Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 2

A Class, A Grade, A Lifetime

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 27, 2004 on Black Family Channel
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A Class, A Grade, A Lifetime
Ray and Travis decide to make up a fair way for them to both go after Lily, so they make up a code of conduct which they must stick to. Now that Lily and Audrey are friends, Lily wonders if she made the right decision...

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  • Incredible Episode

    After burring the hatchet with Audrey, Lily reconsiders their friendship, while Ray and Travis dispute over the gentlemen's rules of pursuit.

    Lily's friendship with Audrey seems to be on the upswing. Although they reunite and find common ground once again, Audrey's snobby attitude and elite posse, whose pastimes include ridiculing others, does not mesh well with Lily's kind-hearted sensibilities. Lily suffers twinges of sadness when she opts for integrity and breaks off her friendship with Audrey but discovers a silver lining and new camaraderie in the hilarious and engaging Parker. Ray and Travis haggle over the gentleman's rules of romance that they are trying to establish in their pursuit of Lily, though each is only using "the list" to gain footing on the ever slippery slope to Lily's heart. Both Travis and Ray appeal to Robbie who surreptitiously leads them to see that their sparring over Lilly may in fact be the beginning to a beautiful friendship.moreless
  • The group figures out what a friend is.

    If it wasn't obvious before, this episode proves that RFR is an intelligent comedy and not a drama.

    True, it does start off with Audrey rejecting Lily's latest apology and their fractured friendship is a focal point of the episode. And yes, Travis and Ray have seriously begun their secret duel to win Lily's heart. Plus, there was this analysis of friends and friendships, and what types exist. And okay, so Lily and Audrey finally part ways. But it was hilarious.

    Let's begin with Lily and Audrey. They're forced to do a small project together for Lit. class. After a little chit-chat, reflecting upon on friendship bracelets, and an accurate and funny impersonation of Travis, these two gals are pals once again. The reunion is bittersweet as Lily realizes that Audrey's other friends bring out Audrey's mean side, which is mainly directed at a new character, the definitely out-there Parker-think Ally Sheedy's character from 'the Breakfast Club.' This girl is so unconcerned by the opinions of others she's a laugh waiting to happen, but in a good way. Slowly Lily says goodbye to Audrey and makes friends with Parker.

    Then there's Travis and Ray. Ray's encounter with his high school idol, the popular and hot River Pierce, becomes fodder for a couple of Travis' light jabs. Ray later makes a list of unacceptable actions he and Travis must abide by while trying for Lily's affections. Though calling it childish, Travis soon makes his own list. With rules like Ray's 'no quoting Buddha twice in the same conversation' and Travis' 'mentioning that Lily is taller than I am (will result in war)', it's hard not to laugh. What is even funnier are their verbal exchanges, especially while secretly trying to prove who is better. Travis tries to use every big word he knows and defines irony... well, he defines two kinds of irony. Ray tries to prove he's cool through his meeting with River. Both rather fail at proving their point, which just adds to the hilarity of this episode.

    To connect the two storylines, poor Robbie examines the types of friendships: class (very brief), grade (appears like it could last forever, but people drift apart and it ends), and lifetime (forever). Lily realizes she and Audrey are grade friends thanks to Robbie's comments. Much as Ray and Travis try to deny Robbie's assessment that they're lifetime friends and opposite sides of the same coin, they further prove his point. Twice they say the same thing, once at the same time. Their battle of wits, or witty comebacks as the case may be, is strangely civil-- they actually took the time to make rules to make things fair for each other. And despite how serious they take their contest, it's funny every step of the way.

    Despite having deep themes, this was laugh out loud comedy at its best.moreless

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    • Robbie: Face it, you're two sides of the same coin... two sides that are making me feel really sorry for Lily right now.

    • Robbie: How many types of friendships are there? The way I see it, there're three: a class, a grade, and a lifetime. Sometimes you're only friends with someone for a class or no more than a 'Hey man' in the hall way. That's all it's supposed to be. And then there are the friendships that seem like they'll last forever. You're soulmates. You're inseparable, but just like that, you move on. And then there are the friendships that do last forever. These ones don't have an expiration date. They just keep going and going. I know it sounds like I'm putting things in neat little boxes, but I just think if you know where you stand with a friend, you'll know how to act.

    • Lily: We're not the same people anymore. Or… or maybe you are the same, and I'm just now noticing.

    • Audrey: Well friendship was used to hide the truth from Julius, you know the evil plots against him. Of course, in this case, Julius was honourable and never kissed Brutus' girlfriend.

    • Travis: Rule number three, Travis refuses to participate in Ray's acceline childish game.

    • Ray: Oh yeah, could a child come up with this: Rule number nine, no quoting Buddha twice in the same sentence?

    • Ray: River Pierce said, "Hey man" to me in the hallway today.
      Robbie: Really? Well how did he say it? Was it like, HEY man? Or was it like hey MAN?
      Ray: Are you mocking me?
      Robbie: Hey man, you catch on quick.

    • Audrey: Go talk to Travis, I'm sure he'd love to listen.

    • Travis: Some people compare me to James Dean.
      Ray: Yeah like, "compared to James Dean you're so not cool."

    • Lily: Every lunch hour the hungry elite sit at their favorite spot and eat and as they wolf down burgers and fries, I look with disgust at my tuna surprise and wonder if I'll ever be able to sit at the "cool" table. I bet the macaroni's more cheesy, the burgers are less greasy, there's more wonder in the bread, the meat is never gritty, and the goulash never fatal when you're sittin' nice and pretty at the "cool" table."

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