "going to be Captain" Murdoch continues to scan through the files. Roger finds an army suit in Murdoch's duffle bag, and pretends to be a Captain. He then visits Murdoch, and discovers that he hasn't hacked into the government system, and that it was just a game. When Murdoch begins to talk about the game, he realizes that he is going to be fired again.moreless
    • Death of a Nozzle Salesman
      When Roger is determined to find a job to earn some cash, he is pulled into becoming a salesman of...vacuuming nozzles. He starts his rounds around Upper Redwood High, promoting the new nozzles, which eliminates all evil dust particles roaming around the environment. He starts annoying his Radio Active friends, with the advantages of having the Miracle Nozzles, and when Blaire decides to take a visit to the Miracle Nozzles' headquarters, he is also brainwashed by the workers. Roger and Blaire brainwashes the students in the school into nozzle salesman using their Nozzle chant, Morgan and George have to find a way to unbrainwash him. Morgan suggests that George wear a Nozzle suit and pretend to be "King Nozzie" and it worked as he commanded his friends and the entire school not to worship Nozzles anymore and that Nozzles are stupid! When everyone reverts back to his or her old self again, George still believes he is King Nozzie.moreless
    • Verse Versus Reverse
      Blaire, Roger, and George finds out there is a reading of poetry by a famous women, who the trio thinks are very hot according to the picture shown on the back of one of her books. But the problem is that the reading is only opened to females because the content is delivered hating the opposite gender. Blaire and George plans to dress up as women to enter the conference while Roger had the same idea, but he is working alone and believes that a new girl (Blaire) is very pretty and wants to try and get a date with her. When the three cross-dressers attend the reading, they discover that Miz. Atoll was the mystery writer. Atoll made the publishers believe that she is another woman, by pretending to be a woman, who is pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.moreless
    • Lou Ann, the Fan
      Lou Ann, the Fan
      Episode 5
      Tanya shows a new girl, whose name is Lou Ann around Upper Redwood High. She is a very big fan of Radio Active and wanted to meet all the members of the team, but Tanya didn't think it is a good idea because it is Evaluation Week at the club. Tanya cautiously agrees to let her have a small tour of the anteroom, being careful that she won't break anything. Her traits are very strong, and this leads to her destroying almost half of the whole room. To fix all the problems she is causing Blaire, George, and Morgan, she tries to fix everything by giving them something they desire. Lou Ann asks Tanya if she could share her locker at the moment, and Tanya agrees, and using Tanya's locker, she tries to remove Tanya from Radio Active so she could be the leader. She successfully had Tanya kicked off the team when many misdeeds framed Tanya. Lou Ann drops her "nice and clumsy" act and starts bossing the entire Radio Active team around until they decide to quit. Tanya discovers that Lou Ann was framing her, and Lou Ann is finally kicked out of the school.moreless
    • They Call Me Uncle Tibby
      To attend the Comic Book Convention, Blair and George have to find a way to leave class, so they make a story about Uncle "Tibby" (George's uncle) taking George and Blaire to the Art Convention to witness great paintings. To have the tour confirmed, Miz. Atoll has to be granted an interview with Uncle Tibby. Tibor is George's uncle and he would be able to come if he wasn't living in Alaska at the time. Blaire decides to dress up George differently and paste a fake moustache on his face. Everyone at Radio Active suggests that George won't be fooling Ms. Atoll, but when he arrives at her office, Ms. Atoll didn't look like she recognized him as George. George becomes nervous when Ms. Atoll asks too many questions until he would give her his speculations on some famous paintings. Blaire drags Morgan into the scam as she pretends to be Uncle Tibby's wife because she knows more about art then George. At the end, Ms. Atoll confesses that she had known that they were all faking it and that she believed them so she can have a little fun. And as always, Atoll punishes all three of them, severely.moreless
    • Cyrano de Internet
      Roger decides to obtain help from Blaire to talk to girls over the internet, but he rejected. Roger starts talking to a girl, but he does not realize it is Sarah. They start chatting about their interests, etc... and when Sarah left, Morgan took over the Notebook Computer. She starts chatting using Sarah's chat name, and Roger believes she is the same person because of the chat name. Blaire kicks Roger off, and continues to chat with Morgan (he doesn't know if it is Morgan) using Roger's chat name. Soon, everyone is confused to what they said in the past because each pair of chat names is the same. While George and Tanya are in the library ready to watch some educational DVDs on the new DVD player, but George brought his own ninja movies. After the third movie of the series is done, Tanya wants to play one of her DVDs, while George wants to play the fourth ninja movie in the series, and they end up inserting both DVDs into the player and destroying it. George fixes it but it can only be set to Spanish. He begins watching the educational DVDs in Spanish. The others decide to meet, and they find out what had happened. George and Tanya failed their project but George got an A+ in Spanish class.moreless
    • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Station
      George and Roger finds a little resemblance of a coin that they believe is a golden coin due to the fact that Upper Redwood High was built on the remnants of a bank. They report this to Morgan and Tanya during a problem with the school heater. Morgan and Tanya will be one group and George and Roger will be the other, and whoever gets the gold, keeps it. They all begin to search for clues. Morgan starts making fake clues for George and Roger to lead them away from the treasure. But once Roger realized they were being cheated, they trick Morgan into searching for the coins underneath the surface of the school. Then, they all decided to work as a team and share the surplus. When they discover that the mechanics are coming to solve the problem with the school heater and block off entrances to the rooms of the building, the team needed to find the treasure quickly. George notices a bag in the basement of the school, and believes it held the gold. He grabs it but something was holding on to it, and finds out it's Mr. Noseworthy. They all start scrambling to take the bag, and suddenly, the bag ripped and washers flew into the air and dropped to the ground. Everyone was disappointed that there was no gold, and all of the clues were all tricks made by each of the team members and Mr. Noseworthy.moreless
    • The Wrong Man, the Right Rodent
      The school's electrical system seems to be being mangled by someone because the fire alarm constantly rings, sending the students out of the school every time; the lights go on or off. When Roger makes his broadcast, the script he wrote sucked up to the teachers big time, but when he read it over the microphone, most of his words that complete the nice things he said, are blocked out because there might be problems with the electricity. This led to Roger saying all bad things about Mr. Noseworthy and Miz. Atoll. Roger decides to help Mr. Noseworthy so he does not need to be punished: he would search for the school vandal. The team makes out a list of suspects and believe it's George because he is the only that knows how to fix it. George finds out what Sarah released all of the frogs that are being used for science into the school so they would not get hurt, and when she thought that the school will find another animal in the school; she released all those animals too - including Fidel. This made George believe that Fidel is the evil hamster that is sneakily turning the electricity to certain parts of the school whenever he wants to. Roger believes it is Roger and discovers that George is running through the basement of the school, breaking more wires, but George finally catches Fidel below the surface of the school and reveals that it is the school vandal.moreless
  • Season 2
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