Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 7

Bridget Over Troubled Water

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Travis' old friend comes to Roscoe and the past he's hidden comes to light.

    Two blasts from the past come to town and reveal changes in people in two pairs of friends. For Robbie and Lily, it's a comedy duo they used to love as kids. For Travis, it's his friend Bridget. Luckily, everyone's desire to remain friends leads to two important revelations: Robbie and Lily are still good friends and Travis is still the best friend Bridget knew in Hong Kong.

    In the episode "the Imposter," Travis told Lily one of Buddha's Three Universal Truths: all conditioned things are impermanent. I.e. everything changes. And he was right.

    Lily and Robbie's tastes aren't the same anymore. They may always have physics homework, but their interactions have altered. Lily and Travis' friendship has changed. She didn't mind Audrey dating him, but is clearly upset by Bridget's presence. Ray and Travis' friendship is extremely different because they have changed. Ray was even quoting Buddha... okay, he said something Travis told him about Buddhism, but the point is he didn't call Travis Banjo-head again. And he brought Travis a beverage during Fast and Dirty's act, perhaps as apology for embarrassing The Alchemist. Travis changed more than anyone knew. In fact, in "the Imposter," he may have been hinting that he was a new man... or at least was trying to be different than the guy he was before coming to Roscoe. Now, his old friend Bridget happens to show up at his new high school (it is a small world, after all) and tells the RFR gang about the old Travis. Still, he is different and in future episodes it should be interesting to watch as the old Travis blends with the new. Will there be more magic or philosophy, mixing or warehouse parties, Tai Chi or jokes?

    It is said that God is in the details... granted, it's also said that the devil is in the details, but in this episode, the acting isn't bad. Well, forget the scenes where Travis or Bridgett talk away from a character in a manner so stereotypical of soap operas it hurts. But some scenes were golden because of the little things. Kate Todd displaying a growing irritation as Ray and Robbie talked behind her in the cafe. Ali Mukaddam swiping his shoulder to say 'not too shabby, eh?' after Ray says he will be Mr. Cameron Diaz. Nathan Stephenson showing a nearly tangible unease while doing physics homework with Lily. Nathan Carter's facial expression showing surprise and dread when Bridget says not to worry, she'll be leaving soon. Lara Amersey's character gazing at Travis. All of these moments and more leave viewers believing what's happening and wondering what will happen next.

    Considering the show's track record for writing and acting, what happens next shouldn't disappoint.

    (End Note: The remaining Universal Truths according to Buddha are: a life based on possessing things or persons doesn't make one happy because nothing is permanent, and there is no eternal, unchanging soul and "self" is just a collection of changing characteristics or attributes.)
  • You think you know your friends. But you really...really...don't.

    With this episode, we meet a girl named Bridget. She knows all sorts of things about Travis' past. She gets upset that he has not told any of his friends about her. I thought it was really good how we got to learn another mystery about our pal Travis or "Mr. T" lol. GOOD ePISODE! Terrible subplot.