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YTV (ended 2001)


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  • Ethan Without a Cause
    Kevin had to try and stay out of trouble to avoid detentions so he can be free for a date with Suzy Kaflootzky, while Ethan asked everyone if he was a "suck" and everyone said "yes". Ethan began playing around with Kevin, but Kevin ignored it and not break one of Ethan's limbs. While George asks Morgan to help him find a girl using the newspaper's personals ad. Morgan corrected and edited George's "weird and stupid" letter until they were left with "A fun, funny, fun-loving guy trying to find a fun, funny, fun-loving gal to do fun stuff with" (after taking out 7 "fun"s). To remove his reputation as a suck, Ethan started to find ways to get a detention, and one of his methods that he showed in front of Ms. Atoll was: -Entering without knocking -Making funny faces -Wearing different coloured socks -Ripping out a branch of Atoll's prize geranium but all these attempts did not work. As a last resort, he decided to pour water over Ms. Atoll but he got scared, and couldn't do it. He decided to use the "jelly on the head" trick, and asked Kevin for help. Kevin declined but he was continuously drawn back to giving Ethan hints. Ethan forgot the jelly and ran off leaving the bucket on top of the opened door, while Kevin had to remove the bucket on the door so he wouldn't get caught, but it fell behind Ms. Atoll as she entered, seeing Kevin standing over her. When Kevin arriving to Ms. Atoll's room to suck up using chocolates, he witnessed Ethan drawing a devil, which was representing Ms. Atoll. Kevin kicked him out and tried to erase the chalkboard, but Noelle returned to her office, and discovers Kevin in her room. All Kevin and Ethan's attempts failed, but Kevin decided that each of them could help each other. For their first trick, Ethan would dress as inappropriately as possible and try to attack Ms. Atoll using a whipped cream gun, but Kevin jumped in front of Ms. Atoll, saving her from the impact. This technique worked quite well, and soon, Ethan became a rebel causing trouble and mischief while Kevin lived his life to the fullest without having to spend time in the detention room. Once Kevin discovered that Suzy was now going out with Ethan because Kevin became a suck, he had to get his reputation back as a bad boy. He pulled the fire alarm in front of Ms. Atoll for no reason at all, but this did not get him into trouble because there was actually a grease fire in the cafeteria kitchen. He received the "Student of the Month" award while Ethan was no longer available for Suzy. Everything went wrong, and now the two cannot revert back to being their old selves. On the other part of the story, George received a response from someone from the personals ad, and he discovered that it was MIZ ATOLL!moreless
  • The Substitute
    The Substitute
    Episode 25
    Tanya replaces Miss Atoll as a teacher for a day, but he went horribly disastrous when the other Radio Active members started goofing off, because they did not need to listen to another student. Tanya did not want her friends to fail, so she decided to write the reports that were assigned to the students of Ms. Atoll and pass it off as the work of her friends. When the team realizes she was working so hard on helping them, they felt bad for not doing their work, and they began to work really hard and impress Tanya so she does not have to continue to do their work for her.moreless
  • Blackmail
    Episode 24
    Sarah begins by reading Ms. Atoll's letters to her. Sarah comes across the letter where a man was writing about the passionate time they spent with her, but Atoll snatched the note away before Sarah could continue. The next letter that Sarah read was even worse: it seems as though the School Board never obtained any reference of Ms. Atoll graduating from High School. As a bribe to not tell others have the problem, Ms. Atoll agreed to do anything that Sarah wanted. The blackmailing scheme led to Sarah receiving dozens of chocolate boxes, being the sixth member of Radio Active and having tons of plush animals surrounding the entire Anteroom. And finally, she was able to gain control of the entire team by becoming the leader. Kevin decided to hold an initiation ceremony where the group would provide gross and hard tasks for Sarah to perform but she passed all the test (including George's super disgusting drink made of MILK....SUGAR...CHOCOLATE DRINK MIX!) When Sarah reveals Ms. Atoll's secret, the group decides to use this to their advantage, by having Sarah cancel the Encyclopaedia test that was planned one day after Ms. Atoll announced it. But this never happened, because the School Board looked into the matter and finally digging out Ms. Atoll's High School Diploma. While Kevin was sleeping (still thinking that the test was off), the others began to study. When Kevin enters the classroom, he starts prancing around, believing that Ms. Atoll should not be giving them the test, but he felt depressed when the teacher showed him her diploma. But sneaky Kevin Calvin revealed the letter about Noelle's love last summer that was read by Sarah at the beginning, which led to the cancellation of the test.moreless
