Radio Free Roscoe

Season 1 Episode 10

Crush Me

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 26, 2003 on Black Family Channel
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Crush Me
Lily needs to work out how to deal with her latest crush on her teacher when things go badly. Travis and Robbie play a game of "torpedo" and Travis wins. Later on, Robbie says it was beginners luck and Travis wonders why Robbie is getting upset over a game.moreless

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  • some people believe that this is the worst episode of the series. here is why that is not true.

    lilly's relationship with jack in this episode is the pivotal moment of the series. it is an enormous turn-around, because lilly's guitar teacher says that a guitar has a heart, which is true, but then he has a girlfriend, so he's a jerk. that makes it a conflict. lilly has to forget about him, and then ray tells her off. it turns out that he apologizes, and they are destined to be together...if you don't believe me, just watch the last episode!moreless

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    • Ray: You know one of these days I'm gonna have something really important to say and you're not gonna know how to take me seriously.
      Lily: Yeah well if that day ever comes could you wave a flag or something?

    • Robbie: You wrote that with your left hand, but today you torpedo'd me with your right.
      Travis: No I didn't, that's crazy talk.
      Robbie: Oh, yes you know what? I refuse to be humiliated by some sort of left handed freak.

    • Robbie: Good game.
      Travis: You too, I underestimated you.
      Robbie: Yeah, maybe I underestimated you too...The king is back!

    • Robbie: You're not bad...I've been taking it easy on you as a warm up, but not bad.
      Travis: Well, I hope you've warmed up for this shot, Sir Bouncealot.

    • Travis: Robbie, hey Robbie...we gotta start talking again. How can we end this?
      Robbie: Torpedo rematch after school cheating!

    • Ray: I bet one of these days, you'll turn around and your soulmate will be right there in front of you.
      Lily: He'll never be as cool as Jack.
      Ray: You know what Lily? If that's what you really feel, then you deserve to get hurt. You don't have a clue about anybody else's feelings except yours.

    • Lily: One day you'll fall for someone and they won't even see you, they won't even know you're alive.
      Travis: You we do the breath-holding bit again?
      Robbie: Anything, Smog turn off her mic.

    • Lily: That band tells it like it is, cause love is nothing but up is Greenfeet's 'Keep On Getting Crushed.'
      Robbie: Smog, stop her!
      Lily: Hey! I was listening to that!
      Travis: Just like you were listening to, love bites, everybody hurts, one week...Ed and Ted just called, they were crying!

    • Ray: And there ya have it, we discovered that Smog can, in fact, hold his breath longer than Question Mark. We have a winner and a loser, but I think the real loser is the RFR audience, who had to listen to the most boring minute of radio, ever!

    • Ray: Hello beautiful lady, mind if I sit down?
      Lily: No, as long as you keep calling me beautiful lady.

    • Robbie: Ya know, 'Torpedo' really deserves to be an Olympic sport.
      Lily: No, I don't think the Olympics encourage dumb games where you just whip a ball at someone because they missed their shot.

    • Lily's Song: I'm you, plus me and a whole lot more
      And I'm here, and I'm near
      You'd see me if you could
      How I really wish would
      There's a reason for this song:
      It's that everything I thought about love
      Everything I thought about love
      Everything I thought about love
      Is wrong.

    • Ray: Hello beautiful lady! I bought you fliquorish, that's flowers and liquorish.

    • Ray: Lily your hotter than hot coals, way talented, and just a whole lot of awesome. Any guy would be lucky to have you.
      Lily: Your right Jack would be lucky to have me.
      Ray: I meant I would be lucky to have you, but I should have said that while you were still here.

    • Ray: How could a guy named 'Strong' not want to arm wrestle? That's like Tom Cruise not wanting to...sailing!

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