Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 8

I'm With Cupid

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 08, 2004 on Black Family Channel

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  • Amazing Episode

    Robbie struggles with his feelings for Kim when both DJ's realize RFR is ahead in the ratings. Lily watches from the sidelines as Ray reunites Travis and Bridget.

    Ray uses a potential budding romance between Travis and Bridget to rid himself of his primary opponent. If he can somehow cement their relationship, he will be free to pursue Lily on his own, but his plan to do just that goes horribly wrong and only serves to remind the two reunited friends of a bitter incident from their past. Meanwhile, a confused Lily watches from the sidelines, wondering just what the heck Ray is doing. In the end, Ray's desire to bring Bridget and Travis together turns from selfish to selfless as he becomes inspired by their true-life tale of near-miss love. When RFR discovers that their ratings are ahead of Cougar Radio's by two points, the gang is totally fuelled up. They're not the only one's with their eye on the ratings though. Kim is furious, and Robbie finds himself walking a precarious fine line between helping her win back Cougar listeners and still staying true to RFR.
  • Lily is not jealous. No really. Everything\'s fine!

    This was another excellent episode. They really have been going well since their stinkers earlier this season. Ray is trying to do whatever he can to get with Lily, without worrying abo ut the fellings of others. I really enjoyed watching this, and it was sad that Bridget had to leave.
  • Ray pushes Travis and Bridget together while Robbie helps Kim promote Cougar Radio.

    "What Peter says about Paul tells us more about Peter than it does about Paul." -Spinoza

    The whole episode actually showcased Ray and his desire for Lily, rather than Travis and his desire for Bridget. No, it's not because Ray seemed to have more screen time. Rather because Ray's determination and perseverance, and his heart were evident throughout the episode.

    Watching Ray set up Travis and Bridget so he can date Lily wasn't near as hilarious as watching Ray set up the pair to make up for setting them up the first time. And sure, he's messing up left, right, and centre, but he keeps trying. This boy will go down swinging if he has to.

    His motivations may have started out as purely selfish (he wanted his competition for Lily gone), but soon it seems he really wants things to work out between Travis and Bridget. It is a telling moment when Ray advises Travis to tell Bridget how he's always felt, by relating it to his own experience with Lily. Viewers see that Ray is still Travis' friend and knows a good relationship when he sees it, and that he regrets not telling Lily how he felt sooner.

    It's interesting to see yet another change in their dynamic: Ray is giving Travis dating advice. It shows how much Ray has matured and changed. Yes, he still calls Travis part alien, but he isn't out to hurt him anymore. Instead of jokes or insults, Ray has a heart to heart with his supposed rival to make Travis, in essence, better than himself by doing what he didn't.

    It was also interesting to learn how close Travis was to Bridget. They nearly had a date and he thought about her everywhere he went. Though this begs the question, what did Lily mean to him then? Was Lily enough like Bridget (accepting him for him and encouraging him to mix in "The Imposter") that he viewed her as a sort of replacement? Did Lily start to realize this and that's why she told Ray she wasn't number one to Travis anymore?

    In "I'm with Cupid," some characters also seemed a little... off. Lily, who had -possibly still has- a crush on Travis, seemed genuinely pleased to see Travis with Bridget. Travis, who was reluctant to admit to Lily that he could mix a CD in "The Imposter", readily agreed to mix on stage at Mickey's because Ray signed him up without permission. Maybe that's the old Travis coming out, but he seemed way too comfortable with the whole idea.

    Robbie and Kim's storyline provided them with something to do, showed Robbie's perseverance to help Kim, and furthered their relationship, but seemed removed from the overall episode. Ideally, a secondary storyline should reflect, contrast, move, or enhance the primary storyline. In this case, Robbie and Kim could have been doing almost anything else and the overall result would have been about the same. Hopefully more will come of this poll or how Robbie assisted Kim.

    Overall, this was a good episode to watch. A lot of things were set up for future shows, it seems. Ray has no competition for Lily's heart. Travis will be dealing with a long-distance relationship (in "About a Girl" he said such things don't work). Robbie may still be helping Kim. And then there's Lily… viewers will see if she doesn't mind Bridget's place in Travis' heart as much as she says she doesn't.