  • The Secret Admirer
    The Secret Admirer
    Episode 23
    Morgan complains about how un-romantic some guys are. While George's house is getting painted, he stays with Ethan. Apparently, George is extending his vocabulary through night tapes, and Ethan complains about George speaking all through the night. "Fantabulous, fantabulous!" When Kevin fails to get a date for Saturday nights Monster Truck show, Ethan presents his homemade cologne, which STINKS! Morgan discovers a secret admirer letter in her locker, and soon comes to the conclusion that Ethan sent it. Ethan tells Kevin that the cologne works, because he got a date with Morgan. Later, Tanya finds the same letter in her locker and also thinks it's Ethan. When Kevin finds out Ethan is on a date with both Morgan and Tanya, he buys some of Ethan's cologne. Ethan tries desperately to get into the hockey team, and convinces Kevin to give him and application form. George insists he delivers the application letter, but bumps into Tanya and Morgan on the way, mixing up letters. After Kevin gets the letter that was in his locker, he thinks that the love letter was sent to him from Ethan, and the conversation between him and Ethan did not make it any better! Soon, it's revealed that George sent the letters to the girls to cheer them up because of what Morgan said.moreless
  • The Poet
    The Poet
    Episode 22
    When George reads out his first poem on the broadcast, everyone was surprised about how good it was, so Kevin decided to ask George to write a poem that he could use to read it to his girlfriend, Wendy to impress her. Poem after poem, George wrote for Kevin about Wendy, and everyone started to believe that Kevin was the writer for all those magnificent poems. Kevin was chosen to do a live broadcast with a collection of poems, but George was not inspired and could not think of anything to write, which panicked Kevin, who had to prepare for several poems to read. George was finally revealed as the writer of the poems that Kevin read out.moreless
  • Stalag 16 1/2
    Stalag 16 1/2
    Episode 21
    The Radio Active members suddenly realized that Miz Atoll has been able to catch them in every troubling act, and they suspect someone in the group was a spy. With some ideas, they reached a conclusion that Ethan was the rat because he was the only one not concerned with this. With George spying on Ethan, he finds out that he was having conversations with Miz Atoll for a while now. Now, Morgan, Kevin and George believed that Ethan was betraying them, but Ethan described his situation where he needed extra help for English class because his mark was dropping. The rest of the group did not believe him, so to prove that he wasn't a spy, Ethan would go hunting to look for an answer to Miz Atoll being able to find out about every misbehaving incident. Ethan discovered that the new school microphones were the culprits, because the microphones were always on even though they turned it off. For some fun at the end, the members start pretending to create chaos, which would shoot Miz Atoll into the Radio Active room, only to find nothing was happening.moreless
  • Morgan's Day Off
    Morgan's Day Off
    Episode 20
    Morgan was fed up with school when she was the only Radio Activist to work on broadcast reports, etc... tied in with piles of homework, and she was beginning to think that school was a waste of time while she could be roaming around the world, enjoying life. When caught in detention for destroying the Radio Active files, Morgan spent her time with Kevin in the detention room, when she realized that she could escape and go to the mall to have some fun. Caught for skipping school, Morgan was about to be expelled when she announced that she would skip school. When Morgan wasn't in Radio Active or doing homework, the other Radio Activists had to work a whole lot more because Morgan was the only one in the group that did any hard jobs. Soon, the team was desperate for Morgan, and at the end, Morgan decided to return to school.moreless
  • The Classy Girl
    The Classy Girl
    Episode 19
