Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 25

Dance Around the Truth

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 27, 2005 on Black Family Channel



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    • (Grace looks at Ray's heart tattoo)
      Grace: Lily has the same one.
      Ray: Oh it's just a stupid tattoo Grace, it doesn't really matter…
      Grace: But what's in your heart does; you're still in love with her aren't you?
      (Ray doesn't deny her accusation)
      Grace: Tell me the truth.
      Ray: Come on Gracie!
      Grace: I knew it! I think I always knew… you'll never get over her will you? I'm such an idiot. You know what? Your loss, bye Ray.
      (She pushes the necklace he gave her against his chest and runs off)

    • Travis: Parker, I thought I was over Bridget but I guess I'm not. You must hate me now.
      (Parker shakes her head)
      Parker: No, I could never hate you Travis. I feel nothing for you.

    • Lily: Attention shoppers, we have a special on River Pierce in the frozen smiles section.

    • Parker: If this is your way of spicing things up, I'll stick Megan on you.

    • Megan: Parker might be done with you, but I'm not!

    • Parker: Hey bad boy, blowing off your girlfriend again?
      Travis: I've just had a lot on my mind.
      Parker: A lot of Bridget you mean....

    • River: You're listening to Cougar Radio with River Pierce. Let's go to a song while I make out with Lily Randall....
      (Lily gets mad)
      River: We're not on the air.

    • River: He makes everything look like a breeze, but when he sees her, he gets weak in the knees.
      A smile and a wink means everything's cake, but the truth is he's scared she thinks that he's fake.
      Who is River Pierce, really? He's just a fool in love with Lily.

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