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Season 1 Episode 26

Ethan Without a Cause

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 1999 on YTV
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Ethan Without a Cause
Kevin had to try and stay out of trouble to avoid detentions so he can be free for a date with Suzy Kaflootzky, while Ethan asked everyone if he was a "suck" and everyone said "yes". Ethan began playing around with Kevin, but Kevin ignored it and not break one of Ethan's limbs. While George asks Morgan to help him find a girl using the newspaper's personals ad. Morgan corrected and edited George's "weird and stupid" letter until they were left with "A fun, funny, fun-loving guy trying to find a fun, funny, fun-loving gal to do fun stuff with" (after taking out 7 "fun"s). To remove his reputation as a suck, Ethan started to find ways to get a detention, and one of his methods that he showed in front of Ms. Atoll was: -Entering without knocking -Making funny faces -Wearing different coloured socks -Ripping out a branch of Atoll's prize geranium but all these attempts did not work. As a last resort, he decided to pour water over Ms. Atoll but he got scared, and couldn't do it. He decided to use the "jelly on the head" trick, and asked Kevin for help. Kevin declined but he was continuously drawn back to giving Ethan hints. Ethan forgot the jelly and ran off leaving the bucket on top of the opened door, while Kevin had to remove the bucket on the door so he wouldn't get caught, but it fell behind Ms. Atoll as she entered, seeing Kevin standing over her. When Kevin arriving to Ms. Atoll's room to suck up using chocolates, he witnessed Ethan drawing a devil, which was representing Ms. Atoll. Kevin kicked him out and tried to erase the chalkboard, but Noelle returned to her office, and discovers Kevin in her room. All Kevin and Ethan's attempts failed, but Kevin decided that each of them could help each other. For their first trick, Ethan would dress as inappropriately as possible and try to attack Ms. Atoll using a whipped cream gun, but Kevin jumped in front of Ms. Atoll, saving her from the impact. This technique worked quite well, and soon, Ethan became a rebel causing trouble and mischief while Kevin lived his life to the fullest without having to spend time in the detention room. Once Kevin discovered that Suzy was now going out with Ethan because Kevin became a suck, he had to get his reputation back as a bad boy. He pulled the fire alarm in front of Ms. Atoll for no reason at all, but this did not get him into trouble because there was actually a grease fire in the cafeteria kitchen. He received the "Student of the Month" award while Ethan was no longer available for Suzy. Everything went wrong, and now the two cannot revert back to being their old selves. On the other part of the story, George received a response from someone from the personals ad, and he discovered that it was MIZ ATOLL!moreless

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    Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker

    Blair Resnickie (1999-2001)

    Vanessa Lengies

    Vanessa Lengies

    Sarah Leigh

    Michael Yarmush

    Michael Yarmush

    Ethan St. John (1998-1999)

    Giancarlo Caltabiano

    Giancarlo Caltabiano

    George S. Goodwin III

    Melissa Galianos

    Melissa Galianos

    Morgan Leigh

    Vik Sahay

    Vik Sahay

    Kevin Calvin (1998-1999)

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      • Kevin: Ms. Atoll, what is this device right here.
        Ms. Atoll: The fire alarm.
        Kevin: Now observe. (pulls fire alarm)
        Ms. Atoll: KeeeevvvIIIIINNNNN!

      • Ethan: Susie Kaflutzky.
        Kevin: Exactly, she's been complaining I'm not available enough.
        Ethan: Well, if she dumps you maybe I'll ask her out.
        Kevin:( Laughs outload) (Morgan and George enter)
        Morgan: What's so funny? Kevin: Ethan just said "he may ask Susie Kaflutzky out on a date". Morgan, George and Kevin laugh Ethan: Hey what are you(George) laughing at?
        George: Her name it sounds funny, Su-sie!

      • Morgan(Talking to George):Let's give you a sexy nickname
        George: How about Captain Fluffy?
        Morgan: Or.
        George: Zeak the amazing piece of toast?
        Morgan: I don't really know about that.
        George: Zarzon 5000 ruler of the Kalzoonian empire?
        Morgan: Oh! What about Mr. Midnight?
        George: It's no Captain Fluffy but it'll do.

      • Kevin: Now that Ethan is the bad guy, Ms. Atoll has forgotten all about me. I am free, I can laugh, I can sing. I can do what I want when I want. Yes, thanks to the miracle of Ethan I can forget about all my worries and live my life to the fullest and isn't that what life is all about?
        George: Wow, this Ethan stuff sounds great. Is it available in a liquid?

      • Kevin: Ms. Attol would have blamed me somehow. She blames me for everything! The other day, she even hinted that I might have something to do with global warming.

      • Kevin: Ms. Atoll, what is this device right here.
        Ms. Atoll: The fire alarm.
        Kevin: Now observe. *pulls fire alarm*

      • George: I'm actually too shy to speak to a girl. I tried once and I was shaking so much, I vibrated right out of the room.

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