    For a school dance, Kevin asked Morgan to the dance, and she accepted. But soon, Kevin was taking a girl from Upper Redwood High while Morgan was getting a date with a popular boy from her school. Kevin and Morgan broke their date, but later, Morgan was dumped for the dance because she was taking to long to reply and Kevin had to obtain some "class" by being polite and providing more money to make the date better, but Kevin did not have a lot of money and wasn't able to gain access to a car. As a last resort, Morgan and Kevin decided to go with each other, but later, Morgan was able to get a date with the other teenager, while Kevin was able to borrow a vehicle from Mr. Noseworthy. After breaking their date twice, Morgan and Kevin decided to go to the dance together instead.moreless
  • The Radio Activists
    The Radio Activists
    Episode 18
    Mr. Noseworthy received books that he would use for reading material, when he discovers that he did not receive a book by Schmoog Silversteen, because the school board did not approve of it. No one wants to help him, except for Sarah. The two protested that the book is just a book, and they should allow it in school. The school board caved in so easily because they needed to have a good, clean school. To show off to the rest of the province for the student's behaviour and to make them not cause any trouble, they would offer any of their demands. The team went to far, and made the school - not even a school anymore. Their classes are playing games, junk food is presented everywhere, etc... and due to all these demands, Mr. Noseworthy was fired. Now, the team must decide whether to take back all there demands so the school board would rehire Mr. Noseworthy or to let things be, and keep Mr. Noseworthy as the janitor.moreless
  • Mr. Moneybags
    Mr. Moneybags
    Episode 17
    Ethan believes that he has inherited the fortune from his uncle when he died. So, due to the upcoming richness Ethan will become, he eagerly purchases useless items to have fun and to show off new merchandise. In the past, Ethan has always asked for money, and sold vandalised items, but now Ethan gives presents in exchange for them to help him out. Ethan gave Kevin a CD player a few CDs, if he would hang out with him, and Ethan would spend money on the new jerseys for the school team, if Ethan join the hockey team. Tanya had to do his homework after Ethan gave her a video camcorder and George had to follow him around, and become his secretary, after George received a couple of rare Normal Man issues. Morgan was given a Electronic Agenda, and she had to go on a date with Ethan. When Ethan finds out that he did not earn a fortune, because of tens of thousands of dollars of deductions (that were printed on the check), so now Ethan has to find several part-time jobs to pay for his credit card bill.moreless
  • The Play
    The Play
    Episode 16
    Ms. Atoll suggests that the Radio Active team do a play live on the radio. The gang presents song ideas, such as Kevin recapping a Stanley Cup Final Championships between Wayne Gretzy and the Edmonton Oilers against some other NHL team. The gang aren't too happy because they must organize the play that was suggested by Ms. Atoll, "Beauty and The Beast" it in one day. The team studied their lines, but the play turned out poorly, so they lost an incredible amount of marks, so they wanted to try again. With their new script including their original ideas, they put on a play that they enjoyed but it was still terrible.moreless
  • Ethan Live
    Ethan Live
    Episode 15
    Ethan received his $40 copy of "Jerry Springer: Too Hot For TV", which gave Kevin an idea to raise money to help him buy a expensive necklace for his girlfriend. Ethan became the host of his very own live show, called "The Ethan St. John Show", while Kevin played the audience, and George was his special guest, who pretended to be a chalk eater, Joey. Throughout the show, Ethan and George interviewed George/Joey's life of eating chalk while Kevin made weird comments. Then, Kevin pretended to be his grandmother (who Joey sold for $2 to buy more chalk to eat), and they started to pretend to fight, but George quit after Kevin wrecked his CD. Morgan suggested to make a real live fight and Kevin and Ethan took that and used it by using Morgan and Sarah as the two guests because they kept on fighting and fighting. But soon, Morgan and Sarah made up, and Kevin desperately destroyed Sarah's virtual pet, and Sarah blamed Morgan because Morgan was taking care of the pet. Sarah overheard a conversation with Kevin and Ethan and discovered that Kevin killed Mr. Mendelberg (the virtual pet) and that ended Kevin and Ethan's show, but Kevin had already had enough money to buy the necklace. Kevin offered it to Sarah for killing Mendelberg.moreless
  • Boxing Tanya
    Boxing Tanya
    Episode 14
