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Four grade 9 teens (Robbie, Lily, Ray, and Travis) have their own underground radio station. They use this medium to voice their opinions, question the pressures of society, encourage free thought and expression, examine themselves and their attitudes, and fight for change. The station (Radio Free Roscoe) came to be after the quartet realized that their high school radio station (Cougar Radio) only allowed broadcasts that didn't include speaking out about problems with the school or society's constant assertation to 'be like everyone else and fit in.' Frustrated by the system, the youths decided to create a station that encouraged other students to speak their minds, and allowed them the freedom to say what they truly felt. Using Travis' equipment and techno know-how, they transformed a small area in their city's warehouse district into RFR headquarters. With Robbie's motivational passion and always curious mind, Lily's feminine perspective and guitar playing, and Ray's quick quips and humourous take on life, 88.1 fm became a favourite stop on students' radio dial. A false filing for a radio station to broadcast bird migration for a bird watching society gives the group their location on the radio. Microphones and properly rigged sound equipment provides them with different voices. Nicknames further allow them to hide their identities. Robbie earned his name 'Question Mark' because he is always wondering. Lily is called 'Shady Lane' after a song that inspired her to start singing and playing the guitar. Ray's name 'Pronto' is because it is the opposite of his true nature, being late. Though he was quick to give Travis the name 'Smog.' It's the condensed form of 'Smirk Dog' (another name Ray given to Travis) and, as Ray likes to say, it is "the best of both worlds."moreless
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  • Four friends deal with the troubles stirring in their freshmen year at Henry Roscoe High. Ray, the goofy one, Lily who has a passion for music, Travis the brains of the group, and Robbie keeps it real. Then there's the power of radio.moreless

    I discovered this show in 2005 but never had an opportunity to check it out. Until a couple of years later, I managed to watch the entire series and I fell in love with it. Who would think that these four could pull off a radio station that allow callers to speak their minds? It wasn't like most typical teen shows where they're explicit and going in-depth with those problems. Even if the show only lasted a few years, it's a show I could re-watch many times I want. What makes it more interesting is one of the producers of this show is the same person behind the 90's Nick show Adventures of Pete and Pete.moreless
  • 4 teenagers start up a incognito radio station. Perfect Storyline.

    Please Bring this show back! I discovered it in like 2008. So yeah, this show has so much freaking potential! How could they cancel such a great show? oh well, when I first watched it, I watched the series finale which meant nothing to me since that was the first episode I've seen. Then I started watching it when I was bored & I fell in love with the show. My favorite character is Lilly cause she is so amazingly hot! I also like the crossovers with Degrassi characters. This show was one of those great shows in a long time. Why did they cancel it?moreless
  • four teenagers operate a wireless tranmission service

    Four grade 9 teens (Robbie, Lily, Ray, and Travis) have their own underground radio station. They use this medium to voice their opinions, question the pressures of society, encourage free thought and expression, examine themselves and their attitudes, and fight for change. This is an allright show... the four use a shedlike building in an industrial district to broadcast their show... strange the cops havent arrested them yet... i saw the entire series on rollercoaster... quite a good show allround... interesting characters... certainly one of the better live action shows of this century... the characters are all unique... not a bad showmoreless
  • A really entertaining show.

    It makes me really sad. I haven't seen this show is a couple of years and I just found out that it was canceled. When I saw a couple of the people from the show, I didn't realize where I recognized them from. I know that this isn't exactly a review, but it makes me really sad that it was canceled. I used to love watching it, but of course it was canceled along with falcon beach. It drives me nuts when all of the shows are canceled and never even get to finish a third season. All I can say, it that this show was under appreciated. I know that it was one of those situations, where the network just let it fade out, and I wish that they wouldn't have.moreless
  • This is a great show and one of my favorites of all time.

    Radio Free Roscoe is a great show and one of my personal favorites and for good reason. This is a show about four teenagers that start a radio station and "keep their identities a secret so they can say what they want when ever they want"...ok that is the shows opening quotes, I couldn't help myself, anyways...the main characters are Lily aka Shady Lane who is a singer/song writer who wants to be a singer, Ray aka Pronto who is a goof and doesn't really have any goals, Robbie aka Question Mark who has an opinion for everything, and Travis aka Smog who is sort of a mystery and the new guy no one knows much about.The four of them start a radio station to tell everyone what they think and how they feel. Ray and Lily deny their felling, but know they are meant for each other. Robbie is in love with Kim who works at Cougar Radio, the school radio station and RFR's biggest competition, which puts a strain on his relationship with his friends. Travis has his own issues with his new town and after moving so many times being after of leaving again, also dealing with his past that he never talks about which makes him mysterious. All around this is a great show and I love it. I recommend it to everyone.moreless

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