Radio Active

Season 3 Episode 26

For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 2001 on YTV

Episode Recap

For Radio Active to continue, Blaire has to maintain a C average, which Roger has received for the semester. Blaire blows Morgan off while they were working on a project about Hemingway, which is worth a lot of their English mark. Blaire suggests to Ms. Atoll that he wants to take the make-up tests because before the previous tests, he had multiple sports activities. Ms. Atoll gives him a chance and in return, she must cancel all of Blaire's sports activities until he passes those tests.

To help Blaire learn, each Radio Active member will teach Blaire with the subjects they are best at. Tanya teaches Blaire English, while Morgan teaches Blaire History. Roger helps Blaire learn Mathematics, while George teaches him Science. And surprisingly, Blaire understands all of what they are teaching him and becomes a genius.