Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 2

A Class, A Grade, A Lifetime

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 27, 2004 on Black Family Channel



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    • Robbie: Face it, you're two sides of the same coin... two sides that are making me feel really sorry for Lily right now.

    • Robbie: How many types of friendships are there? The way I see it, there're three: a class, a grade, and a lifetime. Sometimes you're only friends with someone for a class or no more than a 'Hey man' in the hall way. That's all it's supposed to be. And then there are the friendships that seem like they'll last forever. You're soulmates. You're inseparable, but just like that, you move on. And then there are the friendships that do last forever. These ones don't have an expiration date. They just keep going and going. I know it sounds like I'm putting things in neat little boxes, but I just think if you know where you stand with a friend, you'll know how to act.

    • Lily: We're not the same people anymore. Or… or maybe you are the same, and I'm just now noticing.

    • Audrey: Well friendship was used to hide the truth from Julius, you know the evil plots against him. Of course, in this case, Julius was honourable and never kissed Brutus' girlfriend.

    • Travis: Rule number three, Travis refuses to participate in Ray's acceline childish game.

    • Ray: Oh yeah, could a child come up with this: Rule number nine, no quoting Buddha twice in the same sentence?

    • Ray: River Pierce said, "Hey man" to me in the hallway today.
      Robbie: Really? Well how did he say it? Was it like, HEY man? Or was it like hey MAN?
      Ray: Are you mocking me?
      Robbie: Hey man, you catch on quick.

    • Audrey: Go talk to Travis, I'm sure he'd love to listen.

    • Travis: Some people compare me to James Dean.
      Ray: Yeah like, "compared to James Dean you're so not cool."

    • Lily: Every lunch hour the hungry elite sit at their favorite spot and eat and as they wolf down burgers and fries, I look with disgust at my tuna surprise and wonder if I'll ever be able to sit at the "cool" table. I bet the macaroni's more cheesy, the burgers are less greasy, there's more wonder in the bread, the meat is never gritty, and the goulash never fatal when you're sittin' nice and pretty at the "cool" table."

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