    Morgan reads an article in the newspaper about the severity of bullying in schools and becomes concerned with bullying in Upper Redwood High. Tanya reads out everyone's horoscopes. Tanya's says that her past will catch up with her....oooo....In the meantime, Kevin takes up boxing lessons, and Ethan looses his beeper. They find out the beeper is in the cabinet in the anteroom. They try to open the doors, but they seem stuck. Tanya is concerned about Kevin's new hobby, and tells Ethan that she was once a school bully. Yes, TANYA PANDA, a BULLY. Demonstrating what happened in Grade 3, she swung her fist into the cabinet door, letting the other side fly open and hit Ethan in the head. Tanya, who had her eyes covered, believed she was the one who hit Ethan. The same thing happens to George out in the hallway, where Tanya thought she hit him. Morgan gets suspicious about these bruises on their faces, and makes the conclusion that Kevin is the school bully. This episode has some great twists and should not be missed.moreless
  • The Ticket
    The Ticket
    Episode 13
    The Radio Active members were kept in the station by Ms. Atoll while the rest of the world were buying tickets to go see the "Juicy Freaks" concert, luckily they were given one promotional ticket, but now the group fought over who should get it. Ethan raises the idea of selling it, and runs off to find a buyer while Ms. Atoll was able to snatch away the ticket and send it back to the promoter while Mr. Noseworthy gets some advice from Sarah to be young and cool again. Ethan was able to sell the ticket and offered the group some donuts, but he found out that they lost the ticket and now Dutch Kowalski was going to staple him to the ceiling. Now the group had to think of an idea to take back the ticket, and George revealed his idea of pretending to be a mailbox using a costume and wait for the ticket to drop into his hands, but the group decided that was not going to work. The group stayed at the school overnight to pick up the ticket before the day it was returned, but Ms. Atoll cleverly retrieved the ticket. George, disguised as a mailbox was able to get the ticket (and other letters) when it just fell into his hands when Ms. Atoll put it into the mailbox and generously gave it to Mr. Noseworthy for his sick nephew.moreless
  • The Replacement
    The Replacement
    Episode 12
    Once again, Kevin's grades are slipping (doesn't he ever learn?...wait, I mean that literally.) and he is once again threatened to leave Radio Active if he doesn't improve. Kevin has been missing allot of shows recently, and Morgan is filling in for him. If he misses another show, Atoll will fail Kevin. Well, Morgan is getting pretty peed off with him, but Kevin turns on his charm, and tells Morgan he's in love with her, and says it's too painful to be around her, as he believes she'll never return his love. Awww, boo hoo. But later, Kevin drops the act, and gets George to fill in for him while he goes to the mall during his show, so he could get Wendy Gwendolyn's phone number. But his scheme doesn't last that long, as Morgan soon finds out that George, who is imitating Kevin's voice, has been doing Kevin's show while he's at the mall getting Wendy Gwendolyn's number. Morgan, who believed what Kevin said, plays a trick on him to pay him back.moreless
  • Tanya's Psychic Connection
    When Tanya predicted that a storm would arrive, on such a glorious day, a storm occurred, and everyone believed that Tanya was a psychic (after the Radio Active team tested her on some questions). Everyone, including Miz Atoll wanted answers from Tanya, about their future, and Morgan used Tanya on her show to make her show the most popular in the school. Tanya did not want all this attention and pressure, so she decided to make everyone believe she was not a psychic, but Morgan continued to force her back into the business.moreless
  • The Prima Donna
    The Prima Donna
    Episode 10
    When the Radio Active members goofed off, Morgan threatens to leave Radio Active, because she was stressed out by trying to get the team back on task and getting the blame on everything that Radio Active does wrong. The other three members of Radio Active discovers that Morgan was going to quit (by eavesdropping through the radio), so they began acting responsible, etc... Morgan was not really going to quit, and when she finds out the team had been eavesdropping them, and they were trying to be nice so she would not leave. She starts getting meaner, and wanting everything perfect to get back at the three, but she went too far, and the Radio Active members quit.moreless
  • Love Bets
    Love Bets
    Episode 9
    Kevin bets that he could make any girl, including Morgan to fall in love with him. Ethan agreed to this bet, and Kevin goes through grueling activities to get Morgan interested him, even dressing up as a nerd and ruining his reputation.
  • The Great Hypnoto
    The Great Hypnoto
    Episode 8
    Ethan grandfather was a Hypnoto and now Ethan hypnotizing George which ends up like a total mess.
  • The Big Shot
    The Big Shot
    Episode 7
    Mr. Noseworthy received a letter from a new professional radio show, and they just need one member from Radio Active to perform live on the air, in front of the whole region. Excitedly, the group each introduces a "format". Morgan entertains, being a group of animals in a zoo while Tanya uses gentle and sleepy music on her show. George uses a cowboy personality while Kevin becomes "The Howard Stern of Radio Active" using a demanding script which Ms. Atoll had censored, leaving him saying "bumbum" for the entire transcript. Ethan features his financial report and when the cassette deck failed to bring a "Bob's Bacon" advertisement, he does it on his own, producing some pig noises. Ethan was chosen to be part of CFLB while the others were angry because Ethan was annoying them with his "professional" advice. Once they found out that Ethan was portraying a pig on the station and he was getting paid bumper stickers, Morgan tells him to stand up to CFLB so he can do his "financial report" instead of eating garbage live on the air, but it failed and Ethan was fired.moreless
  • Payola Payback
    Payola Payback
    Episode 6
    Ethan started a new music group with him as the manager and Tanya and George as the band, so he adds posters of their group, "The Sludge Bunnies" all over the school. Then he bribes Kevin with a share of the profits (49% each for Ethan and Kevin 1% each for George and Tanya) plus a deposit if he would play Tanya and George's song, "Life is Like a Cheesburger" on his show. Mr. Noseworthy talked about his band, "The Happy Hawaiins" being a disaster because a riot began when they played a weird song with ukuleles. Morgan started getting really tired of the song after being played more than a 100 times, because it was very bad and annoying while Sarah becomes brainwashed and continuously says something about Cheeseburgers. Cassettes were being sold, but nobody bought any, meanwhile Morgan finds out from Sarah that Ethan had given money to Kevin to play George and Tanya's song, she sent a fake message to Ethan that a music band wanted a new manager for their group, so Ethan destroyed his contract with "The Sludge Bunnies" and played the cassette that was sent to him with the new music band, and as it turns out, it was Mr. Noseworthy's song. A riot commenced and Kevin and Ethan were clobbered while George and Tanya were able to sell their song to "Burger Village" and now they can have all the burgers they want.moreless
  • The CD Case
    The CD Case
    Episode 5
    One day Ms. Atoll discovers that someone had deliberately wrecked a Kenny G CD. She leaves it up to Radio Active to find out who had done it or else they would be suspended.
  • The Evil Empire
    The Evil Empire
    Episode 4
    Mr. Noseworthy and Ms. Atoll switch jobs and it became a terrifying time for the students at Upper Redwood High. Ms. Atoll was demanding too much of the students and Mr. Noseworthy did not teach them anything that was valuable, so the children started to encourage the two adults to go back to their previous jobs so everyone would be happy. They happily switched when the school became chaos.moreless
  • The Gossip
    The Gossip
    Episode 3
    Morgan begins creating rumours and announcing rumours that Sarah has received from other students in the school, to make her show more popular. And it did, and all the Radio Active members loved her show, but soon, when she started rumours on her friends because there were no more rumours to spread, her friends left her. Sarah ended her job of finding rumours because people are staying away from her because she might find something secret about them, so Morgan became alone and had to create more deep secret rumours about her friends, and she desperately used some facts about her best friend, Tanya.moreless
  • Quiz Show
    Quiz Show
    Episode 2
    Morgan does her show on Radio Active, revealing that she was the only one who signed up to compete for the high school quiz show while George practises his advertisement performances.
  • Fraudcast
    Episode 1
    When Kevin Calvin failed his latest Science test, he must recover to keep Radio Active live and interview the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder.
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