Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 12

Daddy Dearest

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 03, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Lily's HOT!!!!

    Travis:Now, I want you to imagine, a cascading waterfall.

    (Travis hits a switch to make a water fall sound while Lily imagines it)


    Travis:A drop of dew dripping in from the mosback.

    (Lily smirks a little with her eyes closed imaging)

    Travis:A piterpattern, of a light soak.

    (Lily starts to shake a little making a frown)

    Travis:Feel the rain, feel the rain. Be one with the rain.

    (Lily crosses her legs, puts her hands in her pockets and really frowns and shakes)

    Lily:Um Travis...

    Travis:Shhhhhh, ok relax and imagine a raging high tide wave.

    (Lily shakes even harder squriming)


    Travis: Ok, now, just listen here and-what's wrong

    Lily:OK, now I just really have to pee, where's your toilet.

    Travis:Right there.

    (Lily goes to the door but it's locked tight.)

  • An episode of chivalry.

    Once upon a time, in a city far, far away, there were three knights named Robbie, Travis, and Ray, who gallantly helped damsels in distress. Robbie fought a mean ogre named Roger Carlisle who belittled his fair maiden daughter Kim. Travis and Ray sought to cure the enchanting Lily of her dreaded writer's block, a curse from the evil wizard, Cupid.

    Robbie dined with the ogre and Kim at a country club fit for a king. His only armor was his love for Kim and a tie he borrowed from Lily's father (which is further evidence that his own father is gone).

    During the meal, Robbie attempted to impress Roger with his knowledge and humour. The ogre did not care for a boy in grade nine who played Torpedo (still not an Olympic event) and had yet to pick a university at which to enroll later. Though courageous Robbie suggested Carleton in the capital city of Canada, Roger preferred his alma mater, Harvard in USA.

    Alas, Robbie's attempts failed and soon the ogre's attention and approval was directed at the deceiving River, a prince of a guy who knowingly came to destroy Robbie and his chances with Kim. When all hope for victory and Kim's self esteem seemed nearly gone, Robbie fiercely verbally attacked the ogre in the name of love and stormed away in anger.

    The next day, the ogre reverted into a man, protective and proud of his dear daughter, and commended Robbie for his bravery, honesty, and commitment to Kim. Roger granted Robbie his blessing to court his daughter. Though spirited Robbie requested postponing it, Kim wanted to kiss him to show her gratitude.

    Elsewhere in the city of Roscoe, Lily's curse was jeopardizing her band's upcoming performance at the highly anticipated festival, Soundwave. Though she sought help from RFR callers like Swith and Doug (perhaps named after Swith Bell and Douglas McRobb, who join Kelly Senecal, Will McRobb, and Brent Piaskoski as RFR writers who possibly let their first names be used for RFR callers), Lily remained cursed.

    One night, Travis bid his lady love, Bridget, a temporary good-bye with the magical Internet to aid his friend. Seeking to end her plight, Travis first attempted meditation with Lily. Unfortunately, the often-soothing sounds of nature only led to a need to relieve a bladder.

    Travis then tried letting Lily hear the music first and then write the lyrics after. With a pure heart, he sang with her (the second time this season, one wonders if Nathan C was singing with Nathan S during breaks and writers thought ‘oh, let's write that in'), making up a funny song about a dog named Boo, and soon Lily was writing a song with vigor and joy. Seeing his success, Travis left the musician to her work and retreated to Mickey's, to wait for the product of his help and her genius.

    But as cruel fate would have it, her song was not hers, but rather one done by another band that she liked. Oh, the agony was immense and the evil Cupid magnified the pain by having her secret love, Ray, and his new girlfriend, Grace, tell Lily of her error. She ran away and Travis did frown at Ray, who was ignorant of how his words could cut Lily like sharp daggers.

    The next day, Ray approached Lily and advised her to write songs from her heart as she did for songs about library fees (from ‘Sports Ray-dio' episode) and telling guys to remain friends (from ‘You Choose, You Lose' episode). After he left, Lily looked at a strip of photographs of her and Ray and began to write her new song.

    What the song will say, only Lily's heart knows. (Though viewers may find out in the next episode)

    It was an entertaining episode filled with chivalry.