Radio Free Roscoe

Black Family Channel (ended 2005)




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Four grade 9 teens (Robbie, Lily, Ray, and Travis) have their own underground radio station. They use this medium to voice their opinions, question the pressures of society, encourage free thought and expression, examine themselves and their attitudes, and fight for change. The station (Radio Free Roscoe) came to be after the quartet realized that their high school radio station (Cougar Radio) only allowed broadcasts that didn't include speaking out about problems with the school or society's constant assertation to 'be like everyone else and fit in.' Frustrated by the system, the youths decided to create a station that encouraged other students to speak their minds, and allowed them the freedom to say what they truly felt. Using Travis' equipment and techno know-how, they transformed a small area in their city's warehouse district into RFR headquarters. With Robbie's motivational passion and always curious mind, Lily's feminine perspective and guitar playing, and Ray's quick quips and humourous take on life, 88.1 fm became a favourite stop on students' radio dial. A false filing for a radio station to broadcast bird migration for a bird watching society gives the group their location on the radio. Microphones and properly rigged sound equipment provides them with different voices. Nicknames further allow them to hide their identities. Robbie earned his name 'Question Mark' because he is always wondering. Lily is called 'Shady Lane' after a song that inspired her to start singing and playing the guitar. Ray's name 'Pronto' is because it is the opposite of his true nature, being late. Though he was quick to give Travis the name 'Smog.' It's the condensed form of 'Smirk Dog' (another name Ray given to Travis) and, as Ray likes to say, it is "the best of both worlds."moreless

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Teen, Coming of Age