Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 7

Bridget Over Troubled Water

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2004 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

Travis and Ray are in the school's hallways and argue over who should be with Lily. Then Bridget approaches Travis. Robbie and Lily see Travis feeling uncomfortable while Bridget hugs him.

Robbie tells some obscure story, it's from "Fast and Dirty", Robbie's favourite comedy due to hit town. Robbie starts to sing a song.

Bridget is also from Hong Kong. She visits with her mother, who is building the new Roscoe airport. Lily, Ray and Robbie wonder what's up with Travis and Bridget. They agree that they know nothing about his past.

At RFR, Pronto hosts a quiz about Smog. Turns out they know nothing about him. They have all the answers wrong. In the end we also learn that Lily doesn't like "Fast and Dirty" anymore. Robbie is shocked. They were "their" thing.

At Mickey's everyone questions Travis about Bridget. Travis explains she's just a friend, but when Bridget shows up again, it appears that they at least once were more than just friends and Travis feels uncomfortable now, as he doesn't want to break her heart.

Bridget tells some stuff about Travis, that he once was into children's cartoons and was called Mr. T (T for Travis). Travis stops this conversation with the words "Bridget and I have better things to do!" – and leave the other three sitting there.

In school, Robbie is down as Lily doesn't want to go and watch "Fast and Dirty" anymore. The two realize they somehow grew up.

In the gym, Ray approaches Bridget. Ray begs for some information and lets it slip that Travis never even mentioned her. That appears to hurt her feelings.

At RFR, Ray hits at Travis as he knows a story Bridget told him: Travis played an alchemist even at school. Even outside they still laugh about Travis.

Ray and Bridget watch Travis from outside of Mickey's. Inside Travis is moping. Bridget tells him she introduced him to his entire Buddha thing. She begs him to do the magic trick with an egg. Travis is upset and drops the egg on Ray's head instead.

At school, Travis sits alone and Bridget approaches him. She tells him she goes back to Hong Kong soon. She explains she is upset that he never wrote or called her once since he left after 2 years of being best friends. She tries to remind him, about his feelings for her, but he rejects her. She leaves.

At RFR, Robbie mocks Lily about the not going to the show tonight. Robbie enjoys listening to a CD of sketches and laughs. Outside Ray and Travis laugh over Robbie. Ray tells that one day Travis can also forget about Roscoe. Travis realizes that he already forgot too much already and he wants to stop doing so.

Lily and Robbie study physics together. They listen to a CD of "Fast and Dirty" they are about to take off to the show, despite she admits that she hates them.

Travis meets Bridget at Mickey's as well. He explains that he's back for good.

On stage "Fast and Dirty" perform and Travis and Bridget stare at each other.