Radio Free Roscoe

Season 2 Episode 22

In Charm's Way

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 06, 2005 on Black Family Channel

Episode Recap

At school, Ray tells River that he put him on the guest list at Mickey's for tonight. It appears that they are sort of friends now, or River tolerates Ray talking to him at least. Lily, standing nearby, apparently has her own fantasies about River.

The new school paper, the Oracle is out. Travis picks one up. Travis and Ray think it's hilarious, only Robbie isn't happy.

In the hallways Lily watches River's every move. However when he comes up to her, she turns away to avoid eye contact. He invites her to go out with him. She says yes, but with the nice catch phrase "411 my posse" which totally embarrasses her. However River looks past it.

Lily tells Parker what just happened. Parker is shocked.

At RFR, Robbie complains about anonymous. Lily tells him that's perfect. Ray arrives late.

Outside Robbie complains to Travis, that he seeks some recognition. Travis tells him to apply for a job at the Oracle.

At Mickey's, River explains that he's captain of the football team, the debate team and once thought about the swim team, but he doesn't like swim caps. Somehow his jokes and comments don't really impress Lily as much as he is used to.

At the Oracle, Robbie walks in and just applies for an editorial job. There's Blaire, the editor which mostly ignores him while talking to him. As Robbie is a bit nervous, things don't go really well.

At Mickey's Lily and River's date isn't going well at all. They don't have anything to talk about.

Ray hits the stage and makes some jokes and so River realizes that he isn't funny enough.

Next day Parker wants to know everything about the date. Lily complains that River was boring last night.

River and Ray talk about his jokes. River offers Ray some help and plays his cards right, so he learns something from Ray in return.

Robbie complains to Travis that he isn't really welcome at the Oracle. They go to see Blaire who is doing the final layout approval for the next issue. She hands Robbie some low class assignment and he has to deal with it.

Ray tells River some jokes. River is laughing out loud.

Later on, River tells the same jokes to Lily who really enjoys her time with River now, despite that they are at school.

AT RFR, charisma is a topic. Can intelligent people see through charm or not.

Outside, Travis helps Robbie to work out his article. Travis advises Robbie not to compare his life to Spiderman all the time.

Ray tells Travis at Mickey's that River told him how to get a retest in Spanish. Ray is shocked to spot Lily hanging out with River. Ray soon realizes that River is using his lines to hit on Lily.

At school, Ray is upset that he was used by River. Travis tells him that's what River does. Robbie hands in his assignment to Blaire. They start to argue over it right away.

Parker asks about the second date Lily had with River. This time Lily is really excited as she really liked River's jokes this time. Parker tells Lily she thinks too much.

Ray approaches River who just finished his Cougar Radio broadcast. Ray tries to play River and hides his "advice" well, which for the first time makes River feel a bit insecure. River thinks it wouldn't be a problem.

Robbie approaches Blaire at the Oracle. He's apologizes to her and he explains he has to respect her as the editor in chief. After a short conversation she gives him a kiss.

Ray complains to Travis that inside of Mickey's River's and Lily's date still goes on and that he didn't sack himself yet. Ray is convinced that will happen now. Travis tells Ray to talk to Lily when he thinks she shouldn't date River. Ray takes that as a word and walks in right away to talk to Lily. Inside River sees what is coming and turns everything to his advantage and Lily thanks Ray for helping River to open up to her. She thinks he's looking out for her.

Outside Ray is depressed. The guys hang out and talk a bit